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Welcome Home Endeavour!

A New Approach to Fusion

Buffer Boost for InGaN on Silicon Solar Cell

Graphene Has High Current Capacity, Thermal Conductivity

Tech Smoothes Way to Cheaper Electronics

Breakdown in Planck's Law

iPhone Vulnerable to Hacker Attacks

India Running Out of 2G Radio Spectrum in Some Areas

Discovery About Behavior of Building Block of Nature Could Lead to Computer Revolution

USPTO: Notice of Reformatted Trademark Registration Certificate

FCC Expands ARRL's 500 kHz Experimental License

Smoothing the Way for Light

Virtual Education... for Free

Silicon Valley, Wall Street Meet at Interconnect Event

Laser Propulsion: Wild Idea May Finally Shine

Serving up Buckyballs on a Silver Platter

Google Voice Ban by Apple, AT&T Spurs Revolt Among iPhone Users

British Hacker Will Be Extradited to U.S. for Trial

Government to Suspend 'Cash for Clunkers' (who would have seen that coming? - offer people something they didn't earn and the masses will come with their hands out)

Firefox Downloads to Reach 1B Today


Space Shuttle Endeavour to Deploy Student-Built Satellites (Castor and Pollux - très cool names)

DoD Completes Large-Scale Tests of Mesh-Networking Tags

Battery Technology Packs in More Features with Complex Chemistries

FCC Issues Part 15 Citation to Hobby Lobby (I had considered buying one of these for my RC sailplane)

U.K. Defence Ministry Awards Air Surveillance Deal

Motorola Posts Unexpected 2Q Profit

Closing the Terahertz Gap Could Lead to Better Nanodevices

Glass Leaf 'Sweats' to Generate Electricity

MIT's 'Bokode' Chip Said to Outperform Bar Codes

VoloMedia Claims It Holds Patent on Podcasting, Drawing Howls of Protest

Global Handset Shipments Fall 8% in Q2 2009

Component Distribution Orders Picking up in the UK

Restart of LHC Now Set for November

L-Mart Unveils U.S. Navy Stealth Fighter

Floating Docks Designed to Harness Clean Energy for NYC

Fastest Solar Boat Attempts Round-the-World Challenge

Windows 7 Activation Cracked Already

New Engine Technology Will Boost Fuel Mileage


Tektronix Aims to Teach Students Basics of Test

DoD Helps Nurture Students' Interest in Cybersecurity

North American NFC Payment Deployments March On

GPS Smartphone Shipments to Reach 77M Units in 2009

UK Businesses Struggling with Mobile Blind Spot

DARPA Creates a Better "Clippy" Assistant

Adding Meaning to Millions of Numbers

Nanotubes Spin As They Grow

Mobile Infrastructure Market Expected to Decline 10% over Next Five Years

Physicists Develop Multifunctional Storage Device for Light

Astronauts Scan Shuttle Heat Shield for Dings

Sprint Nextel Loses 250,000 Subscribers and $384M in Q2

Herley New England to Provide Integrated Microwave Assemblies for U.S. Attack Aircraft

Woman's Tweet Draws Landlord Lawsuit

Trial WiMAX Networks for Chinese Cities Announced

Solar Supply Chain Burned by Disappointing Demand, Oversupply

Microsoft and Yahoo Have Sealed the Deal - Bing Wins

iPhone Apps for the Lawbreaker in You

New Supercomputer to Reel in Answers to Some of Earth's Problems


Study Finds Patent Systems May Discourage Innovation

British Government Tells Civil Servants to Tweet

WiMAX Broadband Subscribers to Approach 50M by 2014

Physicists Propose a Method to Observe Dirac Monopoles

CSR Offers Always-On GPS Location with SiRF

USPTO Another Step Closer to Full Electronic Patent Application Processing

Piezoelectric Materials Will Power Future Nanoscale Devices

Texting While Drive Even More Dangerous

DoD Completes Large-Scale Tests of Mesh-Networking Tags

Canadian State Residents Support Ban Cell Phone Use When Driving

Soldiers Turn a March into a Battery Charge

Stay Tuned for Bluetooth on Your TV

After 9-Year Cookie Ban, White House Wants to Start Tracking You Online Again

Cheaper Solar Thermal Power

ITAR Compliance: Ignorance of Defense Export Regulations Is No Excuse

Six Ways to Improve Broadband in the UK


Agilent Says It Will Pay $1.5B in Cash for Instrument Maker Varian

European Regulators Approve 3G in the 900 MHz Bands

Piezo Power on the Battlefield

Race Is on for Space-Junk Alarm System

Contractor Earnings Reflect Changes in Defense Spending

Danish Dairy Farmers Adopt RFID to Improve Yield

Transparent Metal Hints at Nature of Planets' Cores (Star Trek transparent aluminum?)

Nortel Wireless Winner: It's Ericsson

Long-Range Anti-Ship Cruise Missile to Be Designed by L-Mart for DARPA

Golf Tournament Tees Up RFID

A Biofuel Process to Replace All Fossil Fuels

Verizon 2Q Profit Falls, Tops View, Plans Job Cuts

China Web Users Outnumber Entire U.S. Population

Qualcomm Back in the Black, But Outlook Disappoints

Japan May Move Against Qualcomm on Anti-Trust

Executives Receive 1/3 of All Pay in the U.S.

Girls Game Less Because They Have Less Free Time

3,000 Low Temp Records Set This July!

Germany Calls Carbon Tariffs "Eco-Imperialism" (you wanted hope & change - you're getting it)


Global Foundries Breaks Ground on Long-Awaited NY Fab

Scientists Worry Machines May Outsmart Man

Hubble Captures Rare Jupiter Collision

GaAs Bulk Substrate Market Shrinks in 2009

An App for Everything


Silicon with Afterburners: New Process Could Be Boon to Electronics Manufacturer

Majority of U.S. Internet Now Accessed Wirelessly

New Recruiting Platform for Entrepreneurial Students

Broadcom Profits Down by 90%

Ruckus Wireless Unveils First Outdoor Wi-Fi System with Dynamic Beamforming

Vodafone Q2 Revenues Rise by 9.6% to $17.7B

New Military Drone Passes Vertical Takeoff Test

Nanotechnology: Tufts Researchers Tune Molecular Motor

Skype Singled Out As Threat to Russia's Security

Hey Stupid! Drop the Cell Phone and Drive

Engineer's Suicide Throws Light on iPhone Mania

Physicists Create First Nanoscale Mass Spectrometer

Skyworks' Revenue Rebounds by 11% from March-Quarter Dip

Microsoft Q4 Revenue Falls for All Product Divisions

First Flapping, Two-Winged Aircraft Takes Flight


Intel Appeals EC's €1B Fine

One-Two Punch Knocks Wireless Semiconductor Market Back to 2003

DoD to Launch Web 2.0-Intensive Site

BlackBerry Maker: UAE Partner's Update Was Spyware

Wi-Fi Alliance Won't Tinker with 802.11n

ITT's Advanced Integrated Defensive Electronic Warfare System Accepted by USAF

FCC Continues BPL Debate

Microwave Weapon Will Rain Pain from the Sky

'Phase Change' Materials to Replace Flash Memory

Qualcomm Fined $200 Million by Korean Anti-Trust Body

End of the World Postponed Until Christmas

Silicon Valley Eyes Taiwan Stock Markets

Testing Relativity, Black Holes and Strange Attractors in the Laboratory

Ion Engine Could One Day Power 39-Day Trips to Mars

SEMI Reports Growth in Bookings As Book-to-Bill Ratio Improves

Astronauts Cut Spacewalk Short over Suit Concerns

Quantum Measurements: Common Sense is Not Enough

Apple Has 91% of Market for $1,000+ PCs

Government Motors (GM) Sales Down 22% in 2009

The Eclipse, as Seen by the People (with Flickr Accounts)


Asians Witness 21st Century’s Longest Solar Eclipse

Chinese Worker Commits Suicide over Missing iPhone

Intel to Cut Another 294 Irish Jobs

Advanced Communications Satellite Passes Key Milestone

Ammonia Based Power Generator for Rural Base Stations (will it smell like a wet baby diaper?)

NAB Sets 2009 NAB Radio Show Engineering Program

Hybrid Car Powered by Micro-Jet Turbine (this would be cool)

Shortage of Cyber Experts May Hinder Government

Mobile Technology Could Cut Europe's Annual Energy Bill

USPTO: Clarification Regarding Annual Patent Attorney/Agent Registration Fee

New Technology to Make Digital Data Self-Destruct

World's Largest Telescope to Be Built in Hawaii

SOI Could Chop $800B from U.S. Power Bills

Scientists Capitalize on Extended Solar Eclipse

Making Light Bulbs from DNA 

Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Security and the Home-Based Worker

EU R&D program Nano2012 Formally Kicks Off

Special Bonus Section Added to ARRL Ham Radio Licensing Manual

LHC Suffers More Leaks, and Delays

Cell Phone Cameras Make Mobile Fluorescent Microscopes

Algore's Hometown Breaks Record Low Set in 1877


Crisis Spurs People to Work for Free to Gain Experience

Report Attacks Post-Grant Patent Review

Why Japan's Cellphones Haven't Gone Global

VC Investments Plunge 51%to $3.7B in 2Q

Chip Recovery to Outpace General Economy

Texas Instruments 2Q Profit Falls 56%

FCC Chairman Genachowski Announces Wireless Bureau Senior Staff

What Next After TSAT?

Harris Wins $44M in Orders from USAF for JTRS Falcon III Handheld Radios

Sumitomo Electric Claims First Pure-Green Semiconductor Laser

Qwest Begins Rollout of Its Faster VDSL2 Networks

Google Adds Moon to Online Earth Map Service

Mobile Broadband Fails Miserably to Live Up to Consumer Expectations

Jupiter Struck by Object, NASA Images Confirm

Microsoft Hands 20,000 Lines of Code to Linux Community

Researchers Set New Distance Record for Quantum Key Distribution

Mideast, Africa Mobile Broadband to Explode (which, in those areas of the world, could mean either literally or figuratively)

Bailouts Could Cost U.S. $23T


Radars Perform Double Duty As High-Speed Data Links

NASA Brings Total Solar Eclipse to the Masses  - It Occurs on Wednesday

STMicro to Create 650 Jobs and Spend $1.25B at Crolles

July 22 Eclipse is Best Chance to Look for Gravity Anomaly

Cafes with Cheap Wi-Fi Turn the Tables on Office Space

Smart Fiber Takes Photos, Could Crunch Numbers Later

High-Temperature Superconductivity Explained with String Theory

Italy Reports Largest Quarterly Loss Ever Seen

India Rebuffs U.S. Carbon Demands

Light Repels Light

FCC Chairman Has Broad Approach to Net Access

Laser Technology Creates New Forms of Metal

Military Radio Communications Contract for SINCGARS Goes to ITT

Denmark Planning Auction of LTE/WiMAX Radio Spectrum

UK Ponders Its Own Space Agency

Invisible Flash Takes Photos Without the Glare

Researcher Investigates the Basis of Einstein's First Approximation in the Theory of Relativity

U.K. Lifts Ban on Michael Savage


FCC Allows AMs to Use FM Translators

Single Molecules As Electric Conductors

How New Technologies Will Ease Our Traffic Woes

Boeing Signs 4-Satellite Contract with Intelsat

Big Tech Earnings Week Will Reveal Economic Trends


EDA Companies Tout RF Design, Links to Test

Battery Makers Prepare for Fast Growth in Li-Ion Batteries for Hybrids

RF Industries Grabs Growth Title

Beer 'n' Broadband

FCC Chairman Genachowski Announces Wireless Bureau Senior Staff

Teradyne Touts RF Market Share, Displays Eagle Test Systems

What Downturn for Consumer, Wireless MEMS?

Chinese-Born Man Convicted of Economic Espionage for China

UK Sees a Quarterly Loss of 600,000 Customers

RFID Orders Are on the Rise

World's First Universal Mirror Created

The Worst is Over, Says Nokia

Microsoft Laughs off Apple Legal Request to Kill TV Ads

House Committee Rejects Fairness Doctrine Ban (far too much free speech out there)

Firing Charged Nanoparticles Might Allow Spaceships to Move at Near-Light Speed

Apollo 11 Star Chart Fetches Astronomical Price

Video Game Sales Revenue Plummets 31%

Solar Cycle Linked to Global Climate (another invovenient truth)


Best Buy Calls Twitter a Job Qualification

Device Depression for Nokia, Sony Ericsson

Semiconductor Equipment Sales to Plummet 52% in 2009

Nokia Quarterly Profits Down by 2/3

NASA Awards $42M Total and Spectral Solar Irradiance Sensor Contract to UC Boulder

Graphene's Versatility Promises New Applications

Veteran Chip Analyst Killed in Motorcycle Crash

Smartphone Data Recovery Can Be Expensive

Entry-Level Mobile Phone Markets to Enjoy 24% Annual Growth Through 2014

NASA Set to Party Like It's 1969

USPTO Opens Exhibit of Michael Jackson's Patent and Trademarks

Poor in Colorado May Get Free Phones (where does the insanity end?)

China's Market Value Overtakes Japan as World's #2

Damage Seen as Shuttle Heads to Space Station (I saw it during the launch)

Cisco Warns of Growing Threat from Cybercrime Collaborators, Insiders

10 Reasons Employment Is Worse Than You Think

Moon Potential Goldmine of Natural Resources (Will to stop progress?)

U.S., China Announce Clean Energy Research Center

Using Technology to Drop Off the Map


Endeavour Set for 6th Launch Attempt at 6:03 pm EST

New Wonder Material, One-Atom Thick, Has Scientists Abuzz

Fliers Get Advice on Internet Etiquette (#139: The lavatory is not a conference room)

World's Largest Commercial Communications Satellite Unfurls Antenna

Maxim Introduces One-Chip digital Radio Tuner for FM and DAB

'Cloak of Illusion' Tech Could Disguise Objects

Researcher Investigates the Basis of Einstein's First Approximation in the Theory of Relativity

802.11n Shipments Will Surge Ahead of 802.11g in the Chipset Market in 2010

Companion Bill to Senate Radio Spectrum Inventory Act Introduced in House

Catching Spammers in the Act

RFID Lets People Talk to the Touchwall

Lousy Tech-Job Market May Fuel Rise in Cybercrime

Cesium Experiment Demonstrates Quantum Superposition

PC Market to Shrink for First Time Since DotCom Crash (see below)

Intel's Strong Numbers Suggest PC Business on the Mend (see above)

TiVo Lawsuit Explodes into Billion-Dollar Stakes

Stanford Students Take Top Prize in IEEE Presidents' Change the World Competition

House Bill to Hit Millionaires with 5.4% Surtax (your income level will come later)


Q2 Semi Revenue Grew 16% or More

Highly Qualified Engineers Having Trouble Finding Work

WRC-11 Is Now WRC-12

Design Mingles with Test Across Domains

More Than 30 Fabs to Close in 2009

States Ask FCC's OK to Jam Prison Cell Phones

New Transistors to Reduce Need for 'Wall Warts'

DARPA Awards Wireless Technology Development Contract

Technology Jobs Hurt by Recession in 2009

Physicists Propose Scheme for Teleporting Light Beams

Electrowetting Battery Breakthrough

Wi-Fi Usage by Smartphones Impacting Mobile Content Revenues

'Repulsive' Side to Light Force Harnessed

Mood at Semicon: What Analysts Are Saying

Military, Rotorcraft Insulate Aviation, Avionics from Trying Economy

SpaceX Successfully Launches Satellite into Earth Orbit

A Costly and Unnecessary New Electricity Grid

Budget Deficit Tops $1T for First Time, $2T by Fall (...and you thought Bush was bad???)

Exxon to Make Alternative Fuel from Algae


U.S. Scientists See H1-B Visas as Major Issue Against Progress

Swearing Makes Pain More Tolerable (a few suggested words: ^@*%!&/~)

Oregon Congressman Pledges Support for HR 2160

Mood at Semicon: What Analysts Are Saying

Young Workers Push Employers for Wider Web Access

Philips, LG in EC Price-Fixing Probe

Nearly Half of Americans Want a Single Mobile Device for All Services

Microtune Buys Auvitek for $9M for RF-to-Bits Capability

Consumer Broadband Demand Driving GaAs Growth for Satcom/VSAT

More Storms Threaten Monday Shuttle Launch Attempt

Superconductivity: Which One of These is Not Like the Other?

NEC Considers Returning to European Handset Market

Ericsson Denies $1.5B Korean Investment

WiMax Take-up Slow; LTE Faces Technical Challenges

China Tools up for Asian Space Race

Microsoft Takes on Google with Free Office Programs


Wireless Industry Claims Substantial Contributions to U.S. Economy

NYC Teen Girl Falls in Open Manhole While Texting (airhead... of course she is suing)

RFID in Passports Easily Hacked, Owners Tracked

ST-Ericsson Taking 3-D to Mobile Phones

San Fran Town to Photograph Every Visitor's License Plate

Government Motors (GM) to Try Selling New Cars on eBay (shuttered dealership employees will love this - not)

Lightning Strike Delays Space Shuttle Endeavour Mission


U.S. Slips, China Soars in Fortune Company Rankings

EEs, Vendors Search For Their Voice, and Answers, in Social Media

Spectrum Control in Fortune Small Business Magazine's 100 Fastest-Growing Small Public Companies

Infineon Unveils Major Capital Increase

Zubbles: World's First Colored Bubbles

Military Mega-Lasers Are Too Hot to Handle

UK Phone Hacking Case Sparks Press Ethics Debate

California: No Longer the Golden State?

Sprint Nextel Signs $5B Networking Deal with Ericsson

Capacity Issues Loom, Says SEMI

Alcatel Lucent Planning 1,000 Job Cuts in France

Nanopillars Promise Cheap, Efficient, Flexible Solar Cells

TSMC and UMC Both Have Best Month for Nearly a Year

Airbus Issues RFID Requirements, Expands RFID Usage (maybe they can use it to monitor their airplanes' fins so they don't fall off)

Goldman Upgrades U.S. Hardware Sector

Will Internet Attacks Lead to Cyberwar?

Galileo Discovered Neptune, New Theory Claims

Cyberattacks Could Have Been Mitigated

Americans Favor Science, But Less Than Before (too busy watching 24/7 Michael Jackson coverage)


Revenue from Wi-Fi-Enabled Healthcare Products to Reach Nearly $5B in 2014

Infineon Sells Wireline Communications Business for $347M

Cellphone Site Will Track Your Enemy Down - At a Price

Is This the Moment for Broadband Over Power Lines (BPL)?

Recession or Not, Wireless Backhaul Expansion Continues Strongly

500 kHz Experimenters in North America, Europe Get Active

U.S. Is Serious About LEDs with $3B Traffic Signal Plan

Pink Silicon Is the New Black

New Bluetooth Application Will Let Sport Fans Share Experiences in Real Time

NASA Selects Orbital to Build Space Science Satellite

RFID Targets Gray Market in Europe

Battery Makers Prepare for Fast Growth in Li-Ion Batteries for Hybrids

China Passes US Auto Market in First-Half Sales (Mao Motors vs. Obama Motors - who will win!)

Chrome OS Gets Mixed Reactions

Recent Cyberattacks Have Little Impact on U.S.

Physical Reality of String Theory Demonstrated


Engineering Unemployment Soared in 2Q to 8.6%

Ericsson Wins $1.7B Worth of Chinese Network Contracts

Infineon Shares Soar on €250M Wireless Sale

RFID-Enabled Phone Skins for Mobile Payments

Handset Recycler Expands Capacity

Near-Lightspeed Nano Spacecraft Might Be Close

Government Web Sites Massively Attacked; N. Korea Suspected

Device Makes Objects Invisible in Certain Light Conditions

China Goes to Cambridge to Look for High-Tech Partners

Europe Launches Study into Manned Spacecraft Scheme

Memristor Minds: The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Tiny Craft Can Fly by Flapping Wings

Internet Radio Sites, Music Industry Reach Agreement over Royalties

Scientists Explore the Physics of Bumpy Roads (e.g., the washboard pattern that develops - interesting)

Nielsen: Kids Spending More Time Online

Google Plans to Launch Operating System for PCs

iPhone 3GS Comes up Short on Battery Life: Is Software to Blame?

Texas Billionaire Pickens Blows Off Plans for Wind Farm

Wall Street Hits 10-Week Low amid Talk of New Stimulus


DoJ to Review Cell Handset Contracts

Interplanetary Internet Gets Permanent Home in Space

Consumer Location-Based Services Market Will More Than Double in 2009

Could a Quantum Motor Do Work?

IBM Bans Wafer-Etching Acids

Goldman Sachs Software Theft: When Employees Go Greedy

Researchers Demonstrate Reversible Generation of a High Capacity Hydrogen Storage Material

IC Recovery: 10 Reasons to Be Optimistic, Pessimistic

Modified Invisibility Cloak Could Make the Ultimate Illusion

Computer Giant Dell Probed over Taiwan Pricing Errors

How the Military Is Unifying Communications and Collaboration

Russia Orbits Three Cosmos-Series Military Satellites

DoCoMo Starts Afresh for LTE Backhaul

Taiwan to Spend $1.4B on Green Technology

Solar Thermal Heats Up

Windows 7 Pre-Sales Remain Strong

CompuServe Closes after 30 Years

Social Security Numbers Can Be Predicted with Public Information


The Incandescent Bulb: Not Dead Yet

6 New Personality Disorders Caused by the Internet

British Telecom Offers Staff Time Off in Exchange for Pay Cut

Nanopillar Solar Cells

Fellow Students Smell Your Exam Fear (we've joked about that smell for years, right?)

Inexpensive Thin Printable Batteries Developed

Carbon Chip Technology Goes Commercial

NASA: Fuel Test a Success, July 11 Shuttle Launch Set

New Optical Transistor Is Made of a Single Molecule

May 'Actual' Chip Sales Show W-Shaped Trend (aka no trend)

RFID-Enabled Phone Skins for Mobile Payments

Embedded Electronics: Cars Get Cooperative

Drink Beer, Win a Trip to Space

Casey Kasem [American Top 40] Signs Off after 39 Years

July 2009 Revision of Patent Cooperation Treaty Procedures; Final Rule

Dow Plans Algae Biofuels Pilot (this is actually one of the better ideas IMO)

Indonesia Launches Rocket into Space

Computer Reveals Stone Tablet 'Handwriting' in a Flash

Ryanair to Make Passengers Stand

Caffeine Reverses Memory Impairment in Alzheimer's Mice (another case for coffee & energy drinks!)


Leaked: Sony Ericsson's Upcoming Android Phone

Patent Training Academy Receives ISO 9001:2008 Certification

EU Rocket Hoists Biggest-ever Telecoms Satellite

More Hotels Invest in Videoconference Rooms to Help Companies Cut Travel Costs

Clearwire 'Undecided' on Stimulus Bid (comapines fear Government overbearing control)

Lunar Probe Sends First High-Res Images

NYC Has Coolest June Since 1958


Tech Industry Girds for Tax Battle

Hybrid Satellite Cell Phones Aren't Far Off

Bluetooth "Big Brother" Tracks Festival-Goers

A Look at the Strange Ingredients that Make Fireworks Pop

L-Mart Awarded Concept Development Contract for USAF Space Fence (space junk collection system)

Record-Breaking Solar Cells Are Tailored to Their Location

May Global Chip Sales Up 5.4% on Previous Month

Utilities Suffer from CFLs' Poor Power Factor (another unintended consequence)

ZTE Gets Positive Outlook from Debt Ratings Agency

Metal Comes to the Rescue of Revolutionary Plane

Wireless Data Connections Cut Street Lighting Electricity Consumption

Malware Authors Hit by Recession Too

Japan May Add Noise to Hybrid Cars for Safety (people can't hear them coming)

First U.S. Public Community College Joins Cree’s LED University Program

National Geographic -- Sun Oddly Quiet -- Hints at Next "Little Ice Age"? (Somebody call Algore - the Earth doesn't have a fever after all!)

The China REACH Surprise

First iPhone 3GS Jailbreaking Tool Available for Download

Return to the Moon: First Images Kick off Mapping Mission


IC Market 'Surge' at Hand in 2nd Half of 2009

Satellite for U.S. Cell Phone Service Launched

Blackest Black Ever: Ultra-Thin Material Absorbs Almost 100% of Light

Nano-Wizard Takes the Prize

How to Reduce Cellphone Radiation Exposure

Printed Battery Could Power Bank Cards

Vietnam to Operate Its First Satellite Image Receiving Station

Researches Turn Nanocrystals into Electronic Glue

Latin America's Smartphone Market to Grow to 150M Handset Units Through 2014

New Fluorescent Silicon Nanoparticles Discovered

Lockheed Martin Wins Role on U.S. Air Forces Europe Advisory and Assistance Contract

Swedish Armed Forces Select Harris's Falcon III Secure Personal Radio (SPR)

Apple to Patch Serious iPhone Vulnerability

Microsoft Bing Dings Google, Searches Twitter Tweets

Georgia Tech: Better Nanomeasurements with New Stats Analysis

Unexpectedly Long-Range Effects in Advanced Magnetic Devices

467K Jobs Cut in June; Jobless Rate at 9.5% (wait, the $2T TARP bill was supposed to cap it at 8%!)

Space Shuttle to Launch July 11 after Successful Leak Test

Airbus Could Be Asked to Ground All Long-Range Airliners


Trendy Science Findings More Likely to Be Wrong

New iPhones May Be Prone to Overheating

Death Threat SMS Spreads in Australia

UK, China Link on Spintronics R&D

New Legislation Would Enforce Defense Acquisition Reform

Lockheed Martin to Begin Concept Development for USAF Space Fence

On the Road to 4G

Real-Time Traffic Service Revenue to Boom Over the Next Five Years

Engineers Investigate Lead-Free Soldering

Phone-Tracking Pilot Down Under Points to Big Benefits

Leading Universities Deploy Secure Unified Communications

Laser Weapon Dazzles But Doesn't Blind

ARRL: Support HR 2160!

Retrofit Kit Said to Transform Cars into Hybrids

Brandenburg and Eutelsat Partner to Deliver Broadband to Rural Homes

Nazi Stealth Jet Could Have Won War for Hitler

Oshkosh Corp. Gains $1.05B to Deliver M-ATV, Invites Input from Manufacturers

A 'Quantum of Sol' -- How Nanotechnology Could Hold the Key to Solar-Powered Future

Triple-Engined Car Could Smash Land-Speed Record