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Physics & Engineering Crossword Puzzle
March 9, 2014

Note: A standard for crossword puzzles is when all words in a clue are capitalized, the solution is the abbreviation or acronym for that clue; e.g., Alternating Current = AC.
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Physics & Engineering Crossword Puzzle for March 9, 2014 - RF Cafe

1. Ability to store a charge
9. Chemical symbol for lanthanum
10. Chemical symbol for polonium
11. PC follower
12. System On Chip
14. Device used to make contact with a point to be measured (pl.)
16. Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
18. Rechargeable battery type (abbr.)
21. 3 MHz to 30 MHz
23. Chemical symbol for gallium
24. Co-channel rejection ratio (abbr.)
25. Adjust the specification for temperature
28. International phonetic alphabet letter "H"
30. Half of a DIP
31. ELI the ICE ___
33. The design component of total product cost (abbr.)
35. Factor of ten
37. Weight (abbr.)
38. Cable termination type (pl.)
40. Multifunctional silicon devices (abbr., pl.)
41. Enhanced Graphics Adapter
43. Fail-____ switch
44. Electrical safety organization (abbr.)
45. Type of microwave oscillator
46. Deutsche Industrie Normenausschuss
49. Exponent that returns the original number
50. Positive voltage lead color
52. Used lubricant
55. International phonetic alphabet letter "S"
57. Set of poles
58. 1/6 inch printer's measure
60. Start frequency (abbr.)
61. He stated the law that the pressure of a given mass of gas is inversely proportional to its volume at constant temperature
62. Satellite TV system
64. Curve traced out by a point which moves around another point with an ever increasing radius
66. U.K. equivalent of the IEEE
68. One port of an amplifier
69. Chemical symbol for radium
70. Electronics manufacturer with "meatball" logo
71. Describes a line that passes through two lines in the same plane at two distinct points
1. Method for mechanically connecting component leads in preparation for soldering
2. A common battery cell size
3. Type of power (I x E)
4. Lacing ____, for bundling cables
5. Structures of columns and rows
6. Automated Test Equipment (abbr.)
7. Chemical symbol for cesium
8. Electrical overstress (abbr.)
13. CDMA Development Group (abbr.)
15. Octagonal, oblong, cubical, crescent, etc. (pl.)
17. Grouping of wires or cables
19. Small representative graphic
20. Type of computer display (abbr.)
22. Unit of length (abbr.)
26. Describes some waveguides that use a longitudinal protrusion to increase operational bandwidth
27. Computer messaging service
29. Chemical symbol for lawrencium
32. Type of data conversion device (abbr.)
34. Region of the ionosphere found approximately 55 to 90 miles above Earth; it fades away a few hours after sunset (hyph.)
36. Interpreted encoded data
37. One property of light (pl.)
39. Unit of capacitance (abbr.)
42. Gallium nitride chemical symbol
43. Subject a circuit to extreme operation
44. Having a single polarity
47. Galilean moon
48. Apollo 11 astronaut ____ Armstrong
51. One port on a FET (pl.)
53. Direction of carbon fiber strands
54. Small motored tool for model drilling, grinding, shaping, etc.
56. Band between RF and BB
59. Degree of IC sophistication (abbr.)
61. No insulation
63. Adjust a pot
65. Part of a male connector
67. Chemical symbol for erbium
70. Chemical symbol for gallium

Answer below

Physics & Engineering Crossword Puzzle Solution for March 9, 2014 - RF Cafe

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