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Technology Headline News Archive: February 2003

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no loner on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Predator's Progress
Ericsson backs microwave link for faster 3G roll-out
Palm cuts workforce by 19%
Hogan sees silicon explosion as costs drop
Lower growth requires new skills for IC industry
U.S. Companies Get Lead-Free Wake-Up Call
Power amp efficiency ideas prompt ex-Tality start-up
DHS Planning Secure Communications System To Link State Officials During Emergencies
Rumsfeld Questions GPS III Delay In Memo To Senior OSD Members
'Iraqnophobia' <this is not made-up> causes Semico to reduce '03 IC forecast
More Americans Choosing The PC Over TV
EITO predicts recovery for Europe, U.S. left behind
Wi-Fi Alliance lays groundwork for 802.11g interop tests
High-Energy Laser Research Shifting To Battlefield Needs
NASA's Ready to Go beyond Space Shuttle
Lovgate Worm Is on the Loose
Semiconductor Industry Assn. sees light at the end of tunnel
Sensational 3G Phone With TV and Camcorder
Agilent to sack another 4000 staff
Nokia has announced that the company has successfully completed the first call on a GSM 850 MHz network at the company's research and development facilities in Texas
Hitachi licenses on-chip interconnect technology
Battery informs cell phones of its lifespan
Japanese missed call scam spreads
Capilano announces release of version 4.2 of the DesignWorks™ Professional 4 for Windows schematic capture package for electronic design
Office 2003 Beta 2 Pulled From MSDN
FCC ruling leaves broadband confusion
980 nm Fiber Laser Produces World Record Power
"Patchwork" Manufacturing Melds Comms, Computing
Stacked memories to be used in Intel standard products
NASA, Partners Nearing Decision On Space Station Strategy
Intel provides peek of next-generation Pentium
Global Internet Population Grows an Average of Four Percent Year-Over-Year
National Cuts 500 Jobs, Sells Unit, Inks TSMC Deal
Qualcomm remains top in strong 2002 fabless market
DHS Considering Grants, Tax Breaks For Industry To Ensure Security Within Critical Infrastructure
The Weather Channel Ratings Soar and weather.com Breaks Sunday Record As American Public Seeks Latest Word About Impending Winter Storm
Barrett: Third World Could Lead Tech Revolution
Micron to lay off 1,800 workers
Top Ten 3G Ready Nations
Magis Awarded U.S. Patents for 5 GHz Wireless Technology
The Integrated Deepwater System: a Coast Guard for the 2first Century
Microsoft makes inroads into European mobile phone markets
GSM/GPRS transmit module
Gaining an EDGE in Multi-Mode Wireless Designs
Boeing preps jets for broadband
Intel, Microsoft show 'concept' handset based on PCA
Fairchild qualifies MEMS process, signs OMM deal
STEPMIND Announces the Availability of Its GSM/GPRS RF Transceiver
FCC moves to unleash UWB technology
Former IEEE-USA president joins H-1B visa protest
Uncertainty clouds EDA industry outlook for 2003
3G TV Is Here
RF Micro Devices' Polaris Total Radio Solution Selected as Key Ingredient for New Intel Cellular Processor
Watching for Chinese knock-offs
U.S. looks to boost VoIP
Research project promises faster, cheaper, more reliable microchips
U.S. Market for Microarrays Could Top $5 Billion by 2010
Adaptive optics give ground scope a steady gaze
Researchers push toward true lab-on-a-chip
Boeing takes on JDAM's anti-jamming effort with $37 million contract
Moore traces the curves of IC history
Researchers show wireless PAN radio prototype
Leakage current called obstacle to chip complexity
Wireless Hotspots Hit 327% Growth in 2002
Making Way for 3G Offerings
Corning IntelliSense, Northrop Grumman team on RF MEMS
Northrop Grumman Selected by U.K. Ministry of Defence for Next Phase of WATCHKEEPER Unmanned System Development
Auto makers catch fuel-cell fever
Infineon takes new approach to plastic chips
Quad-FET MMIX mixer
USAF Imagery Confirms Columbia Wing Damaged
3G Myth Holding Back Smartphones
Long-Range Unmanned Bomber, 7E7 Airliner Both Promise Major Benefits, Condit Says
IEEE flooded with short-range wireless proposals
Software-Defined Radio Goes To Trial
Fab-tool industry faces consolidation and bankruptcies
Nortel Sees 'Challenging' Wireless Market in 2003
Agilent Technologies Lowers Guidance for First Quarter 2003 Results
Broadband modem market to decline through 2008, says report
Boeing/DARPA Dragonfly UAV targeting first flight in March
JEITA: Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (EIAJ) standards website
One Step Closer to the Wireless Holy Grail
Toshiba rolls out low-noise SiGe transistors
Website aims to improve lab report writing
Nokia enters videogame fray to boost handset sales
DHS' '04 Budget Request Adds New Money For Clearinghouse To Review Technologies
Aerospace contractors, Space Coast tourism could be affected
Chip market up 1.3% in '02 says SIA, predicts 20% growth in '03
Agilent adds MMIC, simulation features to EDA tool
Shuttle Disaster Will Renew Interest In Replacement Program
Microsoft Warns SEC of Open-Source Threat
hyfrequency launches their hy415 Transistor, hi IP3 performance at an affordable price
RFMD Introduces Quad-Band POLARIS TOTAL RADIO Transceiver with Direct Conversion Capability
Ericsson sees further 3G delays
Standard will give broadband connectivity to mobile users
Sen. McCain Joining Panel to Scrutinize Military Aviation
Six-Year Spending Plan Projects 32 Percent Hike From FY '03-'09
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