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RF Micro Goes Macro

New RFID Technology is Less Costly, More Accurate

LG Claims Longest-Lasting Portable Fuel Cell

Samsung Will Soon Decide on U.S. Fab (now there's a switch!)

Fighting for Radar Funds

Welcome to the Silicon Road

Keep an Eye on Capital Spending, Analyst Firm Warns

DARPA Narrows Robot Racers from 43 to 20

Australia Names General Dynamics Team for Communication System

The Physics of Building Sand Castles Revealed

EU Wants Shared Control of Internet


WFI Installs Wireless Combat Control Network on Submarines

Broadband Users Number 120+ Million

IC Resale Scandal Rocks AMD, Seagate, STMicroelectronics

General Dynamics Designs Enclosures for Air Defense Electronics

U.S. Insists on Keeping Control of Worldwide Web

VOIP & Wi-Fi IP Phones Supplied to New Orleans Disaster Relief Services

Sanyo to Cut 10,000 Jobs by January

Microchip Turns Electric Outlet into Wireless Link

Samsung Invests $33B in Hwaseong Plant

Riding a Ribbon to Space 1000 Feet Closer - Space Elevator

Google May Build Campus on NASA Property


Shortage of Engineers Worries Asia Execs

FCC Again Delays Net Phone Cutoff Deadline

Analysis: Indian Bluetooth Takes a Big Bite

University of PA Theorists to Create Optical Circuit Elements

Asia to Dominate WiMAX Market

RFID Chip Helps Morgue Track Katrina Victims

NASA, Industry Partners Complete Tests of Solar Sails

NASA Administrator Says Space Shuttle & ISS Were a Mistake


RFMD Ships 10 Millionth Polaris(TM) Transceiver

New York Orders $2B Wireless Network from M/A-COM

Secure Cellphone Spec Advances

Bluetooth SIG Streamlines Certification Process

Motorola Scores Again for Ultra Low-Cost Mobiles

NASA's Johnson Control Center Back to Normal

IC Insights: Flat Capex in 2006

NIST Atomic Fountain Clock Gets Much Better with Time

China Defends New Internet Restrictions


China Sets New Rules on Internet News

Call for Lower Taxes on Mobile Phones to Ease "Digital Divide"

Robots to Face Off for $2M Pentagon Prize

Freescale Board O.K.'s $500M Stock Repurchase

Northrop Grumman Grapples with Obsolete Parts in EW System

China's Next Space Mission Planned for Oct. 13

Before the Oil Runs Out: The Search for Alternatives

Cable's Digital Drive Irks Basic Customers


National Security Agency Gets Fix on Internet Users

Cell Users in Rita's Path Urged to be Patient

Space Elevator Robot Passes 1,000-foot Mark

Physicists Measure Tiny Force that Limits How Far Machines Can Shrink

The Overworked, Networked Family

Professor Wants to Put Your Toaster on the Internet

Interference Complaints Prompt FCC Queries to California Repeater Owners


Military Comms Market will Reach $9.37B by 2010

More Colleges Offering Video Game Courses

Qualcomm Integrates WLAN Functions into Handsets

Air Force Improves GPS Technology

Blast a hurricane away? Fuggedaboutit!

Northrop Grumman to Build USMC Radar - Hoorah

Lost In Shanghai? Your Map Is Counterfeit

NASA's Mission Control Empties out as Rita Nears

Agilent Technologies to Increase Size of Share Repurchase Program

Harris Demonstrates MilSat Antenna Feed Capable of Super-High Data Rates


U.S. to Send Teams to Combat Product Piracy Abroad

IPC Communications Standard Scrutinized by Industry

Hurricane Rita Bears Down on US Coast with Mega Force

Sony to Slash 10,000 Jobs

House OKs Manufacturing Technology Bill

Air Pollution Found to Pose Greater Danger to Health than Earlier Thought

VoIP over Wi-Fi Poised to Spread Quickly

Navy Boosts Order for ViaSat Communications Terminals

U.K. Manufacturing Still Viable, Say PCB Makers

Mobile Phone Users Demand Decent Batteries


Advertisers Bite with Bluetooth

Hospitals Track More Patients with RFID Devices

3G Adoption Gaining

Diamond-Based Schottky Diode Advance

Passing the Buck: RoHS & WEEE

MIT Researchers Map City by Cellphone

Google Confirms It's Testing Wireless Service

U.S. Millionaire's Bumpy Road to Space

Boeing Projects $213B Market for New Airplanes in China

FAA Weighs Cameras, Wireless Devices in Planes

Feds Want Cell Phone Ban for Teen Drivers


Two European Airlines to Test Cell Phone Use

Virginia Tech to Smarten up Cognitive Radio

Dell Laptops to Have Built-In 3G

Google Plans to Launch Own WiFi Service

How We'll Get Back to the Moon

Breakthrough in Micro-Device Fab Combines Biology & Synthetic Chemistry

PartMiner Gets a New Look

North Korean Nuclear Crisis Not Over

NASA Releases Plans for Next Generation Spacecraft

ESA's New Deep Space Antenna in Cebreros Becomes a Reality

Harris Will Supply Deployable Antennas for Army


Agilent Technologies Ships 2005 EDA Software Releases

New Wrinkle Rolls in WAN Acceleration

Replacement for Military/Aerospace RS-422/ RS-423 ICs Unveiled

Silicon Valley Losing its Edge

Europe Treads Cautiously Towards UWB Regulation

Is Singapore Hitting the Skids as Electronics Hub?

USMC Chooses Northrop Grumman for New Battlefield Radar

No Risk, No Fun? People Who Take Risks more Satisfied with Their Lives

Remote Controls for Your Life

NASA to Detail Plans for Trip to Moon

Three nights of the Harvest Moon

New Key Chain Size Personal GPS Tracking Device Hits the Market


IBM to Encourage Employees to Be Teachers

Internet Oversight Board OKs New Domains

Navy Funds Research for Radar Components

NASA to Unveil Plans for 2018 Moon Mission

Army Awards Billion-Dollar Contracts for Image-Intensification Devices

Japan Electronics Industry Should Consolidate

FCC Seeks New Bureau for Disaster Management

Bose-Einstein Condensate Runs Circles Around Magnetic Trap

Raytheon Delivers Non-lethal Weapon to DOD

Sizing Up The Future Of Air Travel


FCC to Probe Katrina Telecom Failures

Falling Prices, Government Mandates Propel HDTV

Cisco Making RFID Play

SIA Lobbies for U.S. Competitiveness

Engineers Work to Stall Hubble's Death

Foundry Demand to Rebound in 2006

Helping out a High-Temperature Superconductor

Dartmouth Researchers Build World's Smallest Mobile Robot

Rice Researchers Gain New Insight into Nanoscale Optics

M/A-COM's NetworkFirst Designated as Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology by DHS


U.S. Lacks Unified Emergency Radio System

'Brilliant' Minds Honored

Calling All Radio Amateurs: SSETI Express Satellite Wants You

Cree Advances Silicon Carbide in $15M Defense Contract

SIA Seeks to Boost U.S. Competitiveness

Fujitsu's 4-foot Tall "Enon" Robot on Sale for $54,000

Sun & Sand: Dirty Silicon Could Supply Solar Power

Fractal Antenna Pioneer Targets UWB

Large Public Trial of WiMAX Gets Underway in Italy

Chinese Wi-Fi Certification Lab Established


USA Wireless Calling Surpasses Wireline Calling

ATDF Turns to Thunderbird, Investigates Fermi-FETs

Nokia Sees Strong Demand, Ups Q3 Guidance

Toyota Hopes to Cut Hybrid Premium in Half

Wireless Displacement Swamping Convergence

HP, Philips Team on Next-Gen RFID Standard

Proponents Turn up the Volume on Mobile TV

Allied Defense Group's NS Microwave Products Support Security and Relief Efforts in the Gulf Region

NSF Panel to Assess U.S. Robotics Technology

Future Mobile Phones May Have 100GB Memory

Nokia E-Mail Platform Takes on BlackBerry


NanoMEMS Research, LLC Completes Registration to Provide Continuing Education Courses

Landline Phones are an Endangered Species

China to Make $67B Worth of Electronics in 2005

Ebay Pays $2.6 billion for VoIP Pioneer Skype

IP Issues Still Loom Large in China

Navy Picks Wireless Comm System for Medical Helicopters

Using Tax Money for Wi-Fi Hot Spots

Physician, Wire Thyself: Health Care System Needs Dose of Technology

BAE to Supply Electronic Engine Control for F-35

Supersizing the Supercomputers

Team America Rocketry Challenge Applications Now Available


Zensys’ Z-Wave Home-Ccontrol Technology Featured in New Logitech Harmony Remotes

Monster to Develop and Launch Line of Z-Wave Automation Products

AWR Acquires European EDA Developer APLAC Solutions Oy

Large Solar Flare May Bring Disruptions

WiMAX Equipment Sales to Hit $2B by 2009

WiMAX Said to Complement Wi-Fi, 3G

Strong Chip Growth Due in 2006

Apple Launches New iTunes Phone

Motorola Teases Talk About iPod Cell Phone

UAVs Deployed into Action over New Orleans

Danish Researchers Reveal New Hydrogen Storage Technology

Scientific Breakthrough Will Help Protect Astronauts and Spacecraft

Microsoft Developing Low-Cost Windows XP


Ham Radio Operators to the Rescue After Katrina

Brazil Unveils Semi Industry Plans

Indian Carrier to Float $5B Tender Offer for Telecom Gear

Ericsson to Invest $1B in China as 3G Grows

Louisiana Governor Blasts Faulty Wireless Nets (the moron apparently does no know that nets need electricity and standing towers to operate)

FCC Pushing Carriers to Fix Nets Destroyed by Katrina

Christmas Shopping Season Begins

Lab Steps up to Challenges of RFID Tech

Katrina's Impact on Space Program Could Linger

Electronic Lab Notebooks Useful for Teaching, but not Ready to Replace Paper

Launch of New Commercial Spaceport to be Announced by NM's Governor


Cell Phones for the Playground Population

High-Tech Firms Offer Katrina Relief

Typhoon Nabi Slows Japanese Production

Chernobyl Toll May Be Less than Feared

3G Growth Slower than Expected

Satellite Phones Provide Critical Link in Katrina

Millimeter-Wave Screener Finds Non-Metallic Weapons

Peak Devices Buys Infineon Bipolar RF Transistor Line

Teens Charged with Hacking School Computers

Risk from 2029 Asteroid Now More Remote


Mixing Oil and Water - Katrina's Effect on Electronics Sales

Europeans Question Flood Preparations

India, U.S. Expected to Sign Science & Technology Deal

Prices at the Pump Don't Push Plug-In Hybrids

Actual Chips Sales up 1.9% in July

QUALCOMM Announces Enhanced Call Quality for 3G Chipsets

Analyst to Chip Bosses: Stop Hoarding Cash

Satellites Spot 'Hot Towers' in Hurricane Katrina - Amazing!

NOAA Hurricane Hunter Pilot Captures Katrina at Her Meanest

China Urges Action Against Threat of Militarization of Outer Space

Giant Optical Telescope in Africa Comes Online


SIA Warns Oil Prices Could Harm Chip Market

DARPA Seeks to Usher in Next Gen Tactical Wireless Networking

Average Price of Laptop Computer Drops to $1,000

Hubble Shifts to Two-Gyroscope Mode

States Expanding Push for Internet Taxes

Unions Threaten California's Solar Energy Bill

Argonne Researchers Create New Diamond-Nanotube Composite Material

Israel Tracks Military Supplies With RFID Tags

Broadband Hardware Sales to Hit $5.4B by 2008