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Wireless Charging Market Set to Expand by Factor of Nearly 70 by 2014

Scientists Report First Monolithic THz Solid-State Transceiver

Wireless Experts Weigh in on iPhone 4 Reception Issues

Mobile Commerce Yet to Prove It Can Net Big Sales

Barrier to Faster Integrated Circuits May Be Mere Speed Bump

French WiMAX Operator Offers Satellite Broadband Services

Doubts Cast over Boris Johnsons Blanket London WiFi Plans for 2012

Armored-RFID Tag Loves to Get Hammered

DARPA Plots Supercomputing Revolution

Morphing Cars and Planes Closer as Pentagon Develops Shape-Shifting Robot

Another Problem Turns up for the iPhone 4

Baidu to Hire U.S. Engineers to Work in China

Tesla a Step Closer to Producing Its Electric Sedan

Unsealed Court Documents Reveal Dell Knew It Sold Faulty Computers

Worldwide Wireless E-Mail Users to Reach 1B by Year-End 2014

The New Hacker Hobby That Will Change the World

Many Hotels Ending Fees for In-Room WiFi

Heavy Caffeine Consumers 'High' on Happiness

Stocks Drops 268 on Growth Fears

Men Who Take Paternity Leave Live Longer


Lawyers Seek iPhone Death Grip Victims (a reminder of why we hate lawyers)

iPhones, Commercial Satellites Prominent in Joint DOD Exercise

Military Electronics Cooling and Thermal Management Issues Press for New Materials Development, Potential Move away from COTS

Cellphone Industry Attacks San Francisco's Ruling on Radiation

Supreme Court Dodges Decision of What is a Patent

Unlimited Data Deals on Mobiles Wither Away

EU Criticizes Mobile Phone Roaming Charges

U..S Plans to Double Wireless Comms Spectrum

Nanowires for Future Electronics: Process for Manufacturing Nanoelectronic 'Mini-Circuits' Developed

Sheets Self-Fold into Multiple Shapes

Nanoscale Random Number Circuit to Secure Future Chips

Bluetooth Low Energy is Forecast to Dominate Wireless Sensor Network Market

Science Historian Cracks the 'Plato Code'

Worldwide Enterprise WLAN Market to Grow 23% and Reach $2.1B in 2010

Pentagon Tightens Reins on Contractors

Scientist Says Nuclear Weapons May Be Best Bet for Saving Earth from Asteroids

Apple Revenue Will Likely Top Microsoft During Q2

Delta Robots Gain Greater Dexterity

High-Tech Espionage Helped Alleged Russian Spies

NASA Needs You: 6 Ways to Help an Astronomer


Nokia Responds to Apple Antenna Problems

House of Commons Cuts Corporate Taxes (that's not a typo)

Research In Motion's 1Q Profit Jumps 20%

IBM, WiSpry Teamed on Tunable RF MEMS

LHC Smashes Beam Collision Record

U.S. Plans to Double Available Wireless Spectrum

DISA Prepares for $5B in Contract Decisions

The Next 4G Phone is a Samsung, and It's Epic

Australia's National Broadband Network Chief Mike Quigley Donates His $2M Salary

Germany Concerned over Apple’s Privacy Policies

Improved Telescope Sees Through Atmosphere with Pinpoint Sharpness

AT&T’s New Data Plans Will Create New Class of Smartphone User

Roll-Up Computers and Their Kin

iPhone 4 Reception Problems a Lesson in Antenna Design

Boeing Building Space Shuttle Replacement

The Third Depression

Coffee Hinders the Development of Cancer ("I do my chemo multiple times each day." - Melanie)


The U.S.'s Mobile Catch-Up Game Plan

Old Phone Scam Makes a Comeback

India Trying to Resolve Curbs on Telecom Gear Imports

Obama Internet Kill Switch Plan Approved by U.S. Senate

Translating Language of Nanopores


NXP Opens RF Design Center in Massachusetts

Steve Jobs Responds to iPhone 4 Reception Problems: Stop Holding It the Wrong Way!

GaN and SiGe to Eat into GaAs MMIC Markets

To Reduce Waste, Smug Customers Use RFID Coffee Mugs

Outlook Bright for Central and Latin American Telecoms Market

Moving to Hire Ground: The Improving Tech Employment Environment

Lunar Eclipse Starts off ARRL Field Day

'BC5' Material Shows Superhard, Superconducting Potential

RFID-ROI-SME Project Promises Big Help for Small Business

Experiment Tests Underpinnings of Quantum Field Theory, Bose-Einstein Statistics of Photons

Nanotech Brings Better Batteries

Q1 Smartphone Market Was 55 Million Units

Harris Wins $140M to Modernize Ground Segment for NASA TDRSS

Solar Cycle Sparks Doomsday Buzz

European Electronics Event Aims to Lift Confidence

NFC Sees Light at End of the Tunnel with Transit Projects

UK Government to Axe Hundreds of 'Unnecessary' Websites

LHC Scientists Simulate the Sound of the 'God Particle'

Trade Your Unwanted Electronics for Cash

Buzz Aldrin Says: Forget the Moon, Let's Colonize Mars


How Wi-Fi Drains Your Cell Phone

InAlN Barrier Strain Used to Shift Nitride Transistor Thresholds

'Quantum Computer' a Stage Closer with Silicon Breakthrough

RFID-Powered Handhelds Guide Visitors at Shanghai Expo

White Spaces Tackle the Smart Grid

Tech Specs Confuse Gadget Buyers

Nottingham Engineers Develop Super Batteries

Femtocell Deployments Double within Year

Tech Companies Seeking Business in Syria

Motorola Shows Off Latest Android Smartphone

Researchers Design More Reliable Invisibility Cloak

IceCube Telescope: Extreme Science Meets Extreme Electronics

Consumer Electronics Strong Even in Slow Recovery (thanks to perpetual unemployment benefits & cellphones for the homeless)

Opening Day: The iPhone 4

What's Wrong with iPhone 4's Antenna?

iPhone 4's First Users Report Reception, Color Problems

Liquid Crystals Light Way to Better Data Storage

Micronetics Gains  >$4M Orders for Jamming System Microwave Subassemblies

Verizon Pushes 10 Gbps Through Fiber Network

China's $25B Fab Investment to Boost Domestic Production


Apple Collecting, Sharing iPhone Users' Precise Locations

Move to Embed Wi-Fi in SD Cards

New Tech Tracks Space Debris

Femto Forum Outlines Case For Mobile Data Offload Using Femtocells

WiFi Use Grows Strongly in Health Care Industry

Carbon Nanotubes Show Ability to Amplify Light, Could Lead to Photonic Apps

Packet-Sniffing Laws Murky as Open Wi-Fi Proliferates

Smart Phones Become the New Location Based Services (LBS) Battleground

America's Broadband Dilemma

Consumers' Interest in Femtocells Piqued

IC Inventories Still Below Average

Self-Assembling Nanodevices That Move and Change Shape on Demand

W1AW Announces 2010 Field Day Bulletin Schedule

Ozmo's WI-FI PAN Solution Might Turn into a Bluetooth Killer

No Link Between Early Child Cancers and Living Near Mobile Phone Masts

Google Voice Now Available to the Public

Scientists Draw Graphene-Like Conductors

EADS Unveils 4-Engine Electric Aerobatic Plane (looks as dorky as most electric cars)

Boy Detained for Facebook Insult Murder in London

Asian Millionaires Beat Europe in Rich List


Satellite Frequencies Could Become the Next 700 MHz Band

AMSAT Announces 2010 Conference, Calls for Papers

Circuit Could Swap Ultracapacitors for Batteries

Moore's Outlaws

UK Government Drops Broadband Tax

Wireless Broadband Enabler Delivers Reliable 2Mbps Connection to Rural Areas

FBI Warns of 'Telephone Denial-of-Service' Attacks

Navy Looks to Vista Research for Persistent-Surveillance Radar Processor Sensors for Tethered Aerostats

Half Milliamp GPS Module Aimed at Cameras

Survey Finds Femtocells Appeal to 56% of U.S. Consumers

Despite Sluggish Growth, Taiwan's RFID Industry Remains Committed

Is AT&T Breaking the Law by Changing iPhone Upgrade Eligibility?

Phoney Spectrum Scarcity

ECG Signals Derived from Maxwell's Equations

FCC Web Resources Target International Travelers

California Considers Electronic License Plate Ads

EU-Funded Project for Full Electric Vehicle

Stocks Drop after China Currency Enthusiasm Fade

Online Spending: A $25B Market?

Sharper than Hubble: Large Binocular Telescope Achieves Major Breakthrough


FCC Will Tame the Internet - Or Kill It

Why Engineers Don't Like Twitter

China Overtaking U.S. in Manufacturing (I thought it already happened)

Nanotubes Give Batteries a Jolt

FCC Expects 90 MHz of New Wireless Broadband Spectrum to Come from Satellite Licenses

BT Offers Unlimited Access to Wi-Fi Hotspots

Worldwide Mobile Payment Users to Reach 108.6M in 2010

FCC Asks: Do Media Ownership Limits Make Sense?

French Find E-Mail Passwords in Google Street View Data

IEEE Ratifies 40Gb and 100Gb Ethernet Standard

New Active RFID System Strives to Eliminate the 'Overhead'

Sierra Wireless Tops Market for Cellular M2M Communications

Physicists Investigate Role of Quantum Entanglement in the Magnetic Compasses of Animals

Broadband Lines Number 484M

John Glenn: Keep Space Shuttles Flying


Shining Light Around Corners

USPTO Proposes Changes to Patent Examiner Performance Standards (1st in 25 years)

Telstra Strikes $10B Deal for Australia Broadband

'Consumer' Broadband Not Good Enough for Businesses

'First Light' for NASA GOES 15 Satellite's Solar X-Ray Imager

Faster Employees May Indirectly Motivate Colleagues to Increase Production

Microsoft Opens Center for Reports of Identity and Data Theft


Broadcom Offers $47M to Buy NFC Pioneer

Mobile Phones Used to Get Past China's Internet Censors

WiMAX Gets Coverage-Enhancing Femtocell Standard

Demands for Smaller, Lighter Electronic Connectors Could Push Changes in Longstanding Mil Specs

High Level Group to Kick-Start Euro Semi Boost

Society of Broadcast Engineers Not Invited to FCC Engineering Forum (gee, why would they be invited?)

Sony CEO Gets $8.8M Annual Pay Amid Losses

Multi-Band Trends in Tactical Military Radios Boosting Component Demand

Physics in Free Fall

Beijing Using RFID to Monitor Cars for Emission Control Status

FCC Votes to Collect Public Comments on Broadband Regulation

Semi Industry's Strong 2010 Growth Mitigated by Modest Correction

Canadian Mobile Networks Get Lowest Grade for Customer Service

Process May Enable Hydrogen-Powered Cars

Locking Handsets to Networks Could Be Banned in Canada

Highly Efficient Solar Cells Could Result from Quantum Dot Research

FCC to Toughen Internet Rules

Harvard U. Report: $7/Gallon Gas on the Way (best case)

Crude-Sucking Barges Stopped by Coast Guard As Oil Washes onto LA Shore

Fresh Economic Worries Trigger Rush into Gold - New Record High


FCC Set to Reconsider Broadband Regulations

European Project Targets Energy Efficient Chip Design

Making a Stand on Business Ethics

New Laser Shoots Beams of Night

Orders for the iPhone 4 Top 600,000

Semiconductor Industry Association Plans to Double USA Chip Exports by 2014

Low-Cost Organic Semiconductors Said to Rival Silicon

T-Mobile Expanding '4G' to Cover 75M Pops

Laser Weapons Development Pushing Laser Technology out of the Lab, into Directed-Energy Weapons in the Field

FBI Searches Home of iPad 3G Hacker

NASA Prepares for Potentially Damaging 2011 Meteor Shower

Bright Green Comet Easy to See This Week

AT&T Nears FCC OK for Verizon Spectrum Buy

Deformable Liquid Mirrors Could Revolutionize Astronomy

'Fuses' Convey Information for Hours

Intel Engineer Devises Plan to Stop Oil Spill

New Bill Gives Obama 'Kill Switch' to Shut Down Internet

Child Protection for Mobile Networking

Nanoparticles: Peering into the Never-Before-Seen

Senators Call for FCC to Sign Off on White Spaces Broadband


NFC Dials Mobile Phone Numbers

DARPA Looking for Big Improvements in Signals Intelligence with Volumetric Interferometer Antenna Elements

Forthcoming IARU Activities at the ITU

Nanotube Speakers Outperform Sonar Equipment

San Francisco Passes Cell Phone Radiation Label Law (what about second-hand radiation?)

Nokia Cuts Handset Sales and Profit Forecasts

SkyFiber Revives Optical Wireless

Study Finds There May be Multiple 'God Particles'

Infineon Hires U.S. Bank to Sell Wireless Business

Global WLAN Market Up 20% in Q1: Dell'Oro

Mobile Payment Transactions to Double in Value to $200B by 2012

Errors Mar Initial Sales of iPhone 4

Low Threshold for m-Plane Nitride Semiconductor Lasing

Sanyo Announces World's Most Efficient Solar Module

Millions Snared in Web Fraud

Pentagon Launches Salvo in War to Protect an Army of 7M

Adobe Reader Faces Its First Genuine Competition from a Free Alternative

Winter Strikes with a Vengeance in S. Africa

'Right Race' NY Residents Given 6 Votes Each (White is not right in the banana republic of Port Chester)

Planes Can Control the Weather


NASA Warns Solar Flares from 'Huge Space Storm' Will Cause Devastation

Talking on a Cell Phone While Driving May Be Hazardous to Close Relationships

Starbucks: Free Wi-Fi at 6,700 U.S. Sites

Government Pensions Breaking Our Backs (how about $250k/yr?)

Military Likely to Shun iPhone

Toshiba Reports 16-nm Nanowire Transistor

Europe's Approach to Nanotechnology Comes Under Fire

EDA Industry is 'Red-Hot' Right Now, Mentor

Market for U.S. Mobile Broadband About to Speed Up

FCC Seeks Comments on Amateur 5 MHz (60 Meters) Allocation

Writing Circuits on Graphene

Superconducting Thin-Films Magnetically Modulated

Will FTC's Apple Investigation Lead to Fairer Competition Or Give Google a Free Pass?

Inmarsat Launches its First Global Handheld Phone, IsatPhone Pro

Japanese Company Develops World's First Ultra-Thin Piezoelectric Waterproof Speaker

ARRL Files Comments with FCC Regarding Spread Spectrum Issues

T-Mobile Promotion to Offer Free Phones

CBI Predicts Faster Growth for UK Economy

Microsoft Office 2010 Hits Retail Today (...but will anyone buy it?)

Wikipedia Unlocks Divisive Pages for Editing


U.S. Discovers $1T in Afghan Lithium Deposits (major Li-Ion battery component)

WISPA, FAA, FAA Work on Coexistence in 5.4 GHz Doppler Radar Band

Mobile Phones and Power Lines Do Not Harm Your Health

Ericsson Claims to Hold a Quarter of All LTE Patents

Scientists Create Nano-Patterned Superconducting Thin Films

Finland Mulls Legalizing Use of Unsecured Wi-Fi

FCC Issues Public Notice to Seek Information, Comments on Current Use of 1675-1710 MHz

IMEC Set to Take Transistors 'Sub-Threshold'

Researchers Discover New Properties of World's Thinnest Material

Digi-Key Sees European Sales Double in Q1 2010

European Task Group on Cognitive Use of TV White Spaces Meets 15-17 June in Mainz, Germany

Peace Breaks out Between Motorola and RIM

Cellphone Loyalty Comes at High Cost for Consumers

Air Force Advances Airborne Control of Drones

Scientists Strive to Replace Silicon with Graphene on Nanocircuitry

Birmingham Charges Up Electric Cars

Air New Zealand to Enable In-Flight Phone Calls

AT&T: We Will Prosecute Hacker That Found iPad Security Hole

The Most Behind-the-Curve But Wildly Profitable Tech Company

Japanese Asteroid Probe Makes Historic Return to Earth


World's Biggest Radiotelescope Launched in Netherlands

An Alchemist’s Dream: Lead-Free Electronics

New Cyberattacks in S. Korea

Gartner Weighs in on Semiconductors

Fujitsu, Toshiba in Talks on Mobile Phone Ops Merger

FCC Chief Genachowski Raised >$500k for Obama Campaign (more cronyism)


Pentagon Searching for WikiLeaks Founder Re Top Secret Info Publication

National Semiconductor Revenue Up 42% in 4Q

Wireless Signals to Be Jammed in Canada for G8 Summit

India's BWA Auction Ends - Earns $5.5B

Nanowires Convert Rat's Heartbeat into Usable Electricity

Scientists Strive to Replace Silicon with Graphene on Nanocircuitry

Single-Molecule Devices Can Serve as Powerful New Science Tools

DOD Ethics Officers Warn of Interest Conflicts from Insourcing

Electronic Armageddon? Congress Worries That Solar Flares Could Spell Disaster

Motorola and Research In Motion Settle Dispute

A Gyroscope That Will Set the Tech World Spinning

Wafer Prices, Allocation Up in Q1

FBI Investigating iPad 3G Security Breach

Researchers Observe Graphene Sheets Becoming Buckyballs

ARRL Supports Employee Participation in Drills

3-D Without the Glasses

Kite Turbines Generate More Power

U.S. Senate to Take up Distracted Driving Bill

Adobe Fixes Flash Zero-Day with Massive Security Update

FAA Exploring Possibilities of Unmanned Commercial Flight


Apple's Worst Security Breach: 114,000 iPad Owners Exposed

Poll: Most Oppose FCC Taxing Internet News to Help Old-Media Newspapers (they're too big to fail)

WiMAX Forum Announces First Certified MIMO 2.3 GHz Mobile Products

Japanese Spacecraft Deploys First-Ever Solar Sail

The Risks of Parenting While Plugged In

Alcatel-Lucent Takes 100G Coherent Plunge

Raytheon Space Sensor Tasked for First-of-Its-Kind Military Use

New Cyber Chief Outlines Strategy

Solar Pioneer Michael Grätzel Wins Millennium Prize

German Mobile Pacts Unlikely, Unwelcome - Regulator

Semiconductor Association Forecasts Industry Will Grow to $290.5B in 2010

'Dark Pulse Laser' Produces Bursts of Almost Nothing

Thai Regulator Unveils Rural Wireless Broadband Plan

20 Crazy Concept Phones

Prince Charles Takes Hit at Soulless Science

NFL Technology Is In Play on the Battlefield

Google Amps Up Its Search with 'Caffeine'

Scientists 'Pop' Bubble Mystery

China Cancels Visa Restriction on Bald Taiwanese

Cockroaches Prefer To Dine Together (ah, that explains the lawyer luncheons)

New Evidence That Drinking Coffee May Reduce the Risk of Diabetes


Disturbing Job Ads: 'The Unemployed Will Not Be Considered' (QE job)

Software Lets College Students Take Exams at Leisure

Some Chip Stocks Slip on Fear of Euro-Driven Slump

WSTS Predicts Chip Market Will Grow 28% in 2010

Nokia, Sony Ericsson Under Pressure from iPhone 4

High-Wire Robot to Inspect the Grid

Government Lays Out Fast Net Plan

'Nanocoax' Solves Solar Cell 'Thick and Thin' Dilemma

Malfunction Delays S. Korea Satellite Launch

Powercast Demos Prelude to Mobile Network RF Energy Harvester

Power Grows for Striking Chinese Workers

Record Efficiency for Lithium-Air Batteries

FCC Dismisses California Ham’s Petition to Amend Section 97.1

Alion Wins $3M to Bolster Army Radar, Combat Identification

Abu Dhabi to Build 'World's Largest' Solar Plant

Electronics Have a 'Nose' for Gas Detection

U.S. Border Patrol Seeks Texts on Suspicious Activity

Army Orders More Surveillance Airships

CollegeHumor's Founder on How to Be Funny Online

Immortal Avatars: Back Up Your Brain, Never Die

Taliban Using HIV Needles to Infect Soldiers


'Black Hole' Constructed from Metamaterials

Inmarsat Grabs the UK's Top Engineering Prize

Jobs: 'If You're on Wi-Fi...Get Off!'...

Stimulus Winner Rural Telephone Targets 100 Mb/s to the Home

Component Obsolescence Problem Exposed

First MEMS Gyro Packed into Smarter iPhone 4

Rad-Hardened Electronics Remains Stable Amid Steady Demand in the Space Market

Gravity-Like Theories Give Insight into the Strong Force

U.S. Mobile Internet Usage Peaks at 9pm

New Method Manipulates Particles for Sensors, Crime Scene Testing

Imec Develops Electronic Nose from Piezos

Foxconn Salary Hike will Stress OEM Supply Chain

Boy Scouts of America Revive Four Merit Badges for 100th Anniversary, Including Signaling

Military Taps Social Networking Skills

The FCC Wants to Know Your Broadband Habits (can't wait to read the report on what they find out stupid about participants)

IBM Establishes Research Lab in Brazil

Connecticut Asks Google If It Collected Wi-Fi Data

World Stocks Hit by Fears over U.S. Jobs, Hungary

Gold Price Hits New Record as it Breaks Through $1,250/oz.

Major Windows 7 Update Due in July


The Next Silicon Valley? It May be New York

Battery Embedded in Circuit Board Demonstrated at Tokyo Exhibition

Samsung Tops U.S. Mobile Handset Market Share

Cell Phone Cancer Study an Enigma

iPhone Factory Gives Workers Second Pay Rise (hopes to reduce suicides)

Jobs to Unveil iPhone 4.0, Safari 5 at Apple Event Monday

HSPA+ to Become the 3G Norm in 5 Years

Finding and Removing Defects in Graphene

Qualcomm Invests in Wafer Based Optics Manufacturer

Changes in China Could Raise Prices Worldwide

Your Brain on Computers: Attached to Technology and Paying a Price

NASA: 'Sun is Waking Up from a Deep Slumber'; Warns Solar Storms May Wreak Havoc on Power grids, GPS, Radio...

Apple Patents Solar Power for iPhone

Wales to Get €2B Offshore Wind Farm

Eliminating Imperfections from Graphene

'WeFi' Connects You with Wireless Hotspots -- and with People

Think Metric -- Moving to Metric for the Ham

SpaceX Says its Falcon 9 Rocket Hits an Orbital 'Bull's-Eye'

Google Pac-Man Game Gobbles Up 4.8M Hours, $120M

DOD Aims to Slash Budget by $100B to Pay for War


The 10 Hardest Jobs to Fill in America (engineer is #8)

New Graphene-Based Electronics Could Take a Page out of the Silicon Electronics Book

USPTO Teams with Google to Provide Bulk Patent and Trademark Data to the Public

Mysterious Radio Station UVB-76 Goes Offline

Sum of Digits of Prime Numbers Is Evenly Distributed

Employment Numbers: No Lipstick on This Pig

Self-Publishing Turning Book World on Its Ear (tech book, too?)


IMS 2010 Preliminary Attendance Up 7% Over 2009

USPTO Proposes to Establish 3-Track Patent Processing Tracks

Demands in the Military for Smaller, Lighter Electronic Connectors Could Push Changes in Longstanding Mil-Specs

Japan Plans a Moon Base by 2020, Built by Robots for Robots

An Early Look at Faster Cell-Phone Speeds

National Technical Systems (NTS) Completes ZigBee Smart Energy Certification Testing for SimpleHomeNet Appliance

RadioTech Summit: RadioDNS Makes U.S. Debut

Google to Hand Over Wi-Fi Data to European Regulators

Rapid Growth Within Mobile Broadband Continues

Argentina Planning Radio Spectrum Auction Later This Year

Japan Embraces Femtocells, But Regulation Needs to Change

Boy, 3, Saved from Electric Shock by Crocs Shoes

Airborne Wind Turbines [aka kites] to Generate Power from High Winds

iPad 3G Shortage Spurs AT&T Discussions About Its New Data Plan

SEMI Sees 100%+ Increase in Fab Spending

IBM Scientist Awarded Prestigious Kavli Prize for Nanoscience

10 Bizarre-But-True Ways Your Home Is Susceptible to Hackers

Electric Sports Car Beats M25 Record

Jobless Recovery: Stocks Tumble on "Punk" Private Sector Hiring (vast majority are Census workers)

Good Grades? It's All in Who You Know


17th-Century Scientific Wish-List Comes True

HP Researcher Predicts Memory-Centric Processors Using Memristors

First Images of Heavy Electrons in Action

SEMI Ups Fab Spending Forecast

Transistor Merges Man and Machine

NASA's Airborne Infrared Observatory Achieves Milestone

Copper Nanowires Enable Bendable Displays and Solar Cells

Heaviest Users of Phone Data Will Pay More

FCC Puts Broadband Regulation on June Agenda

Colorful Quantum-Dot Displays Coming to Market

AT&T's New Smartphone Plans Could Send iPhone, BlackBerry Sales Through the Roof

Shortages of Power Management ICs

What's Hot in Tech, from Computex Show

China's Censorship Could Lead to a Brain Drain

North Carolina Ham Crosses English Channel via Helium-Filled Balloons

STMicro Expanding Capacity in Europe, Asia

Aalborg Airport Debuts Baggage-Handling System with High-Memory RFID Tags

Scientists to Begin 520-Day Simulated Mars Mission

Wireless Video for Consumer Electronics Devices Set to Boom

New Form of LED Brings Quantum Computing Closer


Huge Order for Iridium Spacecraft

PCB Modeler Solves Meshed Ground Planes

AT&T Caps Phone Data Usage with New Wireless Plans

Einstein's Brain Unlocks Some Mysteries of the Mind

Not So Quick to Call the Market Bounce Back

Wireless Video for Consumer Electronics Devices Set to Boom

Space Surveillance Satellite Ready for July Launch

MIT Claims Fuel Cell Electrode Breakthrough

FCC Plans Study to Measure Broadband Speeds

Nitride Superluminescence Expands Blue–Violet Wavelength Range

Texas Group to Host International Earth-Moon-Earth Conference in August

Single-Molecule Manipulation for the Masses

The Coming Data Explosion

Rockwell Collins to Provide Comms Research to Help Warfighters Find, Attack Important Targets in Real Time

Testing Finds HSPA+ Speeds Still No Match for LTE

China's Shift Away from Cheap Labor Hard on All

I Can Plug Oil Leak, Says NY Genius

SpaceX Gears Up for Crucial Rocket Launch

Warp-Speed Trades Outpace SEC

Soaring Costs Force Canada to Reassess Health Model


Solid Growth Shown in Outsourced Engineering Services

Glitch Shows How Much U.S. Military Relies on GPS

Electric Fields Make Ceramic Production Quicker, Cheaper, Better

U.S. Politicians Call for Mandatory Registration of PrePay SIM Cards

Establishing a New Definition for a Kilogram

Cellphone in New Role: Loyalty Card

Scientists Unlock Tiny Mystery of Matter

Internet Cafes Close Ahead of Exams in China

New Top Supercomputer List is Out

Mobile TV's Last Frontier: U.S. and Europe

April Chip Sales Push Annual Forecast to 33%

Faster Computers with Nanotechnology

Anti-Tamper Technologies Seek to Keep Critical Military Systems Data in the Right Hands

'Quit Facebook Day' Fails to Spark an Exodus

HP to Cut 9,000 Jobs Worldwide (replaced by the computers they built)

Qualcomm Ships First Dual-CPU Snapdragon Chipset

Wolfram Alpha Finds iPad Niche

RadioDNS Makes Its U.S. Debut at RadioTech Summit

Not All Quantum PropertiesLost Through Interaction with Environment

Google Chrome Cracks 7% Market Share