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Engineering & Technical Headline News Archive - July 2006

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Locating Cell Phones Inside Prisons
Tony Blair Seeks Secret of Silicon Valley's Success
RFMD Extends Leadership in Edge Power Amplifiers - Mass Production Orders for Linear EDGE PA Solutions
Wafer Fab Capacity to Soar in 2007
U.K. Researchers Develop 'Nano Dog' Sniffing Sensor
Samsung Announces 4-GB Solid-State Drive
Space Tourism Depends on Client Buzz
Little-Known T-Rays Could Create Revolution in Imaging
UK Watchdog Wants to Beef up WiFi
Momentum Builds for 'Revolution' to Recycle Electronic Waste
Congressman, ARRL Appeal to FCC to Accommodate BPL Interference Concerns
World's First WiMAX Oil Rig Deployment
Fighting Global Warming By Injecting Sulfur into the Atmosphere
FCC Says August Auction Won't Involve Blind Bidding
Scientists Build 'Magnetic Semiconductors' One Atom at a Time
NASA May Mothball Space Station Research
European Space Agency Astronaut Spacewalks
Boeing Completes Wideband Gapfiller Satellite Ground Compatibility Tests
Eye Transmits to Brain at Ethernet Speed
As U.S. Goes Mobile, Pay Phones Disappearing or in Disrepair
Prediction: Bluetooth in 30% of New Vehicles by 2012
Cost Efficient Radar Technology Created - Magnetless Circulators
BAE Systems Unveils Human-in-the-Loop Simulation for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Spintronics Research Targets GaAs
Intel Unveils Next-Gen Microprocessors
New Measures to Cut Mobile Phone Theft
Market Growing for Luxury Gadgets
Microsoft Fails to Quash Vista Fears
Russian Rocket Crash Caused by Engine
Transmission Congestion Threatens to Clog Nation's Power Grid
Subaru Telescope Spots Largest Structure in the Universe
FCC: Broadband Subscriptions Up 33 Percent in 2005
Nokia Starts Tests of Wi-Fi Internet Mobile Calls
Quantum Wires Spin Holes
Global Annual Sales of Home Wireless Devices: 314M Units by 2010
China to Curb Illegal Foreign Invest in Telecoms Service
Freescale: One-Chip Mobile TV/WiFi in 2008
Navy Laptops With Information on 31,000 Recruiters Stolen in New Jersey
Scientists Image 'Magnetic Semiconductors' on the Nanoscale
Airlines Must Look at Alternative Fuels to Boost Efficiency
U.S. Army Research Labs Using Particles to Stop Billets
FCC: Broadband Subscriptions Up 33 Percent in 2005
Nokia Starts Tests of Wi-Fi Internet Mobile Calls
Quantum Wires Spin Holes
Global Annual Sales of Home Wireless Devices: 314M Units by 2010
China to Curb Illegal Foreign Invest in Telecoms Service
Freescale: One-Chip Mobile TV/WiFi in 2008
Navy Laptops With Information on 31,000 Recruiters Stolen in New Jersey
Scientists Image 'Magnetic Semiconductors' on the Nanoscale
Airlines Must Look at Alternative Fuels to Boost Efficiency
U.S. Army Research Labs Using Particles to Stop Billets
Man Accused of Shoving Phone Down Throat
RFMD Delivers 50% Growth in Revenue and Improved Operating Income
China Eyes Stronger Military Against 'Hostile Western Forces' (the people currently building their economy)
Missile Defense Plan Seen Ready by Fall
EURid Suspends 74,000 .eu Domains
India to Embark Upon 10-Year Digitalization Plan
Paint-On Semiconductor Outperforms Crystalline Material
Mobile Market Expanding Rapidly in India
Thieves Leave the Car, Take the Gadgets
NASA Warms up Atlantis for STS-115
Russia Launches Kosmos Military Satellite
Laptops in Tow, More Americans Work on Vacation
U.S. Study Reportedly Details U.S. Chip Design Exodus
Automatic Tracking Antenna Supports WiFi Mobility
India's Wipro in Joint Venture with Motorola
Text Speak Changing Relationships: British Survey
Google Offers Live Traffic Maps on Cell Phones
Latest Washers, Dryers Go Online
Lockheed Martin Completes Fifth Modernized GPS Satellite (please, guys, don't tip it over!)
China to Test Its 'Artificial Sun'
Microsoft Confirms It's Planning Challenger to iPod
Iranian Female Ansari (as in X-Prize) Blazes Trail into Space Tourism
Beep Beep - Missile on the Way
Identity Theft: Implanted RFIDs "Unique ID" Cloned
Russia to Put WiMax on Trial
U.S., Others Oppose European Chemical Laws
Companies in Northern Israel Respond to Disruption
Philips' Semi Division to Sell for $10.2B
PowerPoint Zero-Day Attack May Be Case of Corporate Espionage
Moore's Law Threatened by Multi-Core Programmability Challenge
Fuel Cells, a Neglected Clean Source of Energy
European Telecom And Space Firms Jointly Test New Mobile Broadcasting Concept
Fortress Technologies Launches Integrated Wireless Solution for Defense, Security, and First Responder Markets
Spirit Clears Away Dust and Loads New Software
ESA to Help Europe Prepare for Space Tourism
Road to AC Voltage Standard Leads to Important Junction
Concerns Grow Over 'Patent Trolls'
Manassas Radio Amateur Takes Issue with BPL Interference Testing
Will LG's Chocolate Phone Hit a Sweet Spot?
U.S. Taking Hard Line on Options Investigations
Feds Rip Into Former Brocade Execs for Backdating Options
ZigBee Technology Resurgence
Add Nanotubes and Stir -- With the Right Force
India Boosts IP Rights Enforcement
Mars Mission Lasts Well Past Sell-By Date
Google: The Anti-Yahoo
Researcher Developing Anti-RFID Device
Newly Listed Company Vows to Bring Broadband to Rural America
BAE Systems to Develop NextGen Wireless Tactical Networks
Nokia Profits Surge on Handset Sales
First Data Release from UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey (now what is it about that name that I like?)
ABI Predicts Web Portals will Battle for the Dashboard
DoE Appoints DaimlerChrysler Exec to Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Committee
A UWB-Enabled iPod: Too Cool, for School
Residential Wind Turbine Integrates Advanced Inverter
Sub-Millimetr Astronomy in Full Swing on Southern Skies
After a Strong Earnings Showing, Is Google Back on the Web Throne?
Li-ion Batteries Gain Ground In Transportation and Space
E.U. Forbids Dutch Town from Building Municipal Broadband Network
Ultra-Wideband Prepares Itself for the Mobile Phone Market
Digital Radio Landscape is Mired with Patents
MMS Traffic in USA Surges
'MOMS' Boost DLP Applications
Motorola Posts Another Strong Quarter
China to Develop Deep Space Exploration in 5 Years
ESA MetOp-A satellite Launch Delayed Indefinitely
Google Tests Web Search for the Blind
JFW Announce Low Intermod Loads for PIM Testing
Qualcomm Profit Climbs 15%
U.S. Air Force, BAE Systems Testing Retrievable Fiber-Optic Towed Decoy
Pet Python Has Surgery After Eating Electric Blanket
Study Calls for National Electronics Recycling Law
Siemens Communications Unit to Be Split August
Near-Flawless Shuttle Mission Gives Boost to U.S. Space Program
Group Focuses on Receivers for Galileo GPS System
Cluster Hits the Magnetic Bull's-Eye
Rise in Autism Blamed on Phone Batteries
RoHS Test Technique Comes Under Scrutiny
mPhase Presents Ultra-Sensitive Magnetometer & Nanobattery at FAA Event
Infineon Estimates Qimonda Value at €4B
Cell Phones Are the Latest "Addiction"
China Says Number of Web Users Hit 123 Million
E-mail Losing Ground to IM, Text Messaging
Tektronix Launches HSPA Test Platform
China Blacklists 102 Wireless Services Companies
RFID Chips Keep Sponges Out of Surgery Patients
Small Companies Still Unsure on RoHS
Fuel Cells as Backup Power for Base Stations
Funding Secured for U.K. MEMS Research Center
Infineon Touts First UWB Transceiver
High Altitude Broadband is the Platform for the Future
Microsoft Sues 26 Companies Over Allegedly Pirated Software
New Competitors Will Threaten Established Portable Navigation Device Vendors
Virgin Galactic Plans Space Flights by 2008
A Journey of Space Discovery at the Farnborough International Air Show
Water Powered Mobile Phones
HP Labs Touts Tiny Wireless Chip (new RFID?)
States Sue 7 Global Memory Chip Makers
Space Shuttle STS-121 Returns Safely to Kennedy Space Center (IFR approach)
Spectrum Sharing Test Beds to Help "Cognitive" Radio
Scientists Concoct Chocolate That Won't Melt
Yahoo Invites Its Users to Shoot Ads
Ford Goes Green for a $1.84B to Develop Eco-Friendly Cars
000,000,000,000 New Web Addresses
Value of U.S. Navy SeaPort-e Contract Will Approach $47.8 Billion
Mercury Clock Has Time on Its Side
Paint-On Antenna Test Flight Paves Way for Next-Generation High-Altitude Airships
Roaring Equipment Market to Lose Steam
Motorola, Cingular Lead Off Telecom Earnings
Silicon-Based Optical Coatings Will Supplant Organics in Use Today
The Car that Drives Itself - The VW GTI '53
UFO Gathering Draws Believers and Belittlers
Internet-Based 'Phishing' Scammers Turn to Phone Lines
Judge Dismisses Page-Ranking Lawsuit Against Google
States to Sue Leading Chip Makers Over Price Fixing
Broadcom Takes $750M Charge for Stock Options
Sarnoff to Design and Produce Replacement ICs for DLA and DSCC
Radio Waves Partners with Eupen Cable for Elliptical Waveguide
Pinhole Camera Photo Could be World's Largest
Private Spacecraft Successfully Inflates in Orbit
NASA Explains Puzzling Impact of Polluted Skies on Climate
Hubble Advanced Camera Back In Business
USPTO and National Inventors Hall of Fame Foundation Honor Student Winners of ©®EA™ Contest
In-Flight Internet Service by Boeing Could Be Shut Down
Brown Engineers Use DNA to Direct Nanowire Assembly and Growth
A Flood of New Environmental Laws
Lucent, Alcatel Deal Sheds 9,000 Jobs
Intel to Cut 10,000 to 15,000 Jobs
Motorola Aims for 1/4 of China Handset Market
Cyclists Create Their Own GPS Maps
Thermoelectric Polymers Could Heat, Cool Buildings
Paint-On Semiconductor Outperforms Chips
Few US Workers Who Could Telecommute Do So
Nature's Fundamental Laws May Be Changing
China Syndrome Cooling
Nanotechnology Risks Need Addressing
"Smart" Fitting Room Uses RFID to Suggest Matching Apparel
Sony Ericsson Surges in Q2
Wi-Fi More Popular Than iPods
Public Wi-Fi Coverage to 35,000+ Hotspots in 60 Countries
EU to Slash Mobile Phone "Roaming" Charges
Tycoon to Test Space Station Technology
Singapore Braces for Electronics Downturn
China's Chip Demand is Slowing
Researchers Build Sharpest Tip
TI to Open Second Indian R&D Center
South Korea Allocates Large Blocks of "Flexible Access Common Spectrum" Above 3 GHz
Czech Republic Woos High-Tech U.S. Companies
European Commission Fines Microsoft $357 Million for Antitrust Violations
FuelCell Energy Demonstrates Safe Dual-Fuel Power Plant Operation
Competitiveness Initiative Aims to Keep U.S. Ahead of Global Trends
NASA to Use Space Age Droid Satellites
Qualcomm Seeks to Ban Nokia Sales in USA
Outsourced R&D Highlights Need for IP Rules
Intel-Backed China Foundry in Limbo
Earthlink to Introduce WiFi Phones
Indian GEO Rocket Disintegrates Shortly After Lift-Off
Nanostructured Materials that May Increase Lifespan of High-Capacity Energy Systems
Google to Build Michigan Facility
Gates: Vista Likely to Be Ready in January
New Letters Shed Light on Einstein’s Love Life
New MIT Telescope to Probe Early Universe
Blogger's Quest to Trade Paper Clip For House Successful
Cornell Sleuths Crack Secret Codes of Europe's Galileo Satellite
US and Japan to Lead $11.7bn Mobile TV Market
Freescale: We're Making Magnetic Memory Chips
Near-Field Communications is Picking up Steam
New DC Subway Radio Net Reportedly Falls Short
U.S. to Lead Fab Spending Surge
Boeing To Build Three More GPS Satellites
Rockwell Collins Wins Air Force Contract for Next Gen GPS
Next Generation Tracking Technology Emerging
ITC Investigates Nokia in Qualcomm Dispute
Quality of Indian Research Falling
Hacker to Release One Browser Exploit for Every Day in July
Merger Creates Institution of Engineering and Technology
It's Contest Time: WRTC-2006 is Ready to Roll!
Astronauts Finish first of 3 Spacewalks
China Takes Requests for Moon Tunes
3-D Scanner Wins 2006 IEEE Presidents' Scholarship
Nano-Chips to Power Computers, Phones of the Future
Stephen Hawking Poses Question, Gets Thousands of Answers
Researchers Create Broadband Light Amplifier on a Photonic Chip
Cingular Accused in Lawsuit of Deceiving Ex AT&T Customers
Indiana to Create 'Biotown' as Source of Entire Town's Energy
Solitons Could Power Molecular Electronics, Artificial Muscles
First Bluetooth Watches Released
Lumera Gets DARPA Contract for ElectroOptic Polymers
Electronics Giants Aim New Gadgets at China Market
Lack of Testers Hinders China 3G Standard
First Wireless Wrist-Worn PC Due This Month - is this a joke?
Drones Reshaping Iraq's Battlefields
DoD Awards $1.36M to Develop Carbonate Hydrogen Generating System
Solitons Might Power Molecular Electronics
Manitoba Hydro first to Deploy New Advanced Metering and Communication Technology (RF/BPL/PLC) from Itron
Indian Broadband Market Could Explode
Lexus LS-460 Earns TRG Top Technology Ranking
DoE Publishes Research Roadmap for Developing Cleaner Fuels
RoHS Rules Kill Shipments of Palm Treos to Europe
WiMax Gets $900M Boost as Intel and Moto Back Clearwire
Mechanism for High-Tc Superconductivty Probed
Initial Chinese 3G Spend Could Reach $2.5 Billion
Discovery Docks With Space Station After Doing Back Flip
Desperate: AOL May Offer Free Internet to High-Speed Users
DisplaySearch Expects LCDs to Outsell CRT TVs in 2009
BAE Systems to Demonstrate Precision Guidance Kit for Army Cannon Artillery
UWB Targets 6GHz for Consumer Success
Nanomagnets in Chips and Antenna Reduce Package Size
Some Canadians Would Bet Mortgage in Poker Hand
UWB Firms Giving up on Spectrum Below 6GHz?
Illegal Downloads, Piracy Accepted in Mexican Music Market (why not? - we let them steal our social services & school space)
RFMD Named to Premier NASDAQ Global Select Market
Telescopes for Mobile Phones
Shuttle Performs Perfect Fourth of July Liftoff
Wireless Sensors Could Protect US Power Grid
Amazon.com's Jeff Bezos’ Spaceship Plans Revealed
Paris Wants Total Wi-Fi Coverage
Cellular Set to Beat iPods in Handheld Media Market
European Commission's Online Consultation for RFID
India to Build Independent Satellite Navigation System
Navy to Use Less Intense Sonar in Pacific Rim Exercises
A Million Bucks in a Month
Shuttle Launch Still a Go Tuesday Despite More Foam Problems (2:38 p.m. Eastern Time )
The Scientific Flash Behind the Fireworks
Saying 'No' to WiFi
Qualcomm Lost $11 Billion in Market Cap in June
Pb-Free Rules Help Drive SMT Cleaning
Wireless Cities on the Way
U.S. Attorney Requests Maxim Stock Option Records
Britain Ready to Overhall Defense Acquisition in Major Shake Up
Brain Seen Rebuilding After 19-Year Coma
New Study Shows People Sleep Even Less Than They Think
Oh, say, can you see ... this Very, Very Small Flag?
Second-Half Forecast: Hang on to Your Hat
Large Asteroid Makes Harmless Pass by Earth
Shuttle Launch Postponed Again Until Tuesday
Replace 25 National Regulators With one European Spectrum Agency??
May Chip Sales Grow 9.4%
Silicon Laser Harnessed
Women Dominate Mobile Phone Gaming
U.S. Firms Accuse Qualcomm of Unfair Practices in South Korea
Cities May Want to Study Tempe's Wi-Fi Effort
Solar Semi Co. Files for IPO
Airbus Announces Shift in A380 Production Schedule
Particles of Toxic Lead Solder Elude Detection in Some Water Quality Tests
1/2-Mile Asteroid at Moon's Distance will Miss Earth Monday
RFID Hits a Bump
New Standard Identifies Eco-friendly Computers and Monitor
Hubble Camera Put on Backup Power
Red Cross Laptop with Donor Information Stolen


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