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Researchers Develop New Technique for Fabricating Nanowire Circuits

Satellite Phones Make Cowboys Wildfire Sentinels

UK Economy Worst in 60 Years

Millions of Young Chinese Addicted to 'Unhealthy' Internet Games


iBlunder: Steve Jobs Obituary Published by Bloomberg

EU Commission Releases Updated Standards List for R&TTE Directive

UMC Offices Raided by Taiwan Prosecutors

Pirelli Bringing 'Chipped' Tire to Market in 2010

Updated Standards List for "New" Low Voltage Directive Released (EU)

International Rectifier Rejects Vishay Takeover Bid

Slow Economy is Causing Flat or Lower Salary Expectations for Job Seekers

Making the Electric Grid Smart

EU Blocks U.S., Japan, Taiwan Bid for WTO Hi-Tech Imports Ruling

Nanotech Wins Funding to Push CMOS to Multi-Gigabit Rates

Top Selling Mobile Phones in August

[Electron] Spin is In

Small GPS Devices Help Prosecutors Win Convictions

Judge Rules Qualcomm Still Supporting Broadcom Tech

Oki to Spin out Telecommunications Business

Fusion Effort in Flux

Infineon Tops Power Semiconductor List

TV Remains Important Source of News; Web Use Grows

Strife in Russia and Pakistan Renew the Need for a Strong Military

Hitachi Faces Dallas Federal Lawsuit over HD Television Defects

Face of Defense: Guardsman Wraps up 4 Decades of Service


Computer Virus Infects International Space Station Laptops

DOD Issues RFP for Active RFID

Revealed: The Internet's Biggest Security Hole

Is Sony Ericsson About to Break Up?

First Bluetooth-Enabled TVs Launched

Survey: U.S. Workers' Confidence in Job Market Sags

Mobile Phone Sales Rise 12% to 305M in Q2/2008

New LIDAR System Sees the Sky in 3D

China Mobile to Unleash 3G Next Year

Nokia Continues Open Channel Push in U.S.

UK's NPL to Create Encyclopedia for Space Nanomaterials

AT&T Plans to Invest More Than $15M This Year in the Maine Wireless Network

RFID Provides Utility Company with Real-Time Visibility

Corrupt File Brought Down FAA's Antiquated IT System

Tropical Storm Gustav Threatens U.S. Energy Infrastructure

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 Lets You Browse in Private

USPTO: Patents Duplicate Copy of Forms for Fee Processing No Longer Required

China Telecom Says Profit Slips 8%

Reborn Online Retail Fires Salvo in Shipping War

Auto Industry Redesigns Engines While Ethanol Debate Rages

New Air Force Weapon Makes Combat Debut in Iraq

Automakers Recruit Consumers to Test-Drive Hydrogen Car Prototypes


Inventor Sues Google, Verizon, Others on Voicemail

Airport Troubles Yesterday? - Glitch at Georgia FAA Center Delays Flights Nationwide

Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Increased 12% in Q2 of 2008

Standards Issues Dominate Panel Discussion at EMC Symposium

U.S. Appetite for Mobile Web Surfing Expected to Surpass UK This Month

SEMICON Europa 2009 to be Held in Dresden

Femto Pioneer Snags Extra Funding

U.S. Wind Power Strangled by Antiquated Power Grid

Motorola Deploys Campus-Wide Wireless LAN for Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Microsoft Develops Key Wi-Fi Technology for Cars

MEMS Sensors Pass Actuators in the Marketplace

Gamma Ray Probe Gets New Name and Fame

Record Breaking Solar Plane Unwrapped

Oral Histories Debut on

Wireless Data Roaming Wins Gold During Beijing Olympics

Breakthrough Nikon SLR Shoots Standard and HD Video

Mystery 'iPhone Girl' Generates Internet Intrigue

Do You Care About IE 8?

NASA's Mars Rover Opportunity Climbing Out of Crater

New Evidence Debunks 'Stupid' Neanderthal Myth (I thought the Geico commercials took care of that)

Space Shuttle Atlantis to Move to Launch Pad Saturday


Pet Dog Takes Top Prize in the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships

Spectrum Control Receives $2.8M Order for RCIED Jammer Upgrades

Judge Urges Ban on Importation of SiRF GPS Chips

RFID Implementation Experts and Visionaries to Speak at TechInsights' RFID World 2008 Event

Brazil: Tech Powerhouse, but Gap Remains

Broadcom Acquires AMD DTV Business for $192.8M

The ESD Association: Voluntary Standards in Action

Wireless Sensors Zero in on Crime

Chinese Ad Agency Serves Over 2.3B Mobile Adverts in H1 '08

Sony Claims Record-Power 7.2W 635nm Red Laser Array

IBM Makes First Steps Toward Carbon Nanotube-Based Nanophotonic Devices

Military Satellite Services Workshop to Be Held on September 22

Infineon NXP Merger Talk Starts Again

Strange Clouds at the Edge of Space

Greener Cars Set to Change IC Landscape

RFID Provides Utility Company with Real-Time Visibility

Wilmington Stations Quietly Conduct Soft DTV Test

Experts Predict Deaths Will Outnumber Births in Europe by 2015 (Scary story - just like in the U.S.)

Strife in Russia and Pakistan Renew the Need for a Strong Military

Melting Glaciers Likely Sculpted Mars Gullies (What? How did SUVs and humans get to Mars?)

Consumers Can Predict Inflation As Well As Professional Economists


Surprising New Markets Drive Six-fold Increase in GPS Shipments

IBM Demonstrates Light-Emitting Nanotube

FCC Puts off Plan to Change Cell Roaming Rules

Intel and CSR Plan to Cut Power of Bluetooth

Broadcom to Acquire Digital TV Business from AMD

Fire Causes Heavy Damage in Battery Factory

Where Cell Phones Go to Die

Fast Quantum Computer Building Block Created

Medical EMC Standards: Towards the 4th Edition of IEC 60601-1-2

HD Radio Gets Automotive Push

Satellite's Data Collection Will Support Warfighter

Road Tolls Hacked

Claims of Cellphone Jamming During Tata Motors Factory Protests

Freescale Loses Second Senior Exec in Weeks

Radio Revenues Fall 6% in July

SEMI's Forum Considers Slow Growth, Memory Pains, Design Capability Decline

Electronic Binoculars from Northrop Grumman Team to Detect Threats Through Brain Activity

MARS to Assist with Republican, Democratic National Conventions

Recent Cyber Attacks Serve as Lesson, General Says

U.S.-Russia Chill Threatens NASA Space Program

'Edible Optics' Could Make Food Safer


The [Intel] Atom Bomb

Wireless GPS and Satellite Weather for Electronic Flight Bags

OLED Has 8,000 Hour Lifetime (that's <1 yr full-time)

Light Touch: Controlling the Behavior of Quantum Dots

U.S. Behind Foreign Suppliers of Eco-Friendly Auto Electronics


Can You See Me Now? - Sign Language on Mobile Phones Tested

MIT Team Makes Step Toward Human Cell-Sized Battery

U.S. News Media Group Announces America's Best Colleges: Harvard, Amherst, and Williams Top 2009 Lists

Russia to Pour $25B into Technology

ARRL Responds to Concerns Raised by California Repeater Owners Affected by PAVE PAWS

FCC Proposes to Ban Use of Wireless Microphones in 700 MHz Spectrum

Virus-Assembled Microbatteries

Large Hadron Collider Set to Unveil a New World of Particle Physics (if it doesn't create an Earth-swallowing black hole)

New Version of USPTO's Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP) Released

Intel Looks at Shape-Shifting Materials Based on Tiny Robots

Forecast International Projects $50B ELV Market

Intel Demos Way to Wirelessly Charge Gadgets

Telecom Rollouts Raise Ire over Utility Boxes

Dusting for Copyright Clues with Digital Fingerprinting Tech

Kennedy Space Center Reopening Delayed

Graphene Could Make Nonvolatile Molecular Memory

Sony Unveils Wireless Multi-Room Audio System for iPod Players

NASA Destroys Rocket after Failed Launch

Swiss Secret Sauce to Power Green Helicopters

New 'Skypephone' – with HDSPA – on Way from 3


Quantum Halfway House Between Magnet and Semiconductor Discovered

Innovation-Aid Software Gets Infusion of 1.3 Million IEEE Documents

White Spaces Debate Continues after Testing

Space Espionage: A High Priority

Intel Designing Wireless Wallet for e-Cash

The ESD Association: Voluntary Standards in Action

Microsoft Enlists Jerry Seinfeld in Ad War Against Apple

Compound Semiconductor Market to Grow at 17.3% to $33.7B by 2012

Supply Chain Sales Recovery Continues

"BlackBerry-Like" Services for the Soldier — Lt. Gen. Sorenson Says It's Possible

Dow Corning Introduces Thermal Interface Material

Invention Kits Let You Build (almost) Anything

Europe Flexes Mobile Muscles

Intel Seeks Unified Approach to 60 GHz Wireless

Sony Ericsson Launches Its First AWS Handset on T-Mobile USA

Wireless Merger Drives IC Consolidation

Army Cyber Ops Faces Forensic Backlog

Polymer Electric Storage, Flexible and Adaptable

Apple Blames Battery Maker for iPod Nano Fires

NASA Releases Orion Crash Photos

EU Quizzes Eutelsat on Failure to Transmit Private Chinese TV


U.S., Japan, Taiwan Go to WTO to Challenge EU High-Tech Tariffs

Army Moves Ahead with Mobile Laser Cannon

Laser Gunship Fires; 'Deniable' Strikes Ahead?

Ready or Not, U.S. Schoolchildren Join the Copyright Debate

SRC Urges Lawmakers to Prioritize Government, Industry Collaboration to Boost American Competitiveness

Intel's Barrett Chides U.S. for R&D Shortfall

Key Advance Toward 'Micro-Spacecraft'

STMicroelectronics and Ericsson to Merge Mobile Chip, Applications Units

Successful Launch for Third Inmarsat-4 Satellite

Cadence Withdraws $1.6B Mentor Bid

NASA Engineers Complete Engine Test Series for Ares I Rocket

2010: Year of the Femto

New Speed Record for Magnetic Memories

Apple Releases Fix for IPhone 3G Connectivity Woes

First Solar to Expand Manufacturing and Development Facilities in Ohio

Ohio a Cornerstone of Space Exploration

Iran Tried But Failed to Launch Satellite

Union Pacific RR Builds on Military Heritage by Supporting Guard, Reserve Employees

American Launches In-Flight Internet on 3 Routes

Text Messaging Could Help Obama's Turnout (it's actually a brilliant plan, and since McCain admits to not using the Internet...)

Google Aims for Geothermal Energy Breakthrough


Inventory Days Lean, Component Makers Well Positioned to Benefit

Japan to Start Overseas Cell Phone Technology Push

Piling on the Homework: Does It Work for Everyone?

U.S. Seeks WTO Panel in Hi-Tech Row with EU

Nokia Shows off Carbon Fibre Mobile Phone

US Missile Defense in Europe Becomes a Reality

Qualcomm Describes New Mobile Display Technology

DOD ups Research with Navy Supercomputer

Experts Urge Industry to Broaden Carbon Footprint Calculations

September U.S. Launch Likely for BlackBerry Bold

Cracks Appear on India's Road to 3G

Self-Assembling Polymer Arrays Improve Data Storage Potential

U.S. Consumers Buying Fewer Cell Phones

Iran Says Rocket Can Carry Low-Orbit Satellite

Google Pushes White Space, Says Free the AirWaves

Network Affiliate Groups Agree to Month-Long DTV 'Quiet Period'

China to Launch Venezuela's First Satellite

General Motors R&D Chief Larry Burns Sees 'Electric Drive' across Product Line

Overheated iPod Nano Caused Fires

Housing Price Crunch Hits the U.K.

Oil Prices Slide Close to $110/Barrel


FCC's McDowell Seeks "Fairness Doctrine" for Web Content (careful what you ask for...)

ARRL Lab Manager to Serve as Technical Session Chair at IEEE EMC Conference

Congressman Supports Licensing White Space Devices

28TEL Challenges Skype with 'Mobility on VOIP'

Dropped Calls Plague iPhone 3G, and Not Just in U.S.

China's ZTE Aims to Be Top-5 Mobile Phone Manufacturer Within 3 Years

Japan Gets First Home-Grown Commercial Communications Satellite

Toward Plastic Spin Transistors: Ultrafast Computers and Electronics on the Horizon?

Pakistani Scientists Have a Way to Boost Download Speeds

Scientists Say We Can See Sound

Metals Self-Assemble into Nanostructures

ARRL Executive Committee Approves Nine Education & Technology Program Grants

Saturn's Geyser-Spewing Moon Enceladus Stumps Science

IR to Make no Immediate Response to Vishay's $1.6B Bid

Remains from 1948 Plane Crash Indentified

After Field Tests, Mixed Signals on White Space Broadband

New Speed Record for Magnetic Memories

Energy Storage for Hybrid Vehicles

Children of Deployed Parents Aim for Stars at Space Camp

Iran Sparks U.S. Concern with Satellite Rocket Launch


Vishay Offers $1.6B for International Rectifier in Unsolicited Bid

New Theory for Latest High-Temperature Superconductors

The Gender Divide: Mobile Gets Girly

Military AI Could Rule the Internet

New Wireless Application: Spy Cam in Wal-Mart Set to Beam Credit Card Numbers to Thieves

Next-Gen Computer Antivirus System Developed

Not Green: NBC Beijing Olympic Set Air Conditioned -- Outdoors


White Spaces: Ready for Development Permits or Off-Limits?

Apple the New King of Silicon Valley as Market Value Overtakes Google

Banking Group Considering Dumping BlackBerrys for iPhones

Infineon Chip Causing Problems on iPhone

Drawing Circuits with Nano Pens

Open-Source Software No Longer up for Grabs

VCs Hope to See Wi-Fi Everywhere

Massive Solar Project Garners Protests from Solar Energy Industry

Chemists Take Gold, Mass-Produce Beijing Olympic Logo

Rambus to Cut 21% of Headcount

TCS Wins U.S. Army Contract for up to $246M in Deployable Satellite Solutions

NREL Sets Solar Cell Efficiency Record of 40.8%

Pentagon Puts Hold on USAF Cyber Effort

Changes to Representation of Others Before the USPTO

Bluetooth Still Has Space for Growth

Sprint Nextel Reports Continued Progress on 2 GHz BAS Relocation Project

Solar Collector Could Change Asphalt Roads into Renewable Energy Source

Fliers Cheer Laptop Policy Change

Physicists Await Dark-Matter Confirmation


Quantum Signals Move at 10,000 Times Speed of Light

NIST Releases Preview of Much-anticipated Online Mathematics Reference

Car Internet Debuts from Chrysler

Stanford, Korean Nanofab Center, Oregon-Based Semi Startup Claim 3D IC Breakthrough

MIT's Lincoln Lab Upgrades Sputnik-Era Antenna

IBM Builds Canadian Supercomputer

Stretchy, High-Quality Conductors

UK Consumers Using More Communication Services - But Paying Less

RFMD Expands 3G Front-End Leadership with Triple-Path Cellular Front-End

HP Labs Adopts 41 University Projects

Energy Storage for Hybrid Vehicles

MIPS Plans 15% Layoffs Amid $100M Write-Down

Mentor Adds Simulation to Electrical Design Software

Spaceship Could Fly Faster Than Light

Standards Still Emerging for Military Wireless Nets

'Laser-Crazers' Face Felony Charges for Pointing Lights into Aircraft

Steep Price Increase Expected for Tantalum

IBC2008 New Technology Campus Promises Peek at the Future of Television

Teen Tries GPS Defense to Fight Speeding Ticket

Nebraska Ham Couple Killed at Home

Probe of Military Voting Assistance Programs Sought


Gartner 'Surprised' by Semiconductor Market's Robust 1st Half

Mobile Phone Recycling Secures $15 Million in Funding

Japan's Chip Industry Seeks Ties with Indian Designers

'Anti-Noise' Silences Wind Turbines

US Mobile Advertising Experiences 13% Quarterly Growth

Mining Company Gets Cash to Pull Lithium from Waste Water

Electron Trapping within Reconnection

Police Turn to Secret Weapon: GPS Device

Solar Power Boosts Applied But Casts Industry Shadow

High-Tech Heart of New Radio Telescope Passes First Test

New Air Force Leaders Pledge to 'Reinvigorate' Acquisition Service

FCC Commissioner: Return of Fairness Doctrine Could Control Web Content (careful what you wish for)

First All-Nanowire Sensor

CEA's Wilson: Radio Committed Suicide

Sematech EUV Resist at 22 nm Half-Pitch

NASA Pushes Back First Launch of Space Shuttle Replacement

Prosecutors: Cyber Law Applies to Suicide Case

Cassini Begins Transmitting Data from Enceladus Flyby

Ericsson Expands Síminn's WCDMA Network into 900 MHz Band

Spaceship Could Fly Faster Than Light

Are We Science-Savvy Enough to Make Informed Decisions?


China to Overtake U.S. Next Year as Largest Manufacturer

Slowdown Seen for Electronics, Semis

Actual Data Shows Global Chip Market Grew 12.2% in June

ITC Upholds Broadcom Patent Infringement Claim Against SiRF

FCC to Raise Vanity Call Sign Fees

Buckyball Gel Enables Stretchable Conductors

New Metamaterials Bend Light Backwards

Nearly Half of U.S. Motorists Use Mobile Phones While Driving

DataPath MobiLink(TM) Enables High-Bandwidth Communications On-the-Move for Military Vehicles

Lego, NI Team up on Robotic Toy

Students Build and Launch a Sensor into Space

NASA: Shuttle Successor to Fly No Earlier Than 2014

Beijing Olympics: Faking Scandal Over Girl Who 'Sang' in Opening Ceremony

250 Attend Annual Independent Inventors Conference

Going Deep: Ocean to Power Grid, Recharge Fuel Cells

Nitronex Awarded Phase II STTR Grant to Enhance GaN-on-Si HEMTs

Speed, Flexibility Key for RF PXI Instruments

Scientists Make World's Smallest Balloon, for Microscopic Birthday Parties

Dollar Hits 6-Month High Against Euro

Bringing Invisibility Cloaks Closer


Motorola Clings Onto Top Spot in US Handset Market

Germany Town Requires Solar Panels on Homes

DISA Issues Call for Spectrum White Papers

3G Basestation Slowdown Hits RF Power IC Market

A Plastic That Chills

USAF Space Command Announces Commercial Space Launch Proposal

Honeywell Layoffs Latest in String of Manufacturing Cuts

Qiao Xing Mobile Sells 100,000 Gold Plated Mobile Phones

UBS: iDEN Sale on the Table

ARRL's "Big Project" Makes a Big Impact on Youth

Science Close to Unveiling Invisible Man

World's Biggest Solar Farm Planned in India

LiMo Mobile Linux Takes on Google and Nokia

Skipping Atomic-Scale Stones to Study Some Chemistry Basics

Beijing Olympic 2008 Opening Ceremony Giant Firework Footprints 'Faked'

Western U.S. to Have Best Glimpse of Perseid Meteor Shower

Students Barred from Showing Subway Hack

Boeing Awarded Contract for GPS Enhancement Demonstration

Researchers Work to Convert Car Exhaust into Energy


Turning Those Old Electronic Circuit Boards into New Park Benches

U.S. Swimmers Trim Times at Beijing Olympics Using 'Top Secret' Technology

With Batteries Charged, Spirit is Ready For More Science

Boeing Awarded E-6B Upgrade Contract

Compressor-Free Refrigerator May Loom in the Future


Student Caught Hacking Webcams While Fixing Laptops to Spy on Women

Cheaper LEDs Possible by Growing Gallium Nitride on Silicon

ARRL Internet Services Experienced Network Problems

Northrop Grumman to Assist Navy Electronic Aircraft Program

Large Area Transistors Get Helping Hand from Quantum Effects

IBM Ends 20% Premium Pay

Semiconductor Materials Sales Outstrip IC Sales

FCC Announces Sites for White Spaces Field Testing

Big Day Set for Big Bang Machine (Large Hadron Collider)

Infineon, STATS ChipPAC, STMicroelectronics to Develop Wafer-Level-Packaging Standard

India Allots 3G, WiMax Spectrum

Apple, RIM and Palm Sued Over GSM Patents

UWB-Based 1394-Over-Coax to Provide Home Network Backbone

Broadband Low-Noise Amplifier Provides Mobile-TV Reception from VHF to L Band

EC Plan to Use Radio Links for Car Safety

Internet Security Hole Revealed

Anadigics Slashes Q3 Revenue Guidance from $75-81M to $62-65M

Poland Can Accommodate More Tech Companies, Says IBM

Even the Taxis at the Olympics Will Be Bugged (just one of the beauties of Communism - no court orders needed)

Card-Playing Bots Could Doom Online Poker

Solar System is Pretty Special, According to New Computer Simulation


Is the Website Being Hijacked? (it gives a page with a message about redirection)

Internet Flaw a Boon to Hackers

Ultra-Wideband Over Coax Standard Adopted

Beyond 3G – Ultra-fast Mobile Radio Networks of the Future

'Superatoms' Open Window to Nanoparticle Chemistry

Jupiter and Saturn Full of Liquid Metal Helium

Wireless Power Meters Help Olympic Athletes

Operators Need to Look at the Bigger Picture for NFC

Fuel Cell Advance Could Lower Cost, Boost Efficiency

SpaceX Blames Rocket Failure on Bad Timing (Mr. Scott's ashes lost)

Deutsche Telekom 2Q Profit Down 35%

DNS Flaw Underscores Danger of Taking Web Security for Granted

Shape Matters for Nanoparticles

Eye Spy: U.S. Scientists Develop Eye-Shaped Camera

AT&T Extends Deadline for College Mobile Applications Developer Contest

The Alternative-Energy Bubble - Will It Burst?

China's Space Ambitions

Sprint WiMAX, CDMA Spend Falls

'Dead' Man Awakens Before Autopsy, Shocks Doctors by Asking for Glass of Water


Queen's Brian May Publishes Astrophysics Ph.D. Thesis (see earlier Smorgasbord)

Electronics Recruitment Defies Market Gloom

EU Reserves Frequencies for Car-to-X Communications

Gaping Internet Security Hole Discovered

Breakthrough in Quantum Mechanics: Superconducting Electronic Circuit Pumps Microwave Photons

Semiconductor Sales Surge in First Half of Year

Sanyo Eyes 10% Share of Solar Market

Compressing Light

TSA to Allow Laptops to Stay in Approved Bags

Cheaper 'Supermagnets' Could Drive Future Hybrid Cars

Molecular Switching Moves Closer to Reality

A First in Integrated Nanowire Sensor Circuitry

SI GaAs Epi Market to Grow 7% in 2008 Then 10% in 2009

Boeing Awarded Contract for GPS Enhancement Demonstration

Garmin and Harley-Davidson Team Up to Offer Road Tech Zumo

Russian Gang Hijacking PCs in Vast Scheme

WiMAX Based Sensors Monitoring Volcanos

Panel Recommends Changes to Military Retirement

Sony Invests $369M to Expand Lithium-Ion Battery Production

Surrey Satellite Technology U.S. Opens for Business

DOJ, Secret Service Move Against International Hacker, ID Theft Ring


Researchers to Herd Headset-Wearing Cows from Afar

Driving 80 mph While Texting, in the Wrong Lane...

Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales on Pace to Grow 11% in 2008

Conference to Connect Inventors with Contract Manufacturers Aimed at Re-Inventing 'Made in USA'

New Applications Drive Printed Electronics Market

RADAR 97: Nearly All College-Educated 18-49s Listen to Radio

Senate Approves Cyber-Crime Bill

Handset Makers Jump Onboard Mobile Linux

Raytheon Technique for Growing Semiconductor Compounds on Silicon to Provide Affordable ICs to DOD

House Legislation Could Overhaul FCC

Military Use of Robots Increases

National Instruments Introduces 10 Wi-Fi and Ethernet Data Acquisition Devices

World's Highest-Resolution Holograms Debut

USPTO Unveils New Educational Museum Exhibit

Fuel Cell Breakthrough Promises Cheaper Eco-Friendly Cars

Mobile Social Networking Global Revenues over $3B by 2013

225,000,000 Households Worldwide to Receive HD Programming by 2013

Buoyant H1 Growth for Semiconductor Industry

Nano Sculptures in Gold

The Wave: Banned in China?


Printed Electronics Materials to Surpass $11B by 2015

Worldwide Chip Sales Up 5.4% in First Half of 2008

A Cool Fuel Cell

Automotive Semi Content to Grow Constantly, Semicast Says

Potential of Graphene Films as Next-generation Transistors Demonstrated

India Unveils 3G, WiMax Plans

Raytheon Technique for Growing Semiconductor Compounds on Silicon to Provide Affordable ICs to DOD

Test Socket Industry Faces Issues Scaling Below 0.4 mm Pitch

Qualcomm Executive to Lead Motorola's Mobile-Devices Unit

Project to Rebuild Internet Gets $12M, Bandwidth

Torch is Passed to MEMS

China to Release 700 Hours of Chang'e-1 Moon Data

FCC Rules Comcast Violated Federal Policy in Blocking Internet Traffic

Sony Ericsson Unveils James Bond's Latest Phone

NASA's Phoenix Spacecraft Confirms Martian Water

Filtronic Sells Defence Electronics Business to Teledyne

Boeing Team to Design New Spacecraft Power Generation System

Functional Nanoribbons Carved Using Super-Heated, Nano-Sized Particles of Iron

Researchers Knock Cost from SmCo for Rare Earth Magnets

China Becomes a Physics Powerhouse

In Maine, a $600 Laptop for Every Middle-Schooler on the Taxpayer's Dime (admits no evidence in improved student performance - not mentioned until the middle of the story)

Beijing Games Hit by Internet Ticket Scam


Atmel May Cut 210 Jobs in France

China's Consumption of Domestically Designed Chips to Increase More than 60% by 2012

Brightest, Sharpest, Fastest X-ray Holograms Yet

Nokia Goes for the Kill, Lowers Prices


DOD Launches Scientific Search Site

Arkansas Man Dies Tampering with Electric Meter After Service Shut Off

Chips Hold Key to Embedding 4G Technology

AmpTech Opens for GaAs, InP Foundry Services

GaAs Microelectronics Market to Slow to 9% in 2008

AXT Still Grows Despite Dip in 6" GaAs Shipments

Top Frequency Coordinator Suggests White Space Device Tests at Political Conventions

U.S. Agents Can Seize Laptops

NASA Nanosatellites Catch Ride on Rocket

World's Top Foundries to Feel Pinch of Economic Uncertainty in 08Q3

RFIC Market Distortion Danger Say Analyst

Cheap Way to 'Split Water' Could Lead to Abundant Clean Fuel

Online Business Booming for Catalog Distributors

Solar-Power Breakthrough Yields 24/7 System

WiMAX for Spotting Tomorrow's Forest Fires

NASA Extends 'Successful' Phoenix Lander Mission

Magnetic Measurement Tools Attract Attention

Eclipse Delights Millions in Siberia, China (of course, with all the industrial smog they are used to the sun disappearing during the day)

Growth Slows Down, Consolidation Continues in Contract Manufacturing

Freedom of Speech Advocates Torch China, IOC Over Web Censorship

Phonon Floodgate in Monolayer Carbon: Unexpected Gap-Like Feature Found

Emirates Superjumbo Takes to the Skies with Showers and Luxury Suites (think they're worried about carbon footprints?)