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Professor Drives Scientific Stake Into The Heart Of Ghost, Vampire Myths - Just in Time for Halloween

RF Component Profits Steady in Q2 2006

China Web Control Stirs Controversy at Internet Forum

European Satellites Aim to Provide Mobile TV Services

Military Aircraft Funding to Peak This Year, Decline Over Next Decade

Electronics Giants Try to Reduce 'Cable Spaghetti' With Wireless HighDef TV

Bluetooth Takes a Bigger Bite

NASA Gives Green Light to Hubble Rescue

Peeping Toms Utilizing High-Tech Gadgetry in Spy Pursuits

The Power Behind Insect Flight: Researchers Reveal Key Kinetic Component

Russian Dreams of Reaching Mars First


Phone Alerts Couples to Baby-Making Window

Statue of Liberty's Torch Now Lit With Pennsylvania Windmill Energy

Verizon's Quarterly Profit Rises on Wireless Gains

Nokia Enters Car Navigation Market

Handset Sales Forecasts Upgraded

Qualcomm Gains Ruling Over Broadcom

Hawaiian Boy, 14, Named Top Young Scientist of Year

Taiwan to Ship 26% of Handsets by '08

Hong Kong Launches Spectrum Policy Consultation

Are DC-DC Converters Near Power Density Limit?

Web Site Automates Fake Boarding Passes

New Microscope Used for Nano Research


U.S. Hails Airborne Laser as Weapons Milestone

Incredibly Powerful Magnet Ready for Use at Los Alamos Lab

A Healthy Amateur Radio Service: "Priceless!" ARRL CEO Says

Wi-Fi's CE Adoptions Open the Door for Millions of Wi-Fi Shipments

SkyPilot and Galaxy Partner to Deliver Boston Downtown Wi-Fi HotZone

NASA to Decide Whether to Repair Hubble


MEMC Lands $3B Solar Deal With Taiwan

Australia to Build World's Largest Solar-Power Plant

Study Shows Cell-Phone-Only Crowd Growing, Not Affecting Polls Yet

NASA Invention of the Year Winner Named

Two Hundred Million A-GPS Enabled Cellphones

Optoelectronics Sales to Top Discrete Semi's for First Time

Motorola Interested in Buying Sagem

Mishap During Progress M-58 Docking With ISS

U.S. Control of Internet Remains Touchy

NASA Satellite Finds the World's Most Intense Thunderstorms

A Second Childhood For The Rocketeers

Alloy of Hydrogen and Oxygen Made From Water


Hezbollah Has Not Cracked the Encoding in SINCGARS Radio Systems

$3 Billion for US Hot-Zones in the Next 4 Years

Analyst Expects Dull (but profitable) Holidays for Electronics

Low-Cost Phone Market Sizzling in China

Wireless System Can Detect Disabled Vehicles Around Corners

Northrop Grumman Develops Solid-State Laser for Different Military Missions

Sony Battery Replacement Program Could Cost $431M

Space Radiation Poses Serious Obstacle to Future NASA Missions

Engineers Propose Way to Cut Power Outages

1000 Sols On Mars

Blind Web Surfers Sue Target - What Next?


Drug Raid Turns Up Los Alamos Classified Documents

American Consumers Not Connecting with 3G

RFMD Delivers Record Quarterly Revenue

Low-Cost Phone Market Sizzling in China

85% of North American Businesses Will Have WLANs by 2010

AWR To Donate RF Design Software To Peking University

Celebs Who Claim They're Green but Guzzle Gas

Stock Options Scandal Leaves Trail of Toasted Execs

'DVD Jon' Unlocks Apple Music Download Protection

BenQ Suffers Losses, Sells Assets

Ultraviolet Light Reveals Secrets Of Nanoscale Electronic Materials


Cellphone Use Increases Risk of Infertility

Wal-Mart (Chi-Mart) Plans Aggressive Holiday Electronics Push

Wireless Connectivity to Be the Future for Portable Navigation Devices

Researchers Strengthen Plastic With Wood Fiber

Azimuth Systems Delivers Solution For New Wi-Fi Alliance Certification Test Methodology

Rapidly Deployable Wireless Communication System Introduced at MILCOM 2006

ESA's Small Proba Satellite Celebrates Five Years In Space

Google Unveils Tools for Search Engines

Plutonium or Greenhouse Gases? Weighing the Energy Options

Sony Recalls Its Own Batteries

Hackers Target Online Stock Accounts

Exotic Relatives of Protons and Neutrons Discovered


Pentagon Urges 'Relevant' R&D

AT&T Profit Jumps 74% On Cingular Wireless Gains

L.A. Boy Scouts Get Award Patch for 'Respecting Copyrights'

Microsoft Sees Fast Growth in Windows Phones

Invention: Microwave-Oven Gun

Global Handset Shipments Hit Record 256 Million Units in Q3 2006

CatsEye Laser Threat Warning System to Protect Army Aircraft Against Laser-Guided Weapons

Transit Of Mercury on November 8th

AWR Opens Dedicated Office in Japan, Appoints Michiyoshi Endo as Managing Director

Engineers Shed Light On Crash of the USS Macon, Last of the 'Flying Aircraft Carriers'

During Solar Conjunction Mars Spacecraft Will Be on Autopilot

Russian Scientists Warn of Asteroid Impact Hazard in 2035

Flat Panels Drive Old TVs From Market


FCC "Omnibus" Report and Order Contains Pluses, Minuses and Errors

Bacteria Use Radioactive Uranium to Convert Water Molecules to Useable Energy

Thrills and Spills Abound at Rocket Fest

DOD Won't Award Cash in Next Robot Race

Mobile Phones Now An Essential Tool in Connecting Parents and Young


Military Spending to Stay Healthy Over Next Decade (or not, depending on elections)

Boeing To Build More Wideband Gapfiller Satellites

Video-Hungry Users Could Push Internet to the Brink

Business Use of Wireless IM to Exceed $2 Billion

Duke Takes Wraps Off Cloaking Device

Renowned Scientist Stephen Hawking to Divorce

ESA's MetOp Weather Satellite Reaches Polar Orbit

Entertainment Will Drive USA Mobile Data Revenues

Lunar Lander Prototype Passes Test

HP Hops Ahead of Dell in PC Shipment Rankings

YouTube Purges 30,000 Copyrighted Files

Study Indicates a Few Extra Pounds Good


More U.S. Households Abandoning the Landline

Sensors, Electronics, Nets Top DoD Research Spending

First Demonstration of a Working Invisibility Cloak

Cingular 3Q Profit More Than Triples to $847 Million

IBM Net Income Spikes 47%

Quantum Entanglement Demonstrated

Research and Markets Unveils RFID Equipment Business Report

Levi's to Launch Jeans Branded Mobile Phones

Radio Shack Offering Classes for Technologically Illiterate

Microsoft Releases Long-Awaited Internet Explorer 7

Stingray Jumps Into Boat, Stabs Man With Barb

Longwave Light is Converted to Shortwave

New Russian Spaceship Will Be Able to Fly to Moon


Some Internet Addicts Cover Up Habit

Bush Signs Order to Deny Adversaries Access to Space for Hostile Purposes

Research and Markets Unveils RFID Equipment Business Report

Battery Developer Claims Hybrid Car Advance

Mobile Networks to Cover 90% of the World's Population by 2010

How Can We Make Nanoscale Capacitors Even Smaller?

VCs Bullish on Clean Technology

Nuclear-Blast Computer Simulations No Match for Real Thing

Study Says Caffeine Abuse Can Be Serious (admission: I'm a user)

One In Three Workers Jot Down Passwords

Optical Electronic Devices Could Benefit From New Semiconductor Standard

Loral to Raise $300 Million in New Equity Capital to Pursue Growth Opportunities


Scientists Claim Creation of Element 118 (that is some heavy gas!)

India May Quit EU-led Galileo GPS Project

Samsung Posts Huge Profits Jump: 45%

Google Plans Largest U.S. Solar-Powered Office

U.S. Army Depot Recognized for Best Manufacturing Practices

Europe's Agenda for Expanding Wireless "Commons"

Consumer Electronics Holiday Gift Spending to Reach $21 Billion

Radar helps locate meteorite in Kansas

Students Submit Experiments to NASA

Web Could Be Terror Training Camp: Chertoff

Study Reveals Ways to Improve Systems Using New Weather Technology

Online Help-Wanted Ads Fall in September


EU Refuses to Rule Out Military Role for Galileo GPS Network (translation: it will be used for military role)

ECA Reports Continued Upswing in Electronic Component Orders

Chinese City May Fine Web Surfers

Cellphone Buyers Want More Than Just a Thin Device

Sony Unveils New Digital Walkman

Mimicking Nature: Researchers Imitate Lotus Leaves for Self-Cleaning Photovoltaic Arrays and Other Electronic Uses

Bridging the Microscope Gap

Team Uses Laser Pulses to Control Quantum Processes

Nokia Tips India as Second-Largest Market

EU Says Europeans Need to Know They Can Turn Off RFID Tags

Northwestern Researchers Develop Bistable Nanoswitch

Reuters Opens Virtual News Bureau in Second Life


FCC Releases Long-Awaited "Omnibus" Amateur Radio Report and Order

War Robots Invade Washington!

Holiday Outlook Healthy for Gadgets

Working Model of the $100 Laptop Arrives

VHS Named History Milestone for October

A Boost for Solar Cells With Photon Fusion

Department of Justice Approval of BellSouth-AT&T Merger Without Conditions Touches off Controversy

Report: LBO Threatens Freescale's RF Business

Power Restored to Hubble Camera Detector

Sony Laptop Battery Recall Widens - Fujitsu Recalling 287,000

Nanoparticle Assembly Enters the Fast Lane


FCC Votes to Let Low-Power Devices Use Empty TV Channels After Digital Switchover

Northrop Grumman Test-Fires Powerful, Continuously Pulsed Illuminator Laser

Low Cost Handset Shipments Set to Take Off

Philips Sells Handset Business to Chinese Company

VCs Are Still Putting $2 Billion a Year Into Chips

Space Station Gyroscope Shut Down Due to Excessive Vibration

Eight Million Americans Capture Videos Using Cellphones

China Issues White Paper on Space Activities

Video Game Sales Soar in September


EU Set to Decide on European Institute of Technology

Judge Rules Against Qualcomm in Patent Case, but Won't Halt Phone Sales

High Costs Hindering 3G Sales

Pumpkin Power Dawns for African Cell Phone Networks

Report Criticizes British Science Program

CCAT to Assist Businesses in Commercializing Technologies Developed for Military & Homeland Security

Warm Winter Predicted for Most of U.S. (by the same folks that told us to expect a record hurricane)

German-Chinese Aviation Opens New Horizons for Cooperation and 1-Way Technology Transfer

Cybercrime Flourishes in Online Hacker Forums


Singapore Offering Free WiFi "Almost Everywhere"

Consumer Electronics Will Become the New Growth Market for Wi-Fi

Nokia Expects to Sell WiMAX Cell Phones in 2008

U.S. Reportedly Probing Private-Equity Firms

Want Tunes With Those Fries?

Group Pilots Use of Biofuels to Expand Mobile Coverage

Alien Technology Releases Gen2 UHF RFID Integrated Circuit

YouTube's New Deep Pockets

Men Delay ER Visits Till After the Game

Classic Rock Driving Ringtone Growth

Google Offering Free Software Package to Challenge MS Office

Nanotechnology to Stop Weaponized Anthrax In Its Tracks

Guessing Games For Japan's "Information Gathering Satellite" Program


IEEE 802.15.4a Task Group Approves Wireless Net Spec

Fabless Companies Will Slowly Shift to Asia

MIT Study Faults U.S. Data Collection on Offshoring

Scientists Grapple With How to Discern a Nuclear Test

VC Kills Fund Because Technology Not Worth the Effort

Boeing Satellite Fleet Demonstrates Industry-Leading Longevity

Google to Buy YouTube for $1.65 Billion

Phone Shipments to Fall Short of Landmark Figure

IBM Cuts 400 Engineering Jobs in U.S.

First Underwater Radio Modem Goes Into Commercial Production

A Canadian Candy Bar's Long Journey to America

Mars Orbiter Images Thrill NASA Scientists


U.S. Space Policy Asserts Military Role

Leveraged Buyout Threatens Freescale's RF Operations, Warns Analyst

Reviving China's WAPI "War" Against IEEE 802.11i

Raytheon Awarded Further Jam-Resistant GPS Contract

US Patent for On-Chip Fractal Antenna

Laser Ranging Successfully Tracks Satellite

A Fatwa Against Ringtones

AWR Releases Latest Mobile WiMAX Design Capability for VSS

Gartner Predicts Soft Landing for Chip Market in 2007

Microsoft Releases Final Test Version of Vista

Nails on Chalkboard Research Among Ig Nobel Prize Winners

Assessing Fixed Service Sat Market Prospects In Each World Regions


Motorola iRadio Readies Launch

Human Brain Region Functions Like Digital Computer

Ansari First Person to Be Granted an Honorary Doctorate While in Space

Scientists Build Better Navigation Aids

Swedish Researcher Launches Unique Search Engine for the Web

Airbus Sinks Into Chaos

Top 10 Reasons It's Almost Impossible to Compete with Google


Details Emerge on Broadband Licenses Won by SpectrumCo LLC

ARRL Plans Federal Court Appeal of Certain BPL Rules

Miniskirts Steal Limelight at Japan Tech Trade Show

Hitachi to Recall 16,000 Sony-Made Batteries


Sell Samsung Phones - Get a Free House

Apple Admits Stock Options Backdating

U.K. Set to Legalize "iTrip"-Style FM Transmitters

Phone Sales to Slow from Next Year (same wrong prediction, likely)

Arrest Warrants Sought for ex-HP Chair, Others

'Mission-Critical' Broadband Driving Government Nets

Oil Riches Fuel Russian Military Space Revival

Google Launches Search Service for Computer Code

FTC Intervenes In Formation Of ULA Joint Venture By Boeing And LM

Fungus Threatens Jack-o-Lanterns

The Point of Icicles


Employers Beware: BlackBerry Addiction Lawsuits May Be Next

UWB Design Simplified for Broadband Comms Links

RFMD Advances 2 Positions in Leading Research Firm's Ranking of Worldwide RF & Baseband Semiconductor Suppliers

Japanese Man Recites First 100,000 Digits of Pi

Fujitsu to Recall 287,000 Sony-Made Batteries

Nokia Launches Bluetooth Follow-On Wireless LAN

Millennium Cell to Receive Funding in 2007 Defense Appropriations Bill for Fuel Cell Research

'E-Cycling' Movement Catches On With Consumers, Municipalities

Object Off Alaska Coast May Be WWII Sub

Ceramic Microreactors Developed for On-site Hydrogen Production

Tablet PC + WiFi to Replace Medical Charts and Patient Files

Negative Effects of Caffeine Stronger on Daytime Sleep Than Nocturnal Sleep


Nokia Unveils Bluetooth Rival - "Wibree"

Airships, Balloons Set to Deliver Broadband

More Buyouts Coming

'Tech Overshoot' Under Fire

IBM Detours From Moore's Law

Two Americans Share Physics Nobel Prize for Work on Early Universe

Spirent Communications Selected by DLR to Provide Advanced Galileo Test

Fuel Cell-Powered Cellphones Years Away

Scientists Solve Spintronics Setback

Google Opens Full Scale New York Office

first Female Space Tourist Longs to Head Back to Space

Bloggers Getting Hit With Libel Lawsuits


Screaming Phones Plan to Cut Down Mobile Theft

Teen Engineering Prodigy Implanted With Medical Microchip Dies in Motorcycle Accident in Florida

Chip Sales Reach All-Time High

GaAs Demand Climbing

Solar Flares Cause GPS Failures, Possibly Devastating for Jets and Distress Calls

Bluetooth Chip Market "Taking Off"

Comment: Battery Failures Could Scorch Sony Name

Scientists Eye Open Peer Review

Intel's UWB Silicon, Reference Designs Are Available

U.S. to Allow ICANN Independence by 2009

Russia, Malaysia Ink Space Deal as Tourist Flight Prices Rise


Motorola: The College Boy

"It Seems to Us . . ." Pretending to Sleep - ARRL on BPL

Laptop Makers Line Up for Sony Battery Exchange

IEEE-USA Cosponsors Convocation Encouraging State, Local Leadership to Strengthen U.S. Competitiveness

Virgin Galactic Reveals Spacecraft Design

Improbable 'Buckyegg' Hatched

NASA Mars Rover Arrives at Dramatic Vista on Red Planet

Internet Domain Name Ruling Body Given More Independence from U.S.

Software Helps Solve ‘One Small Step’ Mystery