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Growth Returns to Electronics Industry

mPhase, Rutgers University Expand Nanotechnology Battery Research

Interactive Taxis: Taking a Ride on the Web Side

Hot Research Harnesses Cold Atoms

Technology Collaborative Funds Defense Robotics Research

U.S. Set to Oppose Efforts To Restrict Use of Sonar

Cell phones you can't have ... Yet

Largest Machines On Earth: Particle Colliders

Analysis: Slow Start For Power Broadband


Weathermen to be Fined in Moscow for Bad Predictions

Cell Phone Makers Choose Between Style and Tech

Study Finds U.S. not Keeping up With Competitors

U.S. Downs Dummy Ballistic Missile in Successful Test

Canada Will Not Participate In US Missile Defence Program

'Digital Divide' Narrowing Fast, World Bank Says

Delegates Disagree on Impact of WiMAX

China Walks Out of Wireless LAN Security Talks

Suit Claims HP, Agilent Sold Defective Medical Devices

Falling ASPs Will Dampen Wi-Fi Unit Gains, Says Infonetics

GAO: USAF Should Recompete Part Of C-130 AMP Work


OFDM Will Overtake CDMA, Report Asserts

FCC Extends Transition Period for 5 GHz Radios

Motorola Teams With WWiSE Consortium on IEEE 802.11n Proposal

Use Of Cell Phone Images Appears Feasible For Visualizing Leg Wounds

Millennium Cell to Show Hydrogen-Powered Laptop at Intel Forum

Supercharged PDA With GPS Really Flies

Philips Claims Plastic Nonvolatile Memory Breakthrough

Solar Tower of Power Finds Home

Lockheed Martin Begins Testing Of Aegis Weapon System With SPY-1F Radar


Raytheon to Receive Contract for ATFLIR Production Within Days

China Opportunity for Comms Chip Makers in 2005

Russia Emerges as Tech Investment Target Despite Obstacles

Security Experts Explore Wireless Frontier

Tiny is Beautiful: Translating 'Nano' Into Practical

Doctors Going Wireless with Souped-Up PDAs

Mars Express Imagery Appears to Reveal Frozen Sea on Mars

Chinese Chip Makers Threaten Small SE Asian Rivals


Looks Count for Cell Phones

Rural Site Part of USA's Oldest Sat-Tracking System

Forum Studies Soft-Radio Flow

A Breakout Year for RFID Tags

Model Describes Transistor Death

Ariane 5 Technology Turns the Lights On

Mobile Phone Virus Spotted in U.S., Security Expert Warns of Huge Risks

Wireless Chips Ride CMOS Wave


Rumsfeld: 'Sensible' To Study Bunker-Busting Nuclear Bomb

DigRF Compliant Radio Extends Cellphone Talk Time by 20 Percent

Defense R&D Budget Cutting Off Funding For FY '05 Earmarks

Qualcomm Plans Mobile TV Offensive

DoD Awards Research 212 University Contracts

China Foundries Growing Fast

Mobile Phone Virus Found in United States

Tiny Superconductors Withstand Stronger Magnetic Fields

NASA to Launch Space Shuttle Discovery on May 15

Benefits Of Space For All Citizens

Toys Getting High-Tech Bells and Whistles


Finnish Study Shows Handset Radiation Within Limits

USAF Will Need 'Backup Plans' if F/A-22 Cuts Stand

New Standard for Testing Cellphone Radiation Emissions

Fragmented China Software Sector No Match for India

SEMI's Book-to-Bill Sinks to 0.80 in January

'Tin Whiskers' Brush with RoHS

U.S. Technology in Danger of Falling Behind

Hoosac Windmills on Permit Fast-Track

Northrop Grumman to Expand Unmanned Air Vehicle Facility in MS


Group to Examine Possible Cell Phone Risks

Invention Mania: Body Scans, 3D Modeling at DEMO

China Overtakes US in Consumption of Agricultural and Industrial Goods

World's Biggest Smuggling Racket: Indonesia Illegal Rainforest Logging to China

Freedom of Information Forces Beagle 2 Failure Report

IPOs in 2005 Raise Record $8.4 Billion

Trade Body Calls for Action on Erosion of U.S. Leadership

Starwood's San Diego Hotel to Convert to Fuel Cell Energy

Mini Helicopter Thinks For Itself - On The Fly - To React To Dangerous Situations

Mobile Industry Sees Viruses as Growing Threat

India's New Spectrum Policy May Include 3G

BAE Awarded $135.5m Defence Contract


Taiwan Government Raids UMC Offices Over China Fab Links

Cell Phone use Coming for Airbus Fliers

Broadcom to Unleash WEDGE Platform

Bluetooth Chip Vendor Increases Profit as Sales Soar

GSM Group Targets Emerging Countries

Missing: One Russian Spy Satellite

Microsoft Plans New Version of Browser

Spectacular Balloon Flights From Esrange To Alaska This Spring

More Telecomm Megamergers on the Way

U.S. to Spend $5.8 Billion on Climate Change in 2005


U.S. Cities Eye Ocean Waves for Power Supplies

Lockheed Plans Layoffs as Rocket Programs End

Wireless World: WiMax Is Coming

U.S.- Israeli Outfit Greases Wheels of Nano Commercialization

Cell Phone Industry Bets Big on Music

Interceptor Fails To Launch In GMD Flight-Test

Semico Bumps Up Market Recovery to September

Nokia Forecasts Big Jump in 3G Subscribers

Northrop Grumman Outfits U.S. Army with Weather Products

NTT DoCoMo Pioneers 'Dark Side' Research on Mobile Phones


Silicon Valley Hotbed for Chinese Espionage

A380 Set for First Flight

Inventory Correction is Over, Look to Analog, Says Analyst

ST to Demonstrate Mobile Phone as Payment Terminal

UWB Gaining Infrastructure

Researchers Uncover Secrets Behind Nanotube Formation

New Measurement Undermines Physicists' Theories For Hidden 'Particle-Force'

Motorola Plans Low-Cost Phones in Emerging Markets

New Tools Making Online Work Easier


IEEE to Amend Wireless LAN Standards

U.S. Wireless Market to Hit $212.5 Billion by 2008, Says TIA

Samsung Leads First Linux 3G Phone Design Effort

DHS Budget Request Seeks Funds To Start Office To Catch Illicit Nuclear Activities

Battery Company Integrates Li-ion, Bipolar Designs

Homeland Security Budget Includes $9.5 Billion for Private Sector

Inventors in Wildly Different Areas Honored for Achievements

'Electric Socket' in Sea to Make Waves

While Under Pressure Those Most Likely To Succeed Will Most Likely Fail

World's Fastest Oscillating Nanomachine Holds Promise For Quantum Computing


Experimental Radar Provides 3-D Forest View

Whittaker Takes Robotics Where No Man Can Go

MEMs RF front-End Filters Needed

Why Smart People Crack Under Pressure

Critics Fear Hasty May 2005 Shuttle Launch

U.S. Studies Teleporting Troops ala "Star Trek"

Large Firms Wrongly Awarded Defense Small-biz Deals

Demand Will Continue to Outpace Supply in China

Lockheed Martin to Transfer Sensitive Aircraft Technology to Indian Company


Power Line Networks Seen as Challenging Wireless

IEEE to Amend Wireless LAN Standards

Experts Chime in on Future of Camera Phones

2004 Silicon Shipments, Revenues Rise

Northrop Grumman Establishes Directed Energy Systems Unit

Twilight of the Jedi

HP's CEO Fiorina Gets the Boot


China to Pioneer Meltdown-Proof Reactor - Take Lead in Nuclear Power

RF Micro Devices Extends Industry-Leading PowerStar Power Amplifier Module Portfolio

Microprocessor Challenge to Intel Launched

Nextel OKs FCC Deal on Wireless Spectrum

Missile Defense Takes Big Hit In 2006 Budget Plan

Can you read me now? No? Good!

DOD FY '06 Budget Rises By 4.8%, Focuses On Global Terrorism

ESD on the Red Planet - Use the Alien Body Model (ABM), Perhaps?

Clusters of Aluminum Atoms Have Properties of Other Elements - Reveal New Form of Chemistry

Navy to Cut Orders; Job Losses Seen

Bush Budget Seeks $344 Million in Nanotech Funding

NASA Budget Boosts Space Exploration, Cuts Aeronautics


Intel Reveals MIMO Radio, Dual-Core Itanium

IBM, Sony, Toshiba to Reveal ‘Superbrain Chip’

Single-Chip Cell Phone ICs Seen as a Niche Market - Still Need a PA

Watch an Asteroid Whiz by in 2029

Congress Frets Over Saving Hubble Space Telescope

Filter Enhances Power Of Communications Satellites

Hold the Phone, VOIP Isn't Safe

Identity Thieves Can Lurk at Wi-Fi Hotspots


Caution Urged For Switch To Internet Phones

Astronomers Find 'Hot Spot' on Saturn

Things That Make the Earth Go Hmmm...

Congress Frets Over Saving Hubble

New Spammer Tool Foils Filters

Distributors Spreading RoHS Data as Deadline Looms

Antenova Integrates Antenna, RF Components into Single Module


ST Won't Have 'Single-Chip' Cellphone Integration Until 2007

Scientists Find 'Missing' Matter

Microsoft Unveils EuroScience Initiative

China Launches Satellite TV Service In Asian Region

Space Debris Crowds The Not-So-Friendly Skies

Cable VoIP Subscribers Jump 900% 2003-2004


Drivers on Cell Phones Kill Thousands, Snarl Traffic...

Study: Cell Phone Use Ages Young Drivers

China, Russia To Hold First Ever Joint Military Drill

'04 Nano Funding Report: Less Money but Record Number of Rounds

Opportunity Rover Finds An Iron Meteorite On Mars

H-P Proposes Alternative to Transistors

Mixed Electronics Reports in Q4

Asia Boosts 2004 Equipment Sales

U.S. Telecom Spending Hits $784 Billion in 04

3G to Extend Compliance Testing Times


Nanoscale Latch Could Replace Transistor - Disruptive Technology, Claims HP

Microsoft Formally Launches Search Engine

Shake to Dial

EU Commission Proposes Ban on Mercury Exports

EADS Space Unit Returns To Profit In 2004

Wine Drinkers Live Longer Than Beer Guzzlers

Nano Companies Plot Multiple Courses to Public Market in 2005

2004 Global Semi Sales Hit Record High (Am I the only one who thinks all the Semi sales reports conflict with each other day-after-day?)

Filtronic Abandons IPO for Handset Antennas Operation