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Green Carbon Trade (Cap & Trade) Market Means Billions for Telecom, IT

% of Semis Consumed by Top OEMs Increased in 2008, Expected to Decrease in 2009

Army Awards Contract for Vehicle Intercom System

Telecoms Specialists Can Still Find Well Paid Jobs - if They are Prepared to Travel

Peeling Stickers May Lead to Stretchable Electronics

Russian Subscriber Growth - On the Brink of a Slowdown?

Japanese Spacecraft Finds Uranium on Moon

The Sound of Light: Innovative Technology Shatters the Barriers of Modern Light Microscopy

Silicon Labs Tunes Digital TV Receiver for Analog

Sprint to Be Exclusive Wireless Data Provider for US Census Count (hmmm... wonder how much they contributed to the Obama campaign?)

China Postpones Controversial Web Filter

Adobe Shutters Operations for a Week to Cut Costs

Is Digital Britain Broadband Target Fast Enough? - Asks MPs

EU Galileo Project Ill-Conceived: Auditors Court

Common Defense Absent from Cybersecurity

First Electronic Quantum Processor Created

MEMS Tool Market on the Rebound

Missing Moon-Landing Videotapes May Have Been Found

Challenges Loom on Tesla's Model S Project

China Unveils Fund to Finance Aerospace Industry (why not? we've already transferred all the technology they need to put us out of business)


Skier's Life Saved by His Blackberry

Boeing Ships Next-Generation GPS Satellite to Cape Canaveral for Tests

Research Highlights Deficiencies in Canada's Proposed Wireless E911 Services

Scientists Create First Electronic Quantum Processor

Research Funding Needs a Sense of Direction

Fermilab's CDF Observes Ωb Baryon

New Exotic Material Could Revolutionize Electronics

EU Welcomes Plans for Single Charger Across All Mobile Phones

U.S., Russia in Dispute over Computer Attacks

U. of Arkansas to Get $1.5M for Nano Center

Toyota Technology Has Brain Waves Move Wheelchair

Dielectric Receives Grant to Develop Wireless Broadband Access Lab

NASA Wants Your Ideas for Digitizing Rocket Scientist's Notes


Electronics Supply Chain Sales Still Waiting for An Upturn

Sophisticated Weather Satellite Rockets into Orbit

Intelligent Wireless Systems Developed for Monitoring Cultural Monuments and Historical Structures

Sony Eyes Cellphone/Game Gear Hybrid

Cellular 'Position Lights' Made from Nanoparticles

Agilent Introduces Family of Miniature Passive Probes with Bandwidths from DC to 1.5 GHz


Senate Confirms Genachowski as FCC Chairman

Google Blocked in China

DoE Puts out Call for $3.9B in Smart Grid Projects

First Acoustic Metamaterial 'Superlens' Created

Magnetic 'Superatoms' Promise Tunable Materials

China Telecom in Talks to Offer BlackBerry

Technology Gets Parliamentary Committee Status

Clearwire Snags WiMAX Leftovers

Raytheon to Make Nano Thermal Materials for Defense Systems

Sky Will Fight Ofcom over Premium TV

Lasers Can Lengthen Quantum Bit Memory by 1,000 Times

EADS Lobbies for European Drone Business

ICANN Appoints Beckstrom to Look after Names and Numbers

Waterproof Lithium-Air Batteries

Researcher Discovers Method to Fully Process Encrypted Data Without Knowing Its Content

PC Shipments Bouncing Back Says Gartner

More Lawmakers Sign on Against Radio Royalties

Three Smart Technologies to Ease Work/Life Chaos

Global Recession Cuts Down on Global Warming (so, suffering is good)

County-by-County Cancer Risk Map (interesting)


UC Boulder Students Design Real-World MMICs

China Mobile Sales up 9% in First Quarter

Top U.S. Executives Snub Facebook, Blogs

IEEE Awards Prizes for Tech That Benefits Humanity

UK Looks to Young Geeks to Secure Cyberspace

Governors Show Support for Amateur Radio as ARRL Field Day Approaches

Missile Defense Satellite Ready for Test Deployment

RFID in All New Mobiles by Next Summer

Fast-Charging Lithium Batteries Disputed

Apples's iPhone 3GS Costs $178.96 to Manufacture (...down to the penny, eh? I don't think so.)

Scientists Observe Liquid Water Below Freezing

Fifth State of Matter Probably Found in Sand

Raytheon Recognized by DoJ for Small Business Subcontracting Accomplishments

Work Begins on Underground Dark Matter Lab

Pirates Delay Submarine Telecoms Cable (another example of terrorists impeding progress, yet many want to tolerate it)

Clearwire Buys Additional WiMAX Radio Licenses

Microsoft Discloses Windows 7 Pricing

A Breath Mint Made from ... Coffee?

European Central Bank Injects $662B into System

Pro-Iran Hackers Deface Oregon University Web Site

WSJ: Climate Bill Would Be 'Biggest Tax in American History'


Harvard Cuts 275 Jobs, Cites Drop in Endowment

Nokia Siemens Networks Confirms Sale of Eavesdropping Kit to Iran

'Lightbulb' Molecule Has a Bright Future

W1AW Announces 2009 Field Day Bulletin Schedule (June 27&28)

NASA and ESA Team Up for Mars Exploration

China Mobile to Construct 110,000 WLAN Hot Spots This Year

CDMA Subscriber Base Passed 480 Million Worldwide

Price Rises Loom on Notebook, Monitor Glass Shortage

Scientists Discover Giant Rydberg Atom Molecules

Dutch, Chinese Scientists Partner for Nanotech R&D

ORNL Finding Could Help Electronics Industry Enter New Phase

'Synthetic Tree' Claims to Catch Carbon in the Air

U.S. Creates Military Command for Cyber Battlefield

Scientists Directly Measure Charge States of Atoms Using Atomic Force Microscope

Never-Before-Seen Images from Saturn

IBM Roadrunner Dusts Cray Jaguar in World's Fastest Supercomputer Race

President Faces a Kennedy Decision on Space


Tyco Electronics Shareholders Approve HQ Move to Switzerland

½ of Heavy Texters Report Problems with Neck and Arms

NASA Criticized for Sticking to Imperial Units

PC Shipments Suffer 23% Slump

Silicon Startups Get the VC Squeeze

Scientists Break Light Modulation Speed Record

Tech Industry Applauds TX Governor for Giving Schools Greater Access to Innovative Content and Technology

Chip Sales in April Show 'Best Growth Since 1996' (an exercise in specsmanship here)

Super-Fast Femtocell in Works, Says Ubiquisys

DOD Weighs Greater Use of Social Media

Survey Shows Widespread Concern About Mobile Device Security

IEEE Plans PoE Patent Pool

World's First Controllable Molecular Gear at Nanoscale Created

White House to Abandon Spy-Satellite Program

Will Japan Abolish Cash?

Computer Clusters That Heat Houses

Vodafone Launches First UK Femtocell

Intel and Nokia to Join in Mobile Chip Marriage

RUSNANO, Japan Tighten Nano Ties


Global Mobile Industry to Lose $20B in 2009

WiMax Group Calls for Patent Pool

FCC Appeals to Industry for Broadband Ideas

Defense Spending Booming in North Carolina

U.S. Couple to Have World's First Weightless Wedding

NJ Bill Would Ban Operation of GPS Devices in Cars

Nokia Siemens in Deal to Buy Nortel Wireless Units

Coming Soon in India, A Super Regulator for Spectrum

NC DOT Warns Texters: 'Hope u r not driving now'

Semiconductor Engineers Losing Control, Adjusting to Economic Downturn and Beyond

Carbon Chip Technology Goes Commercial

New Method to Detect Quantum Mechanical Effects in Ordinary Objects

Chip Sales in April Show 'Best Growth Since 1996'

RFID: The Internet of Things

Herschel's First Picture of An Object in Space

Senate Passes Webcaster Settlement Act

Cell Phones That Listen and Learn

FTC Plans to Monitor Blogs for Claims, Payments

Japan Moon Probe’s Final Moments Revealed

Arizona Has Longest Stretch of sub-100° Days Since 1913 (Erie, PA, has had maybe 2, 80° days in 2009)


Could Proposed Amendment Be a U.S. ROHS?

Herschel's Daring Test: A Glimpse of Things to Come

Lockheed Martin Announces 750 Layoffs

MEMS Markets See Growth Opportunities

Smart Grids and Telecom

Hughes to Launch 100 Gbps High Throughput Satellite in 2012

Apple CEO Steve Jobs Had Liver Transplant


IBM Exec Picked to Head Patent Office

Most Efficient and Stable Source of Pure White Light Ever Achieved

U.S. Sees Lowest Ever Annual Growth Rate at 90% Penetration

South Korea #1 in Broadband Penetration

Stimulus Package’s $2B Investment in U.S. Battery Manufacturing

Chinese Startup's Electric Sedan May Be First on U.S. Roads

Is Smart Grid the Next Green-Tech Bubble?

Moon Probes Blast Off to Scout for Water

IBM, German Scholars Measure Atoms with Noncontact AFM

10 Phones to Challenge the iPhone 3G S

FCC to Probe Exclusive Mobile Handset Deals

Lawsuit Against U.S. on IP Trade Agreement Dropped for National Security

Printed and Chipless RFID Forecasts, Technologies & Players 2009-2019

New Technology Enables High-Speed Data Transfer

Layoffs and Networking: To Tweet Or Not to Tweet?

Broadband Booms and So Do Charges

Light Sensor Breakthrough Could Enhance Digital Cameras

Sleeping on a Complex Decision May Be a Bad Choice

Dutch Muggers Caught on Google Street View Camera


IEEE, Industry Players in Race to Help Modernize Smart Grid

Microsoft's Ballmer on H1-B Visas, Immigration

School Offering Texting Classes

IBM to Forecast Space Weather from Solar Storms

WLAN Market Declines, But 802.11n Grows

Indian Mobile Services Market to Reach $30B by 2013

A Sonic Boom in the World of Lasers

Spintronic – The New Electronic?

Plan to Teach Military Robots the Rules of War

Households in Western Europe With TV Services to Top 180M in 2013

VSAT Proves Crucial to Battlefield Communications

Nanocrystals Reveal Activity Within Cells

Microsoft Extends XP Deadline

Human-Injectable Satellite Tracking Chip

Legends Named to Radio Hall of Fame

250% Speed Blast from Firefox 3.5 RC1

3-D, Real-Time X-ray Images May Be Closer to Reality

British Software Used to Crash Iranian Websites

Suitcase with $134B in Bonds Puts Dollar on Edge


Graphene's Electrically Tunable Bandgap Leapfrogs Silicon

Young Canadians Ditching the Landline Service

Glitches Affecting Accuracy of Pentagon GPS Satellites

IEEE Engineering the Future Day, 125th Anniversary Recognized on Floor of U.S. House of Representatives

Iowa Teen is the Latest Texting Champion

ISuppli: Gear Costs to Derail Moore's Law in 2014 (not again!)

Britain Seeks to Become World's 'Digital Capital'

Magnetic Super-Atoms Discovered

First CDMA Phone with Analogue TV Receiver

Discovery Could Help Electronics Industry Enter New Phase

Boeing Advanced Tactical Laser Fires High-Power Laser in Flight

Synthetic Cells Get Together to Make Electronics

DOD Seeks $5.4B for Unmanned Systems in 2010

Swedish Port Gets Monster WLAN

Consumers Favor Internet over Cell Phone and Cable TV According to New Study

A Camera from a Sheet of Fiber

Today's DAB Radios Will Cope with 2015 Switchover, Mostly

MySpace to Cut 30% of Jobs to Boost Efficiency

Leak Grounds Shuttle Until July

Gold Sold Like Chocolate from German Vending Machines


DoD Develops Radio Technologies to Overcome Spectrum Limitations

New Exotic Material Could Revolutionize Electronics

Endeavour to Launch Wednesday

North American Mobile Advertising Revenues to Reach $1.5 Billion in 2013

X-Band Technology Plugs a Critical Gap

A New Twist on Memristance

Will the Feds Force Apple to Break Up with AT&T?

Is Moore's Law Becoming Academic?

Most Powerful 'Sound Laser' to Shake up Acoustics

Gartner Ups Capex Outlook As Market Hits Bottom

An Odometer for Silicon Chips

Buckyballs Polymerised to Form Buckywires

Europe Working to Extend Space Station

Britain to Tap BBC for Broadband-for-All Funds

Mind-Reading Tech May Not Be Far Off

Semiconductor Engineers Losing Control, Adjusting to Economic Downturn and Beyond

U.S. to Take Stake in Key European Mission to Mars

Peeling Stickers May Lead to Stretchable Electronics

High-Flying Kites Could Light Up New York

Unmanned Vehicle Applications for Airborne Use Eyed for Warfare, Law Enforcement, Forest Fires


Construction Group Seeks to Build Support for RFID

A Cheap Route to Robust LEDs

'Cloak of Silence' Tech Could Hide Submarines

Toshiba Claims Germanium Breakthrough for 16nm Chips

The Earth's Magnetic Field Remains a Charged Mystery

Vietnam to Launch Second Man-Made Satellite in 2012 (is that as opposed to non-man-made satellite launches?)

W1AW, WA6ZTY to Conduct Dual-Tone Frequency Measuring Test in July

'Stickies' Show Way to Stretchable Electronics

U.S. Defense Budget Insufficient to Maintain the Force Long Term

March of Dimes Reminds Lawmakers of Radio's Value

800,000 Callers Phone Digital TV Hot Line (pathetic - I saw a lady try to "return" an armful of converters at Walmart)

Microsoft to Google: “Bing It On!” and New “Bing It!” Verb

IEA Demands Energy-Efficient Devices

NASA OKs Wednesday Space Shuttle Launch

Gluing Particles Together on the Micro- and Nano-Scale

Crops Under Stress As Temperatures Fall (more bad news for Algore)

Microsoft Will No Longer Pay for Employee iPhones, Blackberries


Tunable Graphene Bandgap Opens the Way to Nanoelectronics and Nanophotonics

Sprint Takes Femtocells Wholesale

Pricing Expert Stresses Need to Globalize Wireless

Mobile Phones, Facebook, YouTube Cut in Iran

Computing in the Quantum Dimension

Rivals Level Guns at IE in Enterprise Browser War

UTStarcom Cuts 2,300 Jobs


IRS Wants to Tax You for Your Company-Provided Cellphone As a Benefit (someone has to pay down the $12T debt)

Boy Hit by Meteorite Travelling at 30,000 mph

New 'Electronic Glue' Promises Less Expensive Semiconductors

Signal Opportunities on the Slopes -- with RFID

Cadence Cuts 225 Jobs As It Aims to Save $30M

Laptops Linked to Male Infertility (entrepreneurs - an opportunity for tinfoil underwear?)

British MPs Attack Government over Science Policy

Could Power Point Presentations Be Stifling Learning?

DOD Taps Industry for Commercial Satellite Guidance

Wormholes Generate New Kind of Quantum Anticentrifugal Force

RFID Adopters Seek "Competitive Differentiation"

Mobile Market Riding High on Untapped Indian Rural Market

Fujitsu Achieves World's First Impulse Radio-Based Millimeter-Band Transmissions Exceeding 10 Gbps

Penn Scientist Finds Plumber's Wonderland on Graphene

Qualcomm Expands Live TV for Cell Phones

GSA: Regulators Should Auction Low As Well As High Frequency Spectrum

From 3G to LTE: Radio Access Networks Will Drive Mobile Revenue Growth in Latin America

Driving the Chevy Volt

Murata Samples Industry's Smallest RF Switch Connector

DTV Switch Is On: Millions to Lose Analog Signals Today


CTIA and Cell Providers Dispute Call for FM Receivers in Cell Phones

A New Chemical Element in the Periodic Table

University of Texas Makes Flexible CMOS

IBM Invests in Battery Research

Mars Orbiter Resumes Science Operations

Satcom at a Crossroads

Hummingbirds Are Faster than Jet Fighters

U.S. College Grads Shun Wall Street for Washington (they want secure their positions in the aristocracy rather than the proletariat - they call high-paid government jobs "public service")

Local Radio Freedom Act Gathers More Support

Army Awards $363M Sincgcars Contract

Japan's Moon Probe Makes Crash Landing - On Purpose

Warship Radar Technology Designers Set Sights on Next-Generation Navy Cruiser

RFID to Revolutionize Coca-Cola's Dispensers

Masters Degree in Facebook Offered

Survey Shows Consumer Worried About Mobile Loss and Fraud

UL Extends Phase-out Date for Audio and Video Standards

ST-Ericsson to Cut 146 Jobs in France

Fewer Than 2.2M Households Unready for DTV

Peculiar, Junior-sized Supernova Discovered By NY Teenager

Terahertz SiGe Imager Sees Through Clothes

Vanderbilt Researchers Make Filler-less Freestanding Nanofilms

Caffeine Intake Prevents Risk Taking after Extreme Sleep Deprivation (more vindication!)


New GM Chairman, "“I Don’t Know Anything About Cars”

Bluetooth Outscores ZigBee in Healthcare Scramble

Not So Windy: Research Suggests Winds Dying Down (human-caused wind slowing - the next crisis!)

Nokia Working on Power Scavenging Cell Phones

IT Staff Stealing Company Secrets

Hypothetical Motor Made Up of Just Two Atoms and a Ring of Light

Cessna Selects Aircell High Speed Internet for Citation Business Jets

GM Opens a Battery Research Lab for the Volt

Wi-Fi Setup 'Ttoo Difficult,' Says Survey

GSMA Applauds Actions to Establish a Harmonized Approach to Spectrum Allocation

European Experts Handle Largest Virtual Telescope in the World

Signs of Increasing Investments in Fabs (now see the next headline by other experts)

SEMI Says Fab Spending to Decline by 51%

Coke's RFID-Based Dispensers Redefine Business Intelligence

World's Thinnest MEMS Accelerometer from STMicroelectronics

RFMD Hits Non-GAAP Profitability Through First Two Months of Quarter

Engineers Unveil New Lighting Solutions

Science Labs Go Mobile to Bring Tools, Inspiration to Students

Harris Wins $13.5M in U.S. Air Force Orders for Vehicular Radios

Foundry Rankings Change As Shortages Near

British Toddler Has Same IQ Score as Stephen Hawking

Computer Accident Study Highlights Hazards of Home Office


Big Growth in the World Satellite Market over the Next Ten Years

Mobile Phone Thefts Down in France

Foundry Industry on a Roll

Evidence of Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling Detected in Nanowires

RFID Thrives in Competitive Setting

Gadget Charger Harvests Wireless Power

Durham Produces All-Organic Memory-Transistor

In Twin Paradox Twist, the Accelerated Twin is Older

Radio Giant Clear Channel Amps up Digital Strategy

Air Force Gets Assistance with Foreign Aerospace Intell

NASA Announces Winners in Lunar Art Contest

China to Require Software on PCs to Block Sites

T-Mobile Customer Database Allegedly Hacked


The Next Silicon Valley

Intel Invests $43M in Japan-Based WiMax Start-up

Foundry Semiconductor Market to Rise in the Second Quarter

Boeing B-52 with Combat Network Communications Upgrade Makes 1st Flight

Millions Face Blank Screens in TV Switch

Stimulus Package's $2B Investment in Domestic U.S. Battery Manufacturing

Indian Telecom Equipment Beats Downturn; Grows 20% to Nearly $25B

Nanoscale Zipper Cavity Responds to Single Photons of Light

Belkin and GPS: Slick FM Broadcast Channel Selection Assistance

Tech Companies Enlist Democrat to Blast Obama Tax Plan

China's Finest Telescope to Scan Most Celestial Spectra


The 10 Hardest Jobs to Fill in America

1 in 7 Scientists Say Colleagues Fake Data

IPS Claims 15,000 Deep Discharge Cycles for Small Battery Technology

Japan Explores Using Cell Phones to Stop Pandemics

Alabama Hams Assist During Statewide Emergency Drill

GPS Shoes for Alzheimer's Patients

Irish High-Tech Start-up Activity Looks Strong

RIM Gets More GPS Property with Dash Acquisition

New iPhone Could Be Unveiled As Early As Monday

'Colossal' Magnetic Effect Advances Computing

Ohio School District Cancels Graduation Due to Massive Cheating

Space Traffic Management in the Earth 21st Century

RFID to Protect Intellectual Property

Chinese TV Agency Denies Plans for $14.5B WiMAX Network

Astronomer Who Found the Universe's Age Wins Big $$$ (of course, he will be proven wrong within 5 years)

No Geek License Needed for Latest Airport Hi-Tech

Sprint: How Soon Is '4G Now'?


Smart Grids Should Get a Spark from Federal Stimulus Package

RFID to Protect Intellectual Property

Distributors: Downturn Hits Bottom

PCB Industry, While Still in Negative Territory, Shows Signs of Recovery

Inventors' Group to Address Patent Reform

SIA Sees Semi Rebound

Teledyne Wins $18.8M DARPA Contract for Terahertz Electronics

Three Bidders for Italian 3G Radio Spectrum

LA House Backs 15¢ Charge on Internet Access (the camel's nose under the tent?)

USPTO Introduces On-Line Customer Interface for Practitioner Changes of Address

General Dynamics to Boost MilSat Comms Capacity with $119M WIN-T Satellite Terminal Award

ERF Wireless' Vertical Plan for Rural Broadband

Graphene May Have Advantages over Copper for IC Interconnects at the Nanoscale

ESA Participates in the European Satellite Navigation Competition

Chinese 3G Spend Could Reach $150B

New Kind of Quantum Tunneling Experiment Goes Live

Twenty UFOs Fly in Formation over UK


University Research Yields Flexible CMOS Circuits

FCC Fines Electronics Manufacturer for Marketing Unauthorized Radiofrequency Devices

WSTS Projects 21.6% Global Semiconductor Decline in 2009 (so, they calculated it down to 10ths of a %, eh?)

Japan Sets Mobile TV Pace, Seeks Standard

Despite Recession, Wireless Infrastructure CAPEX Should Grow in 2010

Roll-Up Solar Panels

Sweden Picks Site to Bury Nuclear Waste for 100,000 Years (yet the U.S. cannot seem to find a place... pure whacko politics)

Electronic Memory Chips That Can Bend and Twist

Wi-Fi Alliance Launches Additional New Test of 11n Draft 2.0

Nanoparticle Scattering Improves Laser Performance

Power-Sipping Cell Phone Displays Come Closer

Microwave Missiles: High-Energy Weapons in the Air Force

Bioenergy Makes Heavy Demands on Scarce Water Supplies

Common GPS Could Help Better Track Airline Flights

Luxtera Claims First Commercial Silicon CMOS Photonics Fabrication Process

Puke-Inducing Nonlethal Laser Weapon Unveiled

Obama to Renominate FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell

Windows XP ATM's Under Hacker Attacks in EU - U.S. Could Be Next!

1:6 Americans Get Income Check from Government (OMG, no wonder I paid $30k in taxes in 2008)


'Cell Phone Elbow' Damages Nerves

Komatsu Laser Marks on Silicon Surface

WiMax Industry Hoping for Economic Stimulus Boost

Memory with a Twist: NIST Develops a Flexible Memristor

Power Lines Could Carry HDTV as HDMI Alternative

Test Results Raise Femto Service Concerns

Tests Rate T-Mobile Number One for Mobile Broadband

New MIT Radio Chip Mimics Human Ear

IBM Reportedly Cuts More Jobs in New York

Experts Address Issue of Compromised Components

Nokia is Top-Brand for Teenagers

Social Networking Up 83% for U.S.

Scientists Create Metal That Pumps Liquid Uphill

WiMAX Forum Starts Roaming Trials

S. Korea to Launch First Space Rocket in July

Transparent Solar Cells

ARRL Continuing Education Online Course Registration

Windows 7 to Be Released October 22

NASA Gets Ready to Study Space Radiation

Satellite-Based Navigation Avionics Could Help Save 10B Gallons of Fuel/Year

U.S. Air Force Aims to Launch Space Plane Next Year

Microsoft Ads Say Search Is Sick, Bing Is the Cure

China Blocks Twitter, Flickr, Others as Tiananmen Anniversary Looms


EE Times Prediction: 10 Electronics Companies at Risk for Failure

Electronic Textiles Being Made

Prepaid and Gross Subscribers Keep the U.S. Wireless Market Growing in Q1 '09

Metals with Diamonds

Test Results Raise Femto Service Concerns

Experts Advise Mil-Aero Companies on ITAR, Export Issues

April Semiconductor Sales Better Than Expected

AMD Promises Notebook HDTV Through USB Stick

Wireless Update a Wide-Open Future

Motorola Delves into Wireless Embedded Modules

Honeywell Engineers Design COTS Hardware into Orion Advanced Avionics Design

Test Your Satellite Phone During Iridium Initiative

How Dangerous Is Lightning to a Jetliner?

Some Guantánamo Detainees to Get Laptops (ah, life at Club Gitmo)


Drag Racing Goes Electric - Beating Gas

GM Says Bankruptcy Won't Affect the Volt (right, they also said they would not go into bankruptcy)

Experts Warn Cell Phones Face Hacking Threat

French Physicists Claim Breakthrough in Ultra-Fast Data Access

'Radar on Chip for Cars' Project Formed by German Car Makers and Suppliers

Mobile Internet Makes Its Way into Cars

Incandescent Light Bulbs Made Super-Efficient with Ultra-Fast Laser (no poisonous Hg - Edison's invention vindicated)

As Web Communication Shrinks, So Do Links

NIST Casts Doubt on Elastic Tunneling Model for Transistor Noise

Superconducting Chips to Become Reality

Ofcom: The Wireless Telegraphy (Short Range Devices) (Exemption) Regulations 2009

WiMax & LTE Meet the Real World

Scientists Engineer Cellular Circuits That Count Events

HP Enables New Field of Flexible Electronics with Reflective Display Technology

U.S. Online Travel Agencies End Airline Booking Fees

China to Launch First Mars Probe in Second Half of 2009

Bing vs. Google Face-Off, Round 1