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The Top 10 Everything of 2009

Broadcasters' Woes Could Spell Trouble for Free TV

Utilities Suffer from CFLs' Poor Power Factor

10 Tech Events That Shaped the Decade

UAE Mobile Penetration Rate Hits 200% (huh? does that mean 2 subscriptions per person?)

Future Jet Airplanes Could Be Electric

AlGaN-Cladding-Free Semipolar Laser Nears Green

County Sees Increase in Kids' Prank 911 Calls on Cellphones

iSuppli Exclusive: The Connected Car Arrives at CES

Citibank Says High-Volume NFC Pilot Shows Strong Usage

Oregon Cell Phone Ban Has Loophole

The 9 Most Controversial Science Stories in 2009

Why the Layoffs If We're Still Profitable?

Polyolefin Film is Critical to Electric Vehicle Success

Walls May Make Light Bulbs Obsolete

No Rise of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Fraction in Past 160 Years, New Research Finds

'Special Problems' Force Courts to Confront Cellphone Issues

Russian Scientists Working on Plan to Deflect Asteroids

Ten Resolutions Microsoft Should Make for 2010

Limbaugh Rushed to Hospital


The Next 'Killer App'? Pet Electronics

Nokia Expands Patent Dispute Beyond Apple iPhone

ON Semiconductor Launches Bid for California Micro

Microsoft Pegs China Search Market as Top Priority

Engineer Shifts from Race Cars to Green Cars

Consumers to Benefit from Advances in Chip Design (is this really a new concept?)

Electronics Weekly: Top 10 Photo Galleries of 2009

9 Astronomy Milestones in 2009

Top 10 Municipal WiFi Stories of the Decade

Encryption Protecting Most Mobile Phones Has Been Cracked

Broadcom Settles Stock Option Backdating Class Action Lawsuit

2009 Top 5 Wireless Rumors

AT&T: The Most Hated Company in iPhone Land

New DirecTV Satellite Will Enable Over 200 National HD Channels

Japan's Mobile Phone Marvels Go Back to the Future

Buy A Palm Pre, Get Two Airline Tickets Free (maybe part of new airline security plan - must be brave male willing to tackle panty bombers to qualify?)

Magnetometers, X-Rays, and More: Airport Security Technology

Five Apps That Will Make 2010 the Year of the Gyroscope

U.S. Virtual Economy is Set to Make Billions ( those bogus carbon credits?)


Secret Mobile Phone Codes Cracked

China's 245 mph Train Service is World's Fastest... Completed in Just 4 Years

Top Computer / PDA / Phone Security Issues of 2009

Partial Eclipse Means a Blue Moon for New Year's Eve

The Lithium Rush (good photos)

USMC Selects TeleCommunication Systems Wireless P2P Link Systems for Mission-Critical Communications

Demand to Surge for Silicon Magnetic Sensors in 2010

GPS Strands Couple in Snow for 3 Days

Superatoms Mimic Elements: Research Gives New Perspective on Periodic Table

2009: The Year in Tech

Fluorine Enhanced AlGaN HEMTs (helps fight cavities)

Scientists Show How Bacteria Move Electrons Across a Membrane

The Year in Materials

Colorado U. Students to Build Tiny Spacecraft to Observe 'Space Weather' Environment

ON Semiconductor Launches Bid for California Micro

Tiger Woods Scandal Cost Shareholders up to $12B

LA Times Predicts: Another Turbulent Year for Media

Impact of FTC Versus Intel Overblown

Engineer Shifts from Race Cars to Green Cars

New Horizons Halfway Point to Pluto (at 37 kmph!)

Phone Points Illegal Border Crossers to Water (this used to be called aiding and abetting criminals)


Holiday Cell Phone Shopping Up Fourfold

2010: 20 Good and Bad Signs for Electronics Biz

Microscopic Gyroscopes, the Key for Motion Sensing

MARS Gets New Name as It Fine Tunes Mission

Raytheon Wins $1.1 Billion Order from Taiwan for Patriot Missile Defense Systems

WiMAX Faces an LTE Broadband Crunch

Broken Berry: RIM Runs Out of Free Passes

New Dye Allows Experts to View Graphene

Europe Has Chance to Rebound, Says Avnet's Zammit

Wi-Fi Hotspot Usage is Shifting Away From Laptops Toward Mobile Phones

A Year of Stimulus for High Tech

Voyager Makes an Interstellar Discovery

Cell Phone Mania Forces Scramble for More Airwaves

Panasonic Develops Direct Methanol Fuel Cell System with High Power Output and Durability

Gesture-Controlled Technology Moves Closer to Reality

New Cash for Your Old Technology

A Mightier Mustang: Ford Offers 5.0-L Engine Option


U. of London Engineering Student Attempts to Blow Up TWA Flight in Chicago

Direct Wafer Bond Route to III-V FETs

Handhelds Grab Larger Share of Hotspot Traffic

2009 in Review: Wi-Fi

EU Calls on Danish Telecoms Regulator to Align Mobile Charges

High-Tech Vehicles Pose Trouble for Some Mechanics


Wannabe Copper Thief Lights Himself Up for Christmas (nearly qualified for the Darwin Awards)

Christmas Hackers Take Down Retailers - WalMart - Amazon, More

Average Net User Now Online 13 Hours Per Week

The Ariane Rocket Celebrates its 30th Birthday (Congrats! I remember its early days when it was more like a submarine)

FCC Calls Verizon's Logic for Increased Termination Fees "Troubling"


NORAD Radar Track of Santa Claus Across the Globe

Glitter-Sized Solar Photovoltaics Claim Big Benefits in Small Cells

Scientists Create World's First Molecular Transistor

BlackBerry Outage Sparks User Revolt

Marines to Buy Additional Manpack Radios

Nanoelectromagnets Can Transfer Energy to Each Other

White House Names Ham as New Cybersecurity Coordinator

Samsung Pays in Dispute over Kodak Camera Patents

Iran to Unveil New Home-Built Satellite

'Venetian Blind' Outperforms Traditional Lenses

Lockheed Funds Defence Research

Europe's Goce Satellite Probes Earth's Gravity

Memory Chip Shortage Seen in H2 2010

New Materials Designed to Deal with Hypersonic and Supersonic Hot Stuff

Reactor Drawings Make Nuclear History Beautiful


Nano Vacuum Tubes Could Make Better Batteries, or Memories

Analog FastSpice RF Delivers Noise Analysis for RF Circuits

#%*@#! The top 10 Tech 'Fails' of 2009

Court Bans Sale of Word; Microsoft Promises Fix

Bluetooth Low Energy Standard Confirmed

U.S. Navy Avionics Systems Integrators Embrace Open Architectures to Combat Parts Obsolescence

China Plans Reserve for Rare Earth Metals

Fourth PTB Atomic Clock Added to the UTC Club

How Intelligent Vehicles Will Increase the Capacity of Our Roads

ARRL Announces KF2YN's ARRL Antenna Designer's Notebook

Outage Cripples BlackBerry Americas Network

New-Generation Reactors Help Reduce Nuclear Waste

Global Chip Sales Were Strong in November

A Year of Stimulus for High Tech

San Francisco Phone Coverage Now Extends Under the Bay

New Memory Chip Uses Stacked Cells

BAE Systems Equips U.S. Army Helicopters with Infrared Countermeasures

New Crew to Dock at International Space Station

Shut Up and Drive: The Menace That is Mobile Technology

First New U.S. L-3 Spy Plane Due in Afghanistan by Christmas


'Nerd' and 'Geek' Should Be Banned, Professor Says

Chinese Satellite XW-1 Receives OSCAR Designation

Ford Will Enable Wi-Fi in Some 2010 Cars

IEEE to Revise Mobile Phone Battery Reliability Standard

Scientists Demystify Utility of Power Factor Correction Devices

China to Require Internet "Whitelist" Domain Name Registration

FCC Media Ownership Workshop in January

BBC Net TV Plan Gets Green Light

Sensor Can Detect Single Nanoparticle and Take Its Measurement

RFID Captures Festival-Goers at Dragon Boat Race

Christmas Web Sales Spike after Snowstorm

ADI Boosts Fab Capacity

No Agreement on ROHS … Yet

Space's Greatest Moments from 2009

FCC Remarks at the Chicago Broadband Field Hearing on Small Business (tax everyone to deliver BB to maple syrup farmers in rural VT - have they heard of HughesNet?)

Modeling the Cosmic Web Trickier than Thought

App Army Promises New Tech Revolution

Researchers on the Path to Creating Nano-MRI Images

The Hypersonic X-51A WaveRider


Today is 1st Day of Winter in North, Summer in South Hemisphere

Maine to Consider Cell Phone Cancer Warning

DARPA Asks Industry for Affordable, Low-Volume IC Manufacturing

Panasonic Turns Sanyo into Subsidiary after Acquiring over 50% Stake

Soldier Radio Waveform Ushers in New Era in Tactical Communications

Researcher Explains Mystery of Golden Ratio

Crew Blasts Off for Christmas Space Mission

A Quantum Leap in Battery Design

New Metamaterial Lens to Boost Communications

Station Apps Give Radio New Life on iPhone, Other Smartphones

Technology Becomes Friendlier to Older Generations

eWEEK Labs Picks the Stupid Tech Tricks of 2009

Midwest VHF/UHF Society Frequency Measuring Test

Cyber Challenge Tests Nation's Top Hackers

NASA Uses Algae to Turn Sewage into Fuel

BT to Complete Super-Fast Broadband Network by 2012

Technology Becomes Friendlier to Older Generations

Colliding Auroras Produce an Explosion of Light

Google Accused of Dodging Huge Tax Bill (Google's boardroom full of super-rich progressives who support taxing middle class while avoiding their own taxes)

Federal Health Takeover Risks More Cost-Shifting (dateline... Australia!)


Lone Inventor Can Make Impact in Analog, Says Linear Tech CEO

Google Demonstrates Quantum Algorithm Promising Superfast Search

USPTO Launches Interactive Model Predicting Average Patent Pendency Timeframes in Relation to Varying Staffing and Filing Levels

Video: The Asteroid That Will Almost Hit Earth (not until 2029)

Google Fined $14,300 a Day in France Over E-Books


NIST Automates Verification of VNA Calibrations

Scientists Film Photons Using Electrons

E-Skin: A Color-Changing Plastic Surface

RIM 3Q Profit Up 59% on Record BlackBerry Sales

As 'Operation Chokehold' Approaches, Readers Sound Off on AT&T Service

Intel Tweaks High-k Stack to Get GaAs on Silicon

Hot Electrons Could Double Solar Power

Military Contractor Developing Tools for iPhone

China Gets Femto Fever

Third Decline in History of Electronic System Sales

Winners, Losers in 2009 Chip Rankings

Quantum Information Brought Closer to Reality

The U.S. Air Force's Christmas Wish List: 2500 PlayStations

Complex Integrated Circuits Made of Carbon Nanotubes

MIT's Optical Chip Increases Power, Not Energy Consumption

IEEE Launches Revision to Standard for Rechargeable Cellular Batteries

Computer Simulation Strengthens Link Between Climate Change and Release of Subsea Methane (hmmm... probably not an anthropogenic cause)

MSNBC: The Decade in Science

Military Predator Video Intercepted by Iraqis

Twitter Hacked by 'Iranian Cyber Army'

Gender Divide in Children's Use of Cell Phone Features (conclusion: boys use more features, so of course it is society's fault that girls do not)


Geeks Drive Girls out of Computer Science

Iranian-Backed Insurgents Hack U.S. Drones

Thermochemical Nanolithography Now Allows Multiple Chemicals on a Chip

Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue Declined $29B in 2009 (hmm... earlier reports said it would be up)

AIA Forecasts Slower Growth in 2010 for Aerospace Industry

FCC Could Bypass CableCARD on the Way to Spurring Broadband Adoption

Complex Integrated Circuits Made of Carbon Nanotubes

Broadband Touted as 'Civil Right' (Translation: I want you to pay for my Internet access. Oh, and give me a computer, too)

Government to Award Taxpayer Stimulus Funds for Broadband

Caltech Scientists Film Photons with Electrons

Graphene Can Be Molded with Water

Engineer Tapped to Head Smart Grid Standards Work

The Next Internet Boom: Connected Cars

FM Radio in the Google Phone?

PC Market Bounces Back, to Grow Through 2013

Why Your Boss Is Incompetent

Organisms Turn Microgears in Suspended Solution by Swimming

Freescale Charts a Debt-Free Future

Hams Help Out with Sea Rescue

Prince Charles Flies on Private Jet to Climate Talks ("used up 7 months' worth of the average British person's carbon footprint")


Tech Career Environment Improving, Layoffs Becoming Less Likely

First Chinese Amateur Radio Satellite Now in Space

Grey Market Devices Boost Declining 2009 Mobile Phone Sales

McDonald's to Lift Fee for Internet Access

UK Electronics Distribution Market Shrinks by 13%

Wireless and Broadcast Industries Begin Spectrum Debate

SF Mayor Backs Radiation Labels for Cell Phones

FCC: Options for a National Broadband Plan

Americans Have Gone Text-Crazy

Strange Physical Theory Proved after 40 Years

U.S. FTC Sues Intel for Abusing Market Dominance

Tunnel Construction Companies Use RFID Badges to Text Workers

'Rock-Breathing' Bacteria Could Generate Electricity and Clean up Oil Spills

Organic and Printed Electronics Roadmap

Electric Cars Rolling Out

Smart, Wireless Parking: A Trojan Horse for Making Better Cities

Boeing Claims 'Historic Day' with Dreamliner Test Flight

The Dollar Bill Goes High-Tech

Simple RFID Tags Evolve into Complex Ultra-Low-Power SoCs, NXP Expects

Europe Gets off Microsoft's Back -- Ends Browser Antitrust Case

FCC's Lloyd Blames 'Right-Wing Smear Machine' For Distorting Views (but...Llody's on record praising Chavez's takeover of media)


Teen's Cell Phone Bill Tops $20,000

Machines Make 4.3% of U.S. Mobile Calls

Australia Introduces Web Filters

GM (Government Motors) Launches In-Car Hotspots from Autonet Mobile

IEDM 2009: Stanford's CNT Transistors

The 2009 ARRL Spectrum Defense Campaign Needs Your Support

Scottish Minister Launches Transatlantic Research Venture

Stable Outlook for European Telecoms and Cable TV Sector in 2010

China and Taiwan Seek Cooperation in RFID

New Kind of Micro-Mobility: Microscopic System for Moving Tiny Objects Inside a Microfluidic Chip

Smartphones Driving Adoption of Mobile TV

LCD Screen Can Recognize What Happens in Front of It

Boeing's 787 Dreamliner Set to Make First Flight

Intersil to Buy Chinese Fabless Power IC Developer

Younger Generations More Accepting of Unsolicited Communications

People Who 'See' Numbers Have Better Memories for Dates

Army's Go Mobile Puts Big Computing Power into Soldiers' Pockets

A New Way to Break Ultra-Strong Chemical Bonds

Fed Employees Owe Uncle Sam $3B in Unpaid Taxes (solution: appoint them to high-level positions like TurboTax Geitner's so they have to pay)

Al Gore Shoots Self, Climate Summit in Foot (the fool also recently said Earth was "millions of degrees" a few km down)


Navy Eyes Software-Defined Radio to Supplement or Replace Satellite Communications

4G Network Comes to Scandinavia

Army Inspects New Signals Intelligence System

3D Microchips to Boost Computer Efficiency

Hazardous Conditions for India's e-Waste Workers

Lithium [for batteries] to Be Extracted from Geothermal Waste

Wireless Heart Monitor Deployed in Italy's Ambulances

Google Employees Testing New Mobile Device

U.S. and Russia Begin Cyberwar Limitation Talks

Cellphone Users Call Vendors to Get Back to Basics, "Make a Better Phone"

Robots in the Home? Be Afraid

Atom Smasher Ramps up Collisions Before Year End

Higgs in Space: Orbiting Telescope Could Beat the LHC

NAB: Use Airwaves to Fight Potential Spectrum Grab

NASA Launches Infrared Telescope to Scan Entire Sky

Magnetic Power Revealed in Gamma-Ray Burst Jet

Sneaky Laptop Stings Thief


Tax Informants Are on the Loose (supplement your unemployment income by ratting out your old employer)

Data Nerds Hack NASA — in a Good Way

Recovery Continues in Electronics Supply Chain Despite Stagnant End Product Orders (that means OEM inventory is building-unsold-unwanted)

117,000 California Unemployment Checks in Limbo Because of State's IT Systems Problems


New Xerox Ink May Shake Up Electronics Manufacturing

Deep Discounts Drive Black Friday Tech Revenue Down, Unit Sales Up

Mentor Continues to Offer Training for Unemployed Designers

Student Self-Testing Earns High Marks as Study Tool

Scientists Create Material More Insulating than a Vacuum (politician skulls?)

Plastic Bags Recycled into Nanotubes

China Tech Purchasing Rule Angers Foreign Firms

Apple Countersues Nokia over 13 Patents

OTA Testing for Wi-Fi Mobile Converged Devices and A-GPS

Cheap, Plastic Memory for Flexible Devices

FTC Goes After Credit Card Robocall Scammers

Study: Most U.S. Wireless Users Satisfied

U.S. Teens Ignore Laws Against Texting While Driving

FCC Dismisses Two Amateur Radio-Related Petitions

Semi Capex to Be Up 45% in 2010

National Semiconductor Beats 2Q Earnings Estimates

FCC Announces Participants for Memphis Field Hearing on Digital Inclusion (more gov't hijacking of private industry)

Semiconductor Capital Equipment Market Growth is Accelerating

Web to Watch Government Spending

Number of U.S. Federal Employees Making >$150k Doubles in Last 18 Months (100k gov't jobs now being added each month)


New Techniques Make Carbon-Based Integrated Circuits More Practical

Science Goes Back to Basics on AI

Photo Story: Plastic Electronics

ARRL Licensing Study Guides Coming to an eBook Reader Near You

DOD Falls in Line with Open Government Directive

The Engineer Technology and Innovation Awards 2009

FCC Plans to Formalize Internet Rules on Net Neutrality Draw Fire (gov't brown shirts want to regulate what news you can receive)

Nokia Pulls Plug on U.S. Flagship Stores

Part of the Daily American Diet, 34 GBytes of Data

NEMS Poised to Overtake MEMS

WiGig Group Gives First Peak at 60 GHz Spec

Battery Lithium Could Come from Geothermal Waste Water

Radios With Micromachined Resonators

Phone Claims Misleading: Brain Tumors

Mexico Aims to Complete Spectrum Auctions in 1H 2010

Mystery as Spiral Blue Light Display Hovers above Norway

Wireless Brain-to-Computer Connection Synthesizes Speech


Ericsson Announces 950 More Job Cuts

Gallium Nitride (GaN) Transistor Could Replace Silicon

'Positive Momentum' Reported in Foundry Arena

IEEE Herz Award Goes to Burgmeyer

AT&T: Top 3% of Smartphone Users Consume 40% of Network

UK's Energy Smart Meter Plans Call for Expert M2M Capabilities

Lab Makes Solid Material Transparent to THz Waves  (cloaking)

U.S. Online Christmas Holiday Spending Up 3%

IR, Maxim, TI See Shortages for Analog

1.5B WiFi Chipsets to Ship in 2014

NASA, DARPA Host Space Junk Wake-Up Call

UK Broadband Tax Included in Pre-Budget Report

New 10% Tax Rate in UK for Patent-Derived Income to Encourage R&D (um... how does an additional tax on innovation encourage more of it? has the entire world gone nuts?)

Semiconductor Startup Funding Fell in 2009

Deutsche Telekom Announced First Voice Calls over LTE with VoLGA

Ordinary Paper + Ink Infused with Nanotubes + Nanowires = Instant Battery

Long-Term Thermal Probe into GaN-Schottky Performance

UK Science Budget Cut by £600M

Math Scores Show Improvement at Schools in Large U.S. Cities

Oops! TSA Posts Airport Screening Procedures Online (no problem, we don't say "terrorism" anymore)


Scientists Say Paper Battery Could Be in the Works

Jobless Professionals Vie for Holiday Sales Work

Korea Offers Cash to Chipmaking Equipment Sector

The Future of WiFi: Gigabit Speeds and Beyond

GSM System About to Be Compromised

Not the First, Not the Last, Technology Predictions for 2010

Google QR Codes to Appear in a Store Window Near You

More Efficient Space Engine Uses Carbon Nanotubes

U.S. Accelerates Battery R&D, Green Patents

Device Powers Cell Phone Using Car's Wake

Sensors Move up to the Front Line in Afghanistan

Engineers on Course to Make Super-Efficient Solar-Electric Powered Boat

Toshiba Makes Stable MOSFET Based on Spintronics

World's Smallest Semiconductor Laser to Have Big Impact in Computing

Burt Rutan: Behind the Scenes at SpaceShipTwo Roll-Out

FEMA, FCC Announce Standards for Wireless Carriers to Receive and Deliver Emergency Alerts Via Mobile Devices

Boeing Team Installs Radar Antenna on P-8A Poseidon

Google Sues Work-at-Home Scammers


Arizona Man Dies after Parachuting from Cell Tower (just in time for the 2009 Darwin Awards)

This Antenna Bends but Won't Break

MIT Team Wins DARPA's Social Networking Balloon Hunt + $40k Prize

How Australia's Top Scientist Earned Million$ from Wi-Fi

Firms Increasingly Allowing Staff to Use Their Own Computers at Work

Orbital Sciences Moves Ahead with Plan to Create Satellites with Orbiting Clusters of Modules

Scientists Build 'Single-Atom Transistor'

Copenhagen Climate Summit: 1,200 Limos, 140 Private Planes and Caviar Wedges (Hypocrisy? Sure, but they know idiots will overlook it)

UK Government Funds Centres for Doctoral Training

Majority of U.S. Consumers Willing to Recycle Phones - if Paid to Do So

Scientists, Lawyers Mull Effects of Home Robots

NASA Wants Moon Engineers

Santa's Science: Delivering Gifts Not Impossible

Smartphone Apps That Could Save Your Life

Virgin Galactic Unveils Commercial Spaceship


Transistor Leakage Current Drops by 10x in Research Report

Understanding Mechanical Properties of Silicon Nanowires Paves Way for Nanodevices

New Study Calms Cellphone Cancer Fears - for Now (sheesh... it never ends)

Capital Expenditures by Chip Companies to Rise But So Will IC Demand

Researchers Put a New Spin on Atomic Musical Chairs

Strange Triangular Snowflakes Explained


Open-Source Effort to Hack GSM

Wisconsin Signs Electronics-Take-Back Law

DARPA's Nationwide Balloon-Hunt Contest Tests Online Networking - $40k Prize

Grid Computing Tunes Tiny Transistors for Future Chips

Fine-Tuned: A Wholly New Approach to Tuning a Laser's Frequency

Polaris Says Trials of Location Based Service Outperformed A-GPS

ARRL CEO, General Counsel Present ARRL's Stance on BPL to FCC Commissioners

A Practical T-Ray Amplifier

Hot, Medium, and Cool Fusion

How Science Works Isn't Working in British Schools

Analog Devices' CEO: 'Our Enemy Is Us'

FCC: Should Broadcasters Give up Spectrum for Wireless?

A More Durable [Gearless] Wind Turbine

Survey: Radio Leads In-Car Listening

Can There Be a Free Web if No One Makes Money?

Missouri Proposes Banning All Drivers from Texting

Teen Internet Addicts More Likely to Self-Harm

Lime, picoChip to Announce 3G/4G Femtocell Design in Q1 '09

UK Pulls Plug on UFO Hotline, Will Use Funds for Afghanistan

Search Warrants Served at Yahoo, Google in Erin Andrews Stalker Case

Climate Head Steps Down over E-Mail Leak


ST-Ericsson Looks to Cut a Further 600 Jobs

Stiff Competition & Economic Challenges Will Pressure Telecoms Operators in 2010

Semi Capacity Going to Be Short - SEMI

Synthetic Magnetic Fields 'Trick' Neutral Atoms into Acting as If Electrically Charged

Wi-Fi Won't Fry Your Childrens' Brains (well, that's good to know)

China Blamed for Decline in Base Station Sales

A Greener Way to Get Electricity from Natural Gas

When It Comes to Digital Embarrassment, Celebs are Apparently Just Stupid

FCC: Data Sought on Uses of Spectrum

Macroscopic Yarns for Nanotube Heat Shields

China Eyes Solar Power Market (talking video)

Intel Demonstrates 48-Core "Single-Chip Cloud Computer"

Scientists Hail Robotic Hand 'Breakthrough'

ARRL's Logbook of the World Reaches New Milestones

United We Stand: The Power of Aggregated Broadband

Ansys Releases Ansoft Designer with Nexxim 5.0 Software

Collision-Free Theory Explains Why Uranus Is Lying on Its Side


USPTO to Deploy New Intellectual Property Training Modules

Cyber Monday Sales Climb 13.7%

Electromagnetic Fields Can Be Used to Cut Steel

UK Firm Announces Battery Breakthrough

Piezoelectric Scheme Seeks to Reap the Wind While Driving

Nokia Expects Mobile Phone Market to Grow 10% in 2010

FCC Plans to Turn Over Private Data to Aid Broadband Stimulus

Circuit Model for a Chicken Brain

InGaN LED Spillover and Efficiency Droop Explained

Google May Build Greentech Power Plants

Multiferroic Compounds Used to Produce Smaller and Cheaper Digital Memories

Climate Boss Quits over Faked Global Warming Stats

Motorola Still Working to Split Off Mobile Devices Business

Sodium-Ion Cells for Cheap Energy Storage

Strange Triangular Snowflakes Explained

Google Strengthens Paid News Content Walls

Private Aerofleets of Hollywierd Eco-Hypocrites

Fix May Revive PCs Plagued by Mysterious Black Screen of Death


U.S. Forest Service Tracks Capitol Christmas Tree with RFID

Shape Shifters: Researchers Create New Breed of Antennas

Delta Develops Electric Vehicle Propulsion System

WiMAX Accounts for Over 25% of Last Mile Broadband Stimulus Applications

Austriamicrosystems Announces Single-Channel 125-kHz Wakeup Receiver

Best Buy Wants Your Electronic Junk

Salary Survey: 'Hot' Tech Markets Leave Chinese EEs Cold

Sparks Fly from All Sides: The H-1B Visa Debate

UK Universities Play Role in EU Nanotechnology Project

ARRL - Appropriate Use: Guidelines and Waivers

Scientists Demonstrate Multibeam, Multi-Functional Lasers

Record Decline for Semiconductor Equipment Sales in 2009

Nanomaterial Withstands 850 ºC

Cellphones Team Up to Make Wi-Fi Where You Want It

Pub 'Fined £8k' for Wi-Fi Copyright Infringement

Young People More Fussy Than Their Parents About Poor Customer Care (...and are more likely to be the ones providing that poor service)

Virgin Galactic’s Space-Grazing Aircraft Ready for Liftoff

Windows Black Screen of Death: What You Need to Know

Limbaugh Tops Poll on Influential Voices

Office 2010 to Ship in June 2010