Technology Headline News Archive: August 2004

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Philips Gets Jump On New Promising Wireless Technology: Near-Field Communications

Hackers Hijack Federal Computers

Guinness World Records Certifies NASA's Aircraft Speed Record

'Electronic Crystal' In High-temperature Superconductor

Intel Keeps Up With Moore's Law - 35 nm

Spring Back, Fall Forward

Chip-Scale Atomic Clock is Targeted at Mobiles

Cellular Base Station Market to Flatten Out Until 2008

Air Force's GPS III On Track For System Requirements Review


Canada Cancels Its Spectrum Cap

RFMD Announces New SiW4000 Bluetooth SoC w/EDR

Tests Reveal E-Passport Security Flaw

EE Times Survey: Bush Favored Over Kerry in November Vote

NIST Unveils Chip-Scale Atomic Clock

U.S. Opposes Japan Spectrum Tax

Next Version of Windows Set For 2006

Anti-Ballistic Missile Test Fails

Lack Of Funds Blocking Brazil's Space Program

Internet Turns 35 Years Old


NORTHCOM 'Very Interested' In Russian Airliner Investigation

Siemens Phone Bug Could Damage Hearing

Intel Debuts Dual-Band Wi-Fi Chip Set

Freescale (Motorola) Reportedly to Increase Taiwan Outsourcing

Microsoft to Gut Longhorn to Make 2006 Delivery Date

NRO Picks Harris Corp. for $1 Billion Communications Contract

NASA Says it Has Fixed Shuttle Foam Problem

Silicon Carbide Chips Could Take the Heat

Vast New Energy Source Almost Here - Could Replace All Existing Forms

3 UPS Delivery Trucks Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells


Microsoft Expands Release of Windows XP Security Update

Scientists Report First Observation Of An 'Atomic Air Force'

Scientists Building a Better Computer Chip

China's Consumer Electronic Industry to Hit $94 Billion

Smartphones to Experience Breakout Period in 12 to 18 Months

China Readies its First 3G Chip

FCC Extends Comment Period on TV Spectrum

National Security Space Programs Seen Making Progress In Tackling Woes


Russian Computer Expert Predicts August 26 Internet Terrorist Attack

RFMD Ranked #1 Supplier of Wireless Handset PAs

Motorola Inks Deal With DoCoMo for 3G Phones

Powell Says Telecom Regulation Needs Change for VOIP

Outsourcing Engineering is "As Natural as the Laws of Physics"

In Chips, Two Cores Are Better Than One

Backyard Telescope Helps Find New Planet

Vibrations In Crystal Lattice Play Big Role In High Temperature Superconductors

Satellite Phones On The Rise


Market, Legislative Forces Driving Lead-Free Conversion

Intel Seen Readying New Wi-Fi Chips

Fujitsu Micro Readying Single-Chip WiMAX Parts

Cellphones for Children

Feature Creep Domed Mars Beagle 2 Mission

Growth Potential in European Military Airborne Radar Markets

Moog Announces $50 Million Contract From Airbus Military

When VOIP Projects Slip

Wafer Area Shipments Rise, SEMI Reports

Role Reversal: Analyst Sees Outsiders Dominating Indian IT Market


Nanoscale Parts Get Binding Aid

Microsoft Devising Tech Support Program To Battle Linux

Air Force Awards Lockheed Martin $14.7 Million Radar Contract

New Fat-Busting Microwave Oven Unveiled

China, Korea Emerging as Mobile Phone Powerhouses


The Impact of Driver Cell Phone Use on Accidents

Eagleware Joins EDA Consortium

NASA Mission Returns With Piece of the Sun

Big Brother Goes Corporate

Nanotech Researchers Secure More Funding

FCC Puts Hold on Wholesale Phone Rates

SEMI Bullish On July Numbers


Controversy Flares Over RFID Patent Fees

Seiko Epson Develops Tiny Flying Robot

Nanostructures Built to Order

Cyber Aero Successfully Flight Tests 8 Lb. Cyber Scout

Broadband Passes Dial-Up In U.S.

Nanosys Wins $14 Million DARPA Contract To Develop Flexible Solar Cells

802.11n: The Next WLAN Frontier

Spare Parts Delivered To DoD With 'Unique IDs'

Bush, Kerry Trade Barbs On Missile Defense

Aerospace Employment Takes Off After 14-Year Decline


B-2 Stealth, Radar Upgrades Near Key Milestones

China Set to Open Electronics R&D Network

National Semi Chief Reportedly Received $5 Million Bonus

Raytheon Wins $223 Million Contract for Three FCS Sensors

Cell Phone gaming Gathers Momentum

Microsoft Delays Windows XP Pro SP2 Update

Google Lowers its IPO Price Range

Alternative Fuels Deserve Top Priority in U.S.

NASA, FAA Simulate Air Traffic


Hiring Falls As Technology Lets More Entrepreneurs Go Solo

U.S. Firms: Doing Business in China Tough, but Critical

Radio Tuning Knobs Could Dial Better Web Searches

Two New Saturnian Moons

Softness in Semis Does Not Signal End of Boom

Boeing X-45A Aircraft Fly Together for First Time

Pentagon Balks at Intelligence Reform

DARPA Selects Contractors for Solar Power Project

Atmel, Figure 8 Collaborate on ZigBee Designs

CDMA2000 Passes the 100 Million Mark


Group Unveils Proposal For 802.11n Standard

IPO flops For China's CSMC

Communications Sector Shows Life Again

ITT Industries Acquires Kodak's Remote Sensing Systems

Raytheon's 'Turned A Corner' - Interesting Illustration

Google $3.3 Billion IPO Auction Opens Despite Playboy Interview

Nanotech Funding Sees Big Increase

India To Launch Recoverable Spacecraft In 2005


DHS Spending On Telecommunications To Grow 50% By Fiscal '09

Motorola Hit With Tax Claim

Conexant to Cut 300 More Employees

Agilent Sees Growth Slowing After Strong Quarter

Chip Makers Pitch 540 MBPS Broadband Wireless LAN Proposal

UQM Supplies Propulsion for Hybrid Electric Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle

Raytheon Wins $36M Contract for Thermal Weapon Sights

Perseid Meteor Shows Spectacular

Elkies Wins Ford Math Award Re Euler's Formulas


GSM spending declines as 3G heats up

Absorptive Wallpaper Deters WLAN Intruders

Microsoft to ship cut-rate Windows XP to Asia

Copper Market to Grow 63% in 2004

Hooked On The Web

Nanotech and Wall Street

China Calls For Cooperation With US, Japan In Space Programs

AOL to Sell Cheap PCs to Minorities and Seniors


ZigBee Market To Explode In 2006

Perseids To Storm August 11?

Ultra Wideband Wireless Peripherals by Year's End?

Search And Rescue Group Uses Sandia Synthetic Aperture Radar

Boeing-Army Deal Gets $6.4B Boost

Can You Spell Standard in Chinese?

NOAA, Partners Hail Major Space Communications Breakthrough

TV Tuner-Equipped PCs Account for 86% of Desktop PC Sales in Japan


Intelligent Glass That Blocks Heat Not Light

NASA Gets A New Linux-Based Supercomputer

Unprecedented Electronic Net Over Athens Games

Lehman Downgrades Semi Industry

FCC Certifies Second UWB Transmitter

Spice Algorithm Analyzes High-Gain Feedback

Wireless Poised to Transform the Way We Communicate

DHS: Interoperable Communications Program Will Outfit 10 Cities


New Economy, Old Technology

U.S., Canada Agree To Use NORAD Data For Missile Defense

Vodafone signs deal with Al Jazeera (aka Terrorist News Network)

TSMC's sales for year-to-date up 36.1% over 2003

Next Dev Wave: Software Factories

UMC July Sales Skyrocket 60%

Engine Flaw Dooms X-Prize Space-Race Rocket

Researcher Takes Snapshots Of Molecule Movements In Billionth Of A Second

Canadian Private Space Race Contender Names Launch Date


Understand China Or Lose Edge, Analyst Warns

Study Finds China Directing Standards

Chip Companies Bank On Mobile & Automotive

Canadian Group Races Toward Space X-Prize

White Paper: China's Space Activities

Broadband Growth Up 250% Through Advertising


Mobile Device Market Shows Tremendous Growth

FCC Approves Taps on Broadband and VoIP (Big Brother)

Russia Target for VoIP Market

Foundry Sales to Grow 33% in 2004

Atomic Changes Ahead (Si Meets Nano)

FCC Moves to Ban Spam on Cell Phones

Russia Restricts TV Beer Advertisements

Tech Researchers Get $5M To Smooth Out Kinks In EM Propulsion

Teal Group Predicts UAV Market Will Double By 2014


Web Addiction Gets Conscripts Out of Army

Jumbo Sized SIM Cards

Wireless Transceiver-On-Chip Now Possible

Lockheed Wins New Spy Plane Contract worth up to $7 Billion

'Actual' Global Chip Sales Hit $20.7 Billion in June

Foundries Turn in a Great 2003

Hewlett-Packard Gives Open Source a Boost

Energy Northwest Mulls Nuclear Power Plant Restart

China Develops Its first Lunar Exploration Craft


Patent Royalties: Nickels, Dimes, Billions

Asymmetric Feature Shows Puzzling Face For Superconductivity

Recycling Cell Phones for a Great Cause

Smart Antennas Will Pay Off

Wind Power Advocates Criticize State's Stance

Wave and Tidal Power to Get an Extra £50m

Cow Manure = Energy!

Study Says Enterprise WLAN Equipment Sales Will Soar

Analysts Warn Over Chip Inventory


RF Micro Devices Ships Industry-Record One Billion Power Amplifiers

Japan's Wafer Production at Record Levels

EDA Services, IP Sales Boom

Camera Phone Sales Drive Handset Shipments

Microsoft Reinvents Desktop Graphics in Windows Longhorn

Europe Indulges in Industry 'Acquisition Binge'

Home LANs over Power Lines - Take Two

Broadband Over Powerline - Call to Arms