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Wireless Device can Monitor Patients

Passport RFID Chip Criticism Grows

GM & DaimlerChrysler get $88M from Taxpayers for H Fuel Cell Work

ISPs Gain Ground vs. Cable Net Providers

Iridium Satellite to Launch New-Generation Data Modem

All Things Considered, Gas & Cordless Mowers Equally Bad Polluters

U.S. Begins Floating Giant Missile Defense Radar to Alaska

Lockheed Rejoins The Bidding for Los Alamos Lab Contract

WiMAX Competitor in Trials in France


Intel CEO Reportedly Gains $10.7 Million on Options

first Silicon to Fab Sensor Technology for Russian Firm

Bell Labs Plays it Cool with NanoGrass

City Sticks Toe in Wireless Water

PillCam Enables Study Of Esophagus By Swallowing A Pill

New Image Of Earth, Seen Through Gamma-Ray Eyes

Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Autos by 2020

Will Cable Quell the Competition?


Scientists Puzzled No Tsunami After Quake

RFID Cards Get Spin Treatment

UCLA Researchers First To Capture Elusive Lightning-Quick Waveforms

ISS Cosmonaut Hand-Launches "Nanosputnik" Satellite

Toshiba Develops Mini Lithium-Ion Battery That Recharges in a Minute

Stolen Berkeley Laptop Bares Personal Data on 100,000 People

Microsoft & EU agree on name for stripped-down Windows

Space Debris: Assessing The Risk

Nuclear Power Plants Making Energy Cheaper Worldwide (except the U.S.)

China Gains in 2004 Pure-Play Foundry Rankings


Introducing ... Boeing's Electric 7E7

Superconductors Set Course for Wireless

China May Adopt Strict SAR Standard

U.S. Leads in Nantotech, but Asia, Europe Gaining

Wavesat Exec To Speak on Mobile WiMAX

ST Chairman Reiterates Industry Consolidation is Coming

Multi-Radio Meshes Best for City Wi-Fi

Space Debris: Assessing The Risk

'Oracle' (ala Matrix) Computer Could Have All the Answers Built In

India Open to Buying Military Equipment from U.S.


Navy's Regional Economic Impact Continues to Grow, Despite Cutbacks

Affordable Personal Jets Closer Than You Think

U.S. Life Expectancy About To Decline

German Workers Do the Wage Limbo

Pollution Plagues China's Giant Irrigation Scheme

Carmakers are Factory-Installing Satellite Radio


DOD's Revised UAV Road Map to be Released in April

Ericsson Says British Mobile Phone Supplier Infringed Patents

Standing by a Lamp Post - Wirelessly Networking

Mac Attacks Are on the Rise

International Conference On Space Security Opens In Geneva

Inventory Correction Over but Slowness Lingers, Says iSuppli

Teal Group Predicts Increase in 2005 Spacecraft Launches

Spaceflight Industry Ready for Takeoff

Using Radar Amplifiers for Automotive RF Immunity Tests

No New Shuttle Flight Unless Rescue Mission Can Be Guaranteed

Solar-Powered Blimp Could Fly For A Year


Rising Energy Needs Renew Nuclear Interest

Decline in IC Market Came to a Halt in January

Dutch Lead Europe in Broadband Use

New Apps Driving Wireless Growth

eBay Turns 10

ESA Gives Go-Ahead to Cooperation with Indian Lunar Mission

Undergraduate Develops Antenna to Help Robot Move Like a Cockroach

Robust Semi Growth Seen in Coming Years

Mobilize Now to Save Hubble

Wafer Suppliers Set to Outpace Industry Growth

Mobile Phone Industry Faces Lawsuits

Capital Spending to Fall by up to 50% in China & Taiwan


WiMAX and Its Competition Profiled by Report

Blue Angels Striving for Perfection

Sandia Takes the Terror Out of Terror: Physical Security for Homeland Defense

Next-Gen Wi-Fi Standard Remains in Limbo

Poor Man's Cellular Spins Wireless Gold

SEMI Book-to-Bill Hovers at 0.78

Con Artists Dial for Dollars on Net Phones

Spring More Often Than Not Begins on The 20th, Not The 2first

New Machines Could Turn Homes Into Small Factories

Ukraine Admits It Sold Cruise Missiles To Iran, China


Near Field Commission (NFC) Growing

SEMI Book-to-Bill Hovers at 0.78

Japan Trade Group Offers Partnering to U.S. Companies

TGn Takes 802.11n Confirmation Vote

Robust Semi Growth Seen in Coming Years

Longer-Range View of Industry Needed, Semico Believes

Text messaging catching on in U.S. - 1/4 Use It


Kevin Martin to Succeed Powell as FCC Head

Wireless, RFID Drive Comms Recovery

Spring Begins With Equinox On March 20

European VC Funds Set up Shop in California

World's Largest Computing Grid Surpasses One Hundred Sites

X-Band Radar is Set to Reap Benefits of GaN Technology

Cell Phone Radiation Lawsuits Revived

US & UK Designers Collaborate on Unmanned Combat Air System

Threat of Tin Whiskers Haunts Rush to Lead-Free

FCC Opens 3650 MHz Band for Broadband Wireless Use


Bills Seek to Spend $11B Over Five Years in Technology Grants to States

Motorola Unveils Multifrequency Mesh System

Air Force General Calls For New Technology at Mil-Tech Conference

Vendors Pushing Beyond 3G for Faster Speeds

U.S. Could Lose Race for Nanotech Leadership

BelAir Meshes Wi-Fi, WiMAX and 3G Cellular

Philips Claims "Holy Grail" Phase-Change Memory Breakthrough

Innovation Climate Strong in Wireless

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 Details Begin to Leak

New York Teen Wins Intel Science Contest


RFMD Launches Next-Gen GaAs HBT Pre-Driver Power Amps for Cellular Base Stations

Ericsson to Provide WCDMA System for U.S. Navy MUOS Program

AT&T Latest to Trial WiMAX

After Wipro, Infosys Now Gets Bomb Threat

Nanometer Age R&D Costs a Concern, Says TI's Stork

AFI Suggests Industry Hit Bottom in January

Fabless Revenue Hits $33B

Netscape Browser Makes Comeback

Semiconductor Industry Faces 'Difficult Year' in 2005

Astronomers Detect Powerful Bursting Radio Source

Spirit Gets its Animated Surprise

Teets Tells Congress Lasers-Based Communications Coming


RFMD Announces RF8900: Industry's first Sole-Source "Converged" Bluetooth/GPS Solution

Europe Under Snow

British Firm Breaks Ground in Surveillance Science

Europe, U.S. Separated by Telephone Cultures

Atlas 5 Lifts Massive Satellite for Inmarsat

Small Times Unveils Top 10 States in Micro & Nanotech

U.S. Cellphone Use Booming

Scientists Discover Origin of Mysterious Physical Force

Nokia Boosts Cellular-Wi-Fi Convergence Target for Smartphones

Cell Phones of the Future to Contain Multiple Radios


Forbes' 2004: The World's Richest People

RFID Tags Take Hold

Singapore Surpasses U.S. as Top Tech Nation

Salaries for U.S. IEEE Members Decline

Airbus & Space Activities Lift EADS 2004 Profit by 60%

Assistance Available as Scurry for RoHS Compliance Begins

Consumer Online Spending Grows 14%

Intel's Moore Echoes U.S. Competitiveness Concerns

Airspan & Yozan to Build Japan's First WiMAX Network


MBOA Ultrawideband Waiver Request Gets Nod From FCC

Nortel Claims Post-3G Data Speeds Of 37 Mbit/s

AeroStream Develops Low-Power Radio Solution (does this place even have a website?)

U.K. Confidence Up Despite China Concerns

NASA Reveals Requirements For New Manned Spaceship

China To Have 800 Missiles Aimed At Taiwan In 2006

DARPA Selects Gallium Nitride Components For Future Military Space Systems

10 Reasons Why Nasdaq Won't Recover Soon


Lockheed Martin Strike Begins; DOD not Intervening for Now

Bell Labs' Irish Center Targets 'Nanograss' for Photonics Systems

SIA to Bring U.S. Technology Leadership Debate to Washington

Fiber Market Set For Real Growth, Says Corning Scientist

Strong Aerospace Sector Buoys U.S. Trade Deficit

DARPA Selects Northrop Grumman to Develop Components for Military Space Communication

Earth's Lightning Zaps Space, Too

World's First Intergalactic Communication System Now Transmitting

Mount St. Helens Releases Plume

World's Largest Tech Show Set to Open


ZigBee Alliance Announces Adopter Class Membership to Dramatically Expand

World's Largest Particle Collider to be Installed at Swiss-French Border

China Signals Stronger Military National Goal

Lockheed Martin's JASSM Successful In Flight Test

Databeans Says TI is Still The Top Analog Supplier

Atom-Bomb Designer Hans Bethe Dies

BAE Buys United Defense For $4 Billion

TI to License Telchemy VoIP Technology


FCC Modifies Rules for 70/80 GHz Bands

Spectrum Issues Haunt DVB-H in Europe

Raytheon Ground Sensor Programs Adjusting to FCS Restructuring

Moon Probe Could Kill Conspiracy Theory

'Mobile Generation' Going Back to the Tube

Platform Built for Combo of Copper, Fiber

Broadcom pays $32 million for Bluetooth chip specialist Zeevo

Toward More Efficient Computers: Researchers Validate Energy Savings ff 'P-Bits'

Tech Stocks Rise; Qualcomm, Cisco Help


T-Mobile Conducts Live 3.5G Trials

MagnaChip Introduces CMOS Image Sensor for Pill Camera

SIA's 'Actual' January Sales Up 23% Year-on-Year

Air Force Set to Lift Contracts Ban on Boeing

ZigBee Takes to the Sea

GlobalFlyer Mission Used NASA Communications Tools

Fossett Ends Historic Flight Where He Started, in Kansas

Texas Instruments Envisions Many New Applications for RFIDs

ZigBee-Based Wireless Energy Meters Enter U.S. Market


Houston Airport Adds Sprint's PCS Wi-Fi Service

January Global Chip Sales Show Year-to-Year Growth Jump

Robot to Arm-Wrestle Human at Materials Conference

Alien RFID Bundle Helps Wal-Mart Distributors Comply

Fossett Commits To Final Dash To Kansas

Northrop Agrees to Settle Charges of Inflating Prices

Why is the Helix Such a Popular Shape in Nature?

Minding Your Beeswax: Beekeepers Use RFID to Prevent Hive Theft

EU Investing For R&D Advantage


Standex Electronics/Magnetico Receives SAE AS9100 Certification

Former Volterra Employee Arrested for Unauthorized Transfer of Proprietary Data Sheet

Philips Rolls Out RFID Project in Its Semi Supply Chain

Fossett's Round-The-World Bid Runs Into Fuel Trouble

Carbon-Dating Clock Reset

Northrop Grumman Awarded Airborne Laser And Sensor Contract By US MDA

Ember & Atmel Partner on ZigBee

More People Than Ever Using Cell Phones While Driving

Space & Telecom Entrepreneur Walt Anderson Arrested For $200 Million Tax Scheme

Queen bestows knighthood on Bill Gates


Wireless LAN Set to Change Consumer Electronics

RFMD to Discontinue WLAN Digital BB Chipset Efforts

DoD Pledges $146.6M for Basic Research

EU to Announce Winner of Galileo GPS Network

Intel's Barrett Warns U.S. Over Global Competition

Gartner: Semi Slowness Until 2007

DARPA Describes High-Energy Diode Laser Initiative

Japan Aims For Station on the Moon in 2025

India "A Step ahead" of China in Satellite Technology