Technology Headline News Archive: October 2004

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Boeing To Get $200M Contract To Upgrade B-52 Communications

Mobile Gaming to Reach US$1 Billion This Year

Voting Machines Remain Unsecured, Expert Warns

Lockheed Martin Tests Integrated Avionics for F-35

Defense Contractors See Profits Soar in Third Quarter

Navy Shipbuilding Contacts May Mean More Jobs in Texas

Cassini Peeks Below Cloud Shroud Around Titan

Russia To Launch New Telecommunications Satellite

West Virginia to Launch Public Computing Grid

San Francisco to Expand Wi-Fi Program


New Web Domain Names Get Preliminary Nod

Mixing Biology And Electronics To Create Robotic Vision

Stargazers Enjoy Total Lunar Eclipse

Excerpts From The Greater-China Press: October 28

Silicon Optics Switches by Changing Refractive Index

Xpedion Upgrades RF Simulator


Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight, 1 hr 22 min Duration

Germany Expected To Approve New MEADS Phase In December

Global Mobile Handset Market +25% In 3Q - Strategy Analytics

Is U.S. Wireless Industry Catching Up on 3G?

Navy and Coast Guard Will Share New EADS Radar

Titan's First Close-Up: Cassini Spacecraft Beams Back Pictures Of Saturn's Moon

Multi-rate Laser Pulses Could Boost Outdoor Optical Wireless Performance

U.S. Plans To Accelerate Deployment Of Aegis Warships For Missile Defense

Nokia wins 115-million-dollar network deal from Brazil's Oi Cellular


All Eyes On Titan Today

'Nouse' Lets Users Control Computer with Face Movement

Bush, Kerry Have Similar Priorities on Military Spending

NASA Selects Northrop Grumman for First Prometheus Mission to Jupiter

Semi Equipment Market Dead Next Year

TSMC's Chang Sees Plummeting Utilization, '05 Capex Down

France's Mobile Rate Rose To 71% In 3Q

Wireless Service Subscribers In US Up 14.5% - CTIA

Missile Defense Officials Slated To Brief Rumsfeld


WiMAX Vendor Shakeout in 2005, Report Predicts

Aftershocks From Japan Earthquake Keep Fabs Shut Down

Raytheon Delivers Deployment STANDARD Missile-3 Rounds to Missile Defense Agency

Has the Chip Industry Learned Anything?

XM Seen Unveiling Wearable Satellite Radio

Researchers Beaming About Slowing Down Light

Researchers To Help Design Navy's All-Electric Warship

U.S. Could Shoot Down Euro GPS Satellites If Used By China In Wartime


More People Dumping Their Landlines

Physicists Succeed In Transferring Information Between Matter And Light

NEC Tops IBM with Speedier Supercomputer

Raytheon Awarded $79 Million Contract for Submarine Sonar

Lockheed Martin Wins $87 Million Job to Upgrade Jordan's F-16s

What's Next After the CPU?

More Nimble Robots Seen Reshaping Manufacturing, Health Care

Wi-Fi Alliance Targets Wi-Fi-cellular Convergence


U.S. Spending on Wireless Service Overtakes Wireline

Gartner:Global Mobile Telecom Equip Market To Grow 9% In 04

NEC Launches World's Fastest Vector Supercomputer

TI Puts Digital TV on Cell Phones

Use of Civilian Contractors in War Zones is at Record Levels

Einstein's Warped View of Space Confirmed

50 Years of Transistor Radios

Cornell Physicists Finally Solve the Falling-Paper Problem

FCC Chairman to Seek Federal Oversight of VoIP

Robot Use to Surge Sevenfold by 2007


Keychain Remote Control Turns Off Most TVs

Mobile Phones In India Overtaking Fixed-Line Phones

Freescale Lays Off 1,000 Despite Sales, Earnings Gains

Churches, Theaters, Others Use Blockers To Hush Cell Phones

Powell Calls for 'Revolution' in Telecom Regulation

September Electronics Factory Numbers a Mixed Bag

Europe Assesses its Place in Science Race

Da Vinci X Prize Project Faces Final Insurance Deadline

Higher Power Portable Requirements Drives Micro Fuel Cell Development

Built Via The Internet, Student Satellite Coming To Life At ESA-ESTEC


U.S. Senator Calls For New Telecom Bill in 2005

Teams Selected To Research Critical Issues In Electric Propulsion

Decaying Antenna Farm Hints At Glorious Radioastronomy Past

China Joins Galileo Nav Satellite Project

World's Longest Electrically Conducting Nanotubes

Popeye Power May Energize Tomorrow's Electronics

Cellular Alternative to Cable, DSL Broadband

DOD Names Eight Contractors for Electronics Engineering Plan

Will Asia Dominate IT?


Motorola MPx220 Make Debut - Windows Mobile(tm) Software

RF Micro Devices Delivers POLARIS TOTAL RADIO Xcvrs and PowerStar PAMs

Unmanned Chinese Return Capsule Crashes Lands Into House

New Propulsion Concept Could Make 90-Day Mars Round Trip Possible

I.T. Goes Under the Sea With New Oceanography Project

10 Innovations That May Change the Way We Live

Electronics Tops U.K. Patent List

Basic Costs in Fixed Voice Communication Lines to Drop 80% Due to Major New Developments

VoIP Shows Signs Of Going Mainstream

Congress Oks $32B Budget For DHS Before Adjourning For Elections


FCC Adopts Rules for Broadband Over Power Lines

FCC Deregulates Telcos' Fiber Nets

India's Broadband Policy Frees More Spectrum

Trade Group Says Cellphone Cancer Claims Are Inconclusive

Intel Cancels 4 GHz Chip

Genesis Probe’s Failure Traced to Bad Switches

Purdue Professor Puts New Spin on Quantum Computer Technology

Does Caffeine Affect Our Health?

Super Slow Light May Help Speed Optical Communications


Study Finds Cell Phones Could Cause Noncancerous Tumors

Mobile Carriers Seeking 4G Options

Inventory Woes Gone?

Partnership Aims to Simplify ZigBee Deployment

U.S. Considers Reopening Trade Talks With Taiwan

Industry Scrambles to Decipher Tax Bill

Europe Decides on Lead-Free Exemptions

Hitachi Unveils China Growth Strategy

Engineers Put Together the Next Mars Probe

Mach 10 Free Flight Of Hypersonic X-43A Slated For November

Jamming Incident Underscores Lessons About Space

Improved GPS Receiver Provides Increased Benefits To Warfighters


PayPal Service Restored, Company Announces

FDA Approves RFID Chip Implants

7-Eleven Adopting Wireless Technology

Pakistan Test-Fires Nuclear Capable Missile

Space Elevator Effort Starting on Ground Floor

Northrop Grumman Delivers First Fused Multispectral Weapon Sight to U.S. Army

$422 Billion Defense Budget Approved by Congress

Microsoft Issues Flurry of Fixes on Busy Patch Day

VoIP Regulation Worries Resurface at Telecom '04

Lots of Lawsuits


PayPal Suffers Intermittent Outages

Wi-Fi Alliance Warns Against Early 802.11n Claims

Printed Antenna Takes Laptop Ride

Intel Opens Indian Software College

IMEC Demos CMOS-Based UWB Pulser

Master Mapmakers Take a New Look at the World

In Millionths Of A Second, "Photocrystallography" Captures Big Changes In Transient Molecular Species

India, US Defense Honeymoon Continues

Wireless World: 'Fiction' Of Telecom Rules

VoIP 911 Calls Often Get Lower Priority


Americans Win Gold at World Cyber Games

Congress Approves $420 billion For Defense

Radio Astronomers Remove The Blindfold

CIA-Funded Venture Firm Seeks High-Tech Aid for U.S. Spies

STMicro to Partner in Chinese Linux Computing Initiative

NEC Hits World's Top Output of 300mW with Blue-Violet Laser

Wafer Shipments to Grow 23% in 2004, Says SEMI


Review: GPS in Cell Phones Performs Well

Former Silicon Valley CEO to Face Murder-for-Hire Charges

FCC Takes up Broadband Over Power Lines - Hams & RCers Not Happy

Nuclear Power Plant Shuts Down After Lightning Strikes

IEEE Ratifies 802.11i

Iran To Launch First Homemade Satellite on Experimental ICBM Platform

Tiny Arm Shuttles Electrons In A New Transistor

Contractors Agree to Build Electric Propulsion Motors for U.S. Navy

Small Firms Vie for Slice Of Security Pie


Court Ruling Could End Qualcomm-TI Battle

VoIP to Reach 12 Million U.S. Homes, Researcher Claims

Gartner: Cap Equipment Spending to Decline in '05, '06

Spaceports Compete in Race for Business

Get Ready, Here Comes Nanotechnology

Next Step To The Quantum Computer

France To Launch 50 Nanosatellites


Air Force Looks at New Microwave Weapon

Waking Up During Surgery Far Too Common - Ouch

US Election Could Have Big Sway On Telecom Policy

SensorNet Boss Slams U.S. Approach to Sensor R&D

It's the End of the Scaling as We Know It

Passengers Queue For Out Of This World Flights

China Makes Strides In Space Technology

CA & MA States Rally to Back Biotech Research

L-Mart $135M Satellite Tipping Mishap Blamed on Human Error


Nokia, Intel Join Forces to Develop Symbian OS Phones

Two Wind Power Projects Receive State Grants

Tightening Wireless LAN Security

General Dynamics Denies Radio is Burning British Soldiers

EADS Goes Full Throttle for U.S. Military Market

Jury Rules for Kodak over Sun in Java Patent Dispute, .NET Next

Taiwan Notebook Makers Have Their China Plants Running Overtime

Ceramic Cellphones


SpaceShipOne Wins $10M Ansari X-Prize

DoCoMo Fuel Cell Targets Mobile Recharging of Phones

EDA Growth Turns Anemic in Second Quarter

Agilent Announces 13 GHz/40 Gsps

Microsoft to Offer New Windows Flavor for Retail Market

Postal Service Picks Lockheed Martin for $3 Billion Networking Contract

BlackBerry, Bluetooth Miss a Shot to Move Into More Hands

U.S. Missile Defense Nearly Ready

Sun, UT Austin Team Up on Supercomputer

Mechanical Memory Switch Outstrips Chip Technology


Software-Defined Radio Advances on Several Fronts

Super SIM for China's CDMA Operator

TI, Memsic Cut Deal to Sell CMOS MEMS Sensors

'Actual' August Chip Sales Show Slowing Market Growth

Mount St. Helens Set to Erupt

Caffeine Withdrawal Recognized As A Disorder

SpaceShipOne To Make 2nd X Prize Flight Monday

U.S. Offers Low-Res $50 Bill Image Since "Counterfeit Deterrence System" Hardware/Software Prevents Copying

Rare Birds Thwart Antenna Installation - Wackos:1, Public:0

Home Networking With ZigBee

Welch: GE Ex-CEO Blasts Outsourcing Opponents (That Boy Is Looking Old!)

Fair Wind For WiFi And WiMAX

Harris Corp To Build Intra-Flight Data Link Components For F-35 JSF

Lawmakers Hope To Boost Laws Involving Cell-Phone Camera Abuse

Shuttle Or Not, Hubble Will Be Saved

Microsoft Kills Wi-Fi Product Line