Radio: It's a Piece of Cake

The November 2014 edition of ARRL's QST magazine had a couple photos of some way-cool looking cakes decorated to look like Ham radios. I figured there might be a few more out there so a Google search ensued using "radio cake" as the keywords. "Few" is not the most accurate word for describing the humongous number of radio cakes that have been made. Below is a small sample of specialty cakes you can find just in the Ham and antique radio categories.

In the electronics topics alone there are cakes styled after cellphones, computers, telephones, boom boxes, alarm clocks, microwave ovens, televisions, video games, watches, phonographs, tape players, kitchen appliances, circuit components (inductors, capacitors, resistors, etc.), circuit board assemblies, antennas, test equipment, and much more. If you have a special occasion coming up and are handy with an icing applicator (or know someone who is), then either preform a topical search for your specific interest or check out a website like,,, or the countless other private sites.


Antique radio cake (Kim W.) - RF Cafe

Antique Radio Cake

iCOM Ham Radio Cake - RF Cafe

iCOM Ham Radio Cake

Vintage radio cake (2) - RF Cafe

Vintage Radio Cake

Datron Field Radio Cake - RF Cafe

Datron Field Radio Cake

Vintage Antenna Cake - RF Cafe

Vintage Antenna Cake

Antique radio cake (Taste of Home) - RF Cafe

Antique Radio Cake

World Radio Day Cake - RF Cafe

World Radio Day Cake

Antique Radio Cake - RF Cafe

Antique Radio Cake

Zenith Radio Cake - RF Cafe

Zenith Radio Cake

Horn Speaker Radio Cake - RF Cafe

Horn Speaker Radio Cake

Philetta Antique Radio Cake - RF Cafe

Philetta Antique Radio Cake

Collins Radio Cake - RF Cafe

Collins Radio Cake

Radio Tower Cake - RF Cafe

Radio Tower Cake

Yaesu Radio Cake - RF Cafe

Yaesu Radio Cake

Uniden CB Radio Cake - RF Cafe

Uniden CB Radio Cake

These photos were collected from around the Internet, with hyperlinks provided to the originals. All copyrights acknowledged.



Posted  October 23, 2014