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Microsoft Excel Fails Math Test

Single Molecule Based Electronic Components Modeled

Program Provides Blueprint for Recruiting Minorities to Science and Engineering

Immigration Drains Britain, Says Left Think Tank


FCC Considering Fines Against Satellite Radio

Tech Sector Growth Lags Behind Economy

EADS to Boost Defense Activities, Eyes U.S. Acquisitions

Nanowire Generates Power by Harvesting Energy from the Environment

Monasteries Enter the Internet Age

2007 NAB Marconi Radio Award Winners Announced

Doping Technique Brings Nanomechanical Devices into the Semiconductor World

China Developing E-stamp to Stamp out Spamming

Dawn Spacecraft Launches from Cape Canaveral on 3B Mile, 8-Year NASA Mission

A Handheld Cellphone Jammer

Researchers Seek to Patent 'Memory Doubler' Algorithm

IRS to Randomly Hit 13,000 with Special Audit

iPhone Update Disables Unlocked Handsets

Toyota Denies Battery Woes Delay Next Prius

Russian General Warns Against Space Weapons


Ford to Offer HD Radio Available in Most Products

Sprint Promises WiMax 'Momentum'

Central and Eastern European Customer Growth Hits All-Time Low

'Printers' That Can Make 3-D Solid Objects Soon to Enter Mainstream

Quantum Communication: Atoms Talk Long Distance

New Zealand Launches Wiki to Help Citizens Draft New Law

Two Giant Steps in Advancement of Quantum Computing Achieved

Alamosa Solar Facility Begins Generating Energy

Two Charged with Conspiracy to Commit IC Economic Espionage

Google Plans Staff Expansion, Largely in Europe

Space Junk Threat to Earth

US Video Shows Hacker Hit on Power Grid

NASA Launches Dawn Spacecraft on 1.7B Mile Trek

New Delft Material Concept for Aircraft Wings Could Save Billions

Scientists Explore Theme Park Thrills


College Computer Nerds to Auction Tech Skills for Possible Dates with Sorority Girls

Finland Publishes Safety Guide for Mobile Device Usage

HD Radio Broadcasters Reach 1,500

iSuppli Lowers Semi Forecast to 3.5% Growth

Google Wireless Network Could Cost Almost $17 Billion to Build

Vertu Launches Limited Edition Ferrari Branded Handset

Method Safely Deposits Novel Metal Oxide Thin Films on Substrates

Munich to Build Europe's First High Speed Maglev Airport Express Train

Musicians Harness DSPs to Craft Guitar Effects

Broadband Market to Expand in the Philippines

Vonage Infringed Sprint Patents, Jury Finds

NASA Scientist Who Accused Bush Admin. of Censorship Re Global Warming Received $720,000 from George Soros

Russia Unveils New Passenger Jet

USAF Expects to Continue Sending Airmen to do ‘Army Jobs’

Nano Air Vehicle Floats Like Maple Seed


Galileo GPS Network Hit by More Delays

Infineon to Develop 3G Chip for Motorola

Boeing Announces Completion of Sea-Based Radar's Mooring System

Small Antennas Suit FM, UWB Bands

Toward Pure White Light: Next-Generation LEDs Show Bright Promise

Phone Service Eavesdrops on Internet Calls for Relevant Ads

Qualcomm Aims for PC-Like Mobiles by 2009

1st Blue and 1st CW AlGaN-Cladding-Free Blue-Violet Nonpolar InGaN/GaN Lasers

FBI Probes Unisys Role in DHS Hacking Incidents

Twist in Saturn's Electric Ring

Making Bicycles that Balance Better

Apple Warns Hacking iPhone May Harm It

Lack of Sleep, Too Much Sleep, Both Deadly


Expect Twofold Increase in Patent Litigation

Cloud of Worry Gathers over Wireless Health Risks

Next Generation Wi-Fi Mired in Patent Fears

Hams Named to Key NASA Positions

Magellan to Sell Three New GPS Products in China

WiFi Alliance Promises N-Harmony

Starbucks Announce Free iTunes Songs

BAE Systems Shoots Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System

Femtocell Contract Awards and Trials Begin

TI Increases Share Buyback by Another $5B

TV on Cellphone Screens? No Thanks, Say Europeans

Fuel Gauge Accurately Predicts Battery Life in SmartPhones

LCD Crunch Causes Handset Shortages

Mobile Phones Widen Market, Raise Incomes for Rural Poor

China to Build New Space Launch Center in Southernmost Province


Official Kilogram Losing Mass: Scientists Propose Redefining it As a Precise Number of Carbon Atoms

Google Denies Interest in U.K. Spectrum

Deep Earth Model Challenged by New Experiment


Cell Phone Service Coming to NYC Subway System

Toward Next-Generation Integrated Circuits Made from Carbon Nanotubes

U.S. Facing Tech Labor 'Brain Drain' Due to Immigration Law

Britain to Combat 'Cyber-Bullying' in Schools

New Research Gives WCDMA Thumbs Up for Hearing Impaired

SEMI: N. American Equipment Orders Continue Downward Trend

Crude Oil Now at $83 a Barrel

Euro Rises Above $1.41 for First Time

Canada's Dollar Trades Above U.S. Dollar Amid Commodity Boom

SEC Subpoenas Apple's Jobs in Backdating Probe

Maynor Releases Apple Wireless Bug Code

Critical Zero-Day PDF Bug Compromises Windows PCs

UN Atomic Agency Approves Text on Nuclear-Weapons-Free Mideast (oh yeah, that means a lot)


UK Regulator to Reclaim Radio Spectrum - Allow 3G at 900 MHz

Nobel Laureate Physicist Disses Manned Spaceflight

Alaska Airlines Plans to Provide In-Flight Wireless Broadband

Scientists Charged! The Neutron's Not So Neutral After All

USB 3.0 Guns for FireWire

Better Displays on Laptop Computers, Cell Phones Coming Soon

Intel Declares 2008 'The Year of WiMax,' Reignites Interest in Handheld Device Space

ARRL Roanoke Division Director, Cronkite, QST Author, to be Feted by Radio Club of America

SEMI's Book-to-Bill Stalls

U.S. Marines Test Laser-Guided 2.75-Inch Rockets

United Launch Alliance Launches 75th Consecutive Delta II on USAF 60th Anniversary

Dutch Company and Owner Charged with Sending U.S. Technology, Goods to Iran

Americans Giving up Friends, Sex for Web Life


Brussels to Present Finance Plans to Save Galileo SatNav Project

Pentagon Shifts to GPS With No Signal Reduction

Plan to Use RFID in U.S. Border Control Draws Fire

U.S. and Swedish Patent Offices to Cooperate on International Search and Examination Services

'Radio Wave Cooling' Offers New Twist on Laser Cooling

Philippine Digital TV to Air in 2008

Clearwire Goes Nomadic

Air Force Activates Provisional Cyber Command

Computer Memory Designed in Nanoscale Retrieves Data 1,000x Faster

Smiley-Face Emoticon Turns 25 :-)

CSR Puts Speech Recognition into Bluetooth Chip

China and Russia spying at Cold War Levels

U.S. Missile Defense Chief Paints Rosy Picture for Europeans

Low-Tech Windmills Making a Comeback

Google Tests Interactive Ads


Airports Try Charging Stations to Power Up Gadget-Laden Travelers

U.S. Curbs Sought on Fees to Quit Wireless Contracts

American Companies Jack up Local Investments

Verizon Wireless Sues FCC Over 'Open' 700 MHz Auction Rules

Airports Plan to RFID-Tag Bags

Radio Hall of Fame Announces 2007 Inductees

NASA's 'Space Economy' Reaps Windfall for Humanity

'Wiki City Rome' to Draw a Map Like No Other

Los Alamos Lab Makes Major Step in Quantum-Dot Lasers

IBM to Offer Free Word Processing, Office Software

Saudis Sign $8.9B Eurofighter Deal

TCS Gains $25M DoD Order for Rapid Response, Associated Communications Systems

TDI Demos Prototype Nonpolar GaN Substrates

iPhone Invades UK

U.S. DoJ Concerned About Microsoft's European Defeat

Search Startup Hopes to Outsmart Google (good luck)


Security, Life Threatened by Space Junk, Weapons

Filling Spectrum 'White Space'

Could Graphene Replace Silicon in Electronics?

Radio Stations Keying in to Text-Message Promotions

Microsoft Suffers Decisive EU Antitrust Defeat

Pentagon Revs up Drive for Wearable Power

Ads to Pop up on Your Cell Phone

Opto-Enabled Product and Component Market to Grow at 7.7% Annually to 2017

Federal Research Plan to Determine Nanotech Risks Fails to Deliver

China to Hold First-Ever 'No Car Day'

Government Employee Admits to Wire Fraud Scheme; Defrauding DoD

Silicon as Smooth as Glass: Boon to Computer Chip and Solar Cell Manufacturing

Navigation Devices Set to Take Mass Market Route

How This 12-inch Miracle Tube Could Halve Heating Bills


FCC Amateur Radio Enforcement Correspondence Posted

Ability to Write and Store Information on Electronic Devices Improved

NASA Researchers Extend Life of Hot Temperature Electronic Chip


Official Reference Kilogram Mysteriously Shrinks

Cell Phone Use Banned for Teen Drivers in California

Verizon Appeals FCC's Open Access Rule

Patent Litigation on the Rise in Semi Sector

Kyocera in Talks to Buy Sanyo Cellular Unit

McDonald's Pilots RFID Self-Ordering System in Korea

Mixed Signals Seen in Semis

UK Study: Cell Phones Won't Kill Your Brain

Orange Files Lawsuit Against Swisscom for Market Position Abuse

Google Offers Reward to Land Robot on Moon

How Dirty is Your Money?

54 Hours Aloft, Qinetiq UAV Breaks Endurance Record

Gamma Ray Lasers? Positronium Created in the Lab

College Offers YouTube Class


Bluetooth System Helps Users Find the Toilets

FCC OKs Digital TV Rules Pushed by Cable Operators

London Underground Trials NFC for Tickets

Appeals Court Stays Qualcomm Import Ban

College Attendance Correlated with Lower Cancer Risk

Physicists Measure Spin of a Single Atom

Nearly 95 Million 'Ultra-Mobile Devices' to Ship by 2012

Gunshot-Detection Use GPS & Acoustic Devices to Pinpoint Shooters

"Green" Requirements Drive Automotive Electronics

3G Operators Strangling Free WiFi

Pentagon Could Make $2.2B Arms Sales to Taiwan

Boeing Builds First GPS IIF Satellite

Bond Car Beats iPod and YouTube as Coolest Brand in UK

Top 5 Worst Ways to Die (in a video game, that is)


Study Finds Frequent Cell Phone Users Have Slower Brain Functions, Focused Attention

Startup May Sue FCC over Spectrum

Telecom Issues Going Nowhere in Washington

Wireless Carriers Sued for Patent Infringement

USPTO's 12th Annual Independent Inventors Conference - Sept 14-15, 2007

Increased Interest in WiMAX Will Impact the Cellular M2M Market

IBM Touts Single-Chip Phone

RFID Handheld Reader Market Experiences Growth

Skyray 48 Takes Flight - European Antennas Onboard

TI Sees Cell Phone TV Rising First Outside U.S.

Anadigics Ships Dual-Band 802.11n PA to NXP for WLAN Module

Zephyr UAV Sets World Record for Longest Duration Unmanned Flight

Comment: Knock off the Asian Knockoffs

IBM Develops 100,000 dpi Printing

Scientists Fear Day Computers Become Smarter Than Humans


House Passes Patent Reform Act of 2007

Qualcomm Downgraded on Motorola's 3G Shift, Legal Setbacks

Drawing Nanoscale Features the Fast and Easy Way

IEEE-USA Today's Engineer Digest Wins 2007 Apex Award of Publication Excellence

UK to Examine Broadcast Rules

Radio Telescopes Linked for First Time

Worldwide Telecom Carrier Capex Expected to Hit $225B in 2007

Physicists Get 2 Atoms to Communicate

Broadcasters Launch Ads Against Web Device

Pennsylvania Man Claims to Burn Salt Water

Nokia, Motorola and Samsung Take 61% of China's Mobile Phone Market

Segan: The Palm Death Watch Begins Now

Ancient 'Escape Tunnel' Discovered in Israel


Children Bribed with Cellphones to Become Suicide Bombers

Shades of Gray in China's 'Black' Handset Market

Moto Cell Phone Chief Promises Improvements

JDSU Demos Tunable 'Transmitter-on-a-Chip' PIC Technology

Texting While Driving? U R So Busted!

ISRO to Launch New Genre of Micro-Satellites

Broadcasting Industry Not Dead Yet, Says CEA's Shapiro

Laws Target Teen Drivers' Cell Phone Use

Electronics Buyers Have Price Limits

Chip Implants Linked to Animal Tumors

Microsoft Backs Cricket to Woo Indian Employees

Apple: 1M iPhones Sold Mark Outpaces iPod

Solar Plane Smashes World Unmanned Flight Record

First Image from Phoenix Mars Lander Camera Received on Earth


Cell Phones Should Be Kept Away from Hospital Beds, Dutch Experts Say


Drivers Risk 2 Years in Jail for Using Mobile Phones or GPS

Engineers Rescue Aging Satellites, Saving Millions

BSNL Awards $1.3B GSM Contract

Russian Satellites: Smaller, Lighter, Cheaper

Supercomputing by Reservation Puts Petaflops at Researchers' Fingertips


NATO Group Releases Report on BPL

Tech Stocks Emerging as Safe Haven Amid Market Turmoil

Swedes are Home Free with FMC

GSM Celebrates Its 20th Birthday

USPTO and United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office to Pilot Patent Prosecution Highway

Patent Reform Heads to House Floor

Computer Scientists Take the 'Why' out of WiFi

BAE to Seal $40B Eurofighter Deal with Saudis Next Week

Cellphone Use in Hospitals Poses Danger

Apple Gives $100 Rebate to Angry iPhone Buyers

Farmers Mull Replacing Illegal Workers with Robots

Volvo Unveils Plug-in-and-Go Hybrid Car

LCD Televisions May Soon Look Outdated: Field Emission Displays Promising

Russian Proton-M Rocket with Japanese Satellite Crashes on Launch


Patent Examiners Oppose Patent Reform Proposal

Ericsson Fined over Greek Spying Scandal

FCC OKs Local, Long-Distance Integration

Congress Pushes Back on H1-B Visas (but allows illegal entry via Mexico)

U.S. Trade Commission to Investigate Nokia 3G Phones

iPaid Too Much - Huge Price Cut

Component Makers Head to Court

TriQuint Semiconductor Acquires Peak Devices

Anadigics Acquires Fairchild’s RF Group Design Center

HP Deepens Push into Cellphone Market

Wi-Fi Muscling in on RFID's Location-Based Services Markets

Lockheed Martin Demonstrates In-Flight Beam Control for Airborne Laser

RIM Introduces the First Wi-Fi-Enabled BlackBerry Smartphone

Facebook for Spies

Global Terror Organizations Remain 'Vibrant'


India to Build Constellation of Seven Navigation Satellites

CSR Ups the Ante in Bluetooth Performance

Appeals Court Rules for Broadcom in Antitrust Case Against Qualcomm

U.N. Reports 4 Billion Telephone Lines Worldwide

FCC's Methods Leaves Public in the Dark

Microchip Patterning Technology Created

Nuclear Warheads Mistakenly Flown on B-52

State, Local Governments to Invest $5.5B in Public Safety Interoperability by 2012

Swedish Defense Minister Resigns over Spending Cuts

Vodafone Facing $2 Billion Indian Tax Demand

Microsoft Might Pay $53B for Yahoo

Unauthorized iPhones in China Appear Ahead of 2008 Asia Launch

Pentagon: Several Countries Trying to Hack into U.S. Military System

Your Boss is Probably Playing Computer Games

Earth-Shattering Study: Men Like Good-Looking Women


Broadband Spurs ‘Techno-Commuters’ Rise

Microchip Sales Rise on Consumer Electronics Demand

Unaveraged July Chip Sales Soar 11.3% Annually

India Launches Latest Telecom Satellite

Low-Cost Recipe for Patterning Microchips Developed

Trademark Plaintiff Drops Suit vs. Google Over Ads

User Authentication Burdens Kill Free Wireless in Australia (OpenSpectrum)

Eurostar Sets Paris-London Record

N. Korea to End Nuclear Programs by End of 2007

World's Largest Digital Camera Installed on Maui Telescope

Work Time is Largest Influence to Duration of Person's Sleep

China Rejects U.S. Charge It Hacked Pentagon

Fingerprinting Fake Coffee

Japan's 'Space Fireworks' a Success


FCC Rebuffs Free Wi-Fi Startup Petition

High-Tech, Drug Companies Battle over Patent Reform

Silicon Valley Still Top Pick for Semi Headquarters, iSuppli Reports

China Airliner to Allow In-Flight Cell Phone, Internet Use

Sorry Rover - Lost Mobiles Phones are More Missed Than Pets

Molecules Line up to Make The Tiniest of Wires

Bush Administration Seeks Power to Grant Immunity to Telcom Companies

FCC to Lower Vanity Call Sign Fees September 17

Reclusive Green-Tech Startup May Spell the End of the Battery

Beijing Olympic Games Prompts RFID Development in China

FCC Lets Phone Carriers Avoid Added Regulations

Teenagers' Use of Cell Phones After Bedtime Contributes to Poor Sleep

Finland TV Broadcasts Go Digital

Bush’s $50B Plan Surprises DoD, Congress

One of the Most Curious Objects in the Sky Delights Astronomers Again

Back to School: Cramming Doesn't Work in the Long Term