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RF Engineering Crossword Puzzle
July 7, 2013

Note: A standard for crossword puzzles is when all words in a clue are capitalized, the solution is the abbreviation or acronym for that clue; e.g., Alternating Current = AC.
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Reproduction of this puzzle without the express permission of RF Cafe is prohibited.

RF Engineering Crossword Puzzle for July 7, 2013 - RF Cafe

1. Chemical symbol for radon
3. Stock symbol for Advanced Micro Devices
5. Abbreviation for acknowledge (also a common word used by Bill the Cat)
7. Type of motor that moves in increments rather than continuous rotation
10. Its chemical symbol is Ra
14. Digital intelligence
16. IC killer (abbr.)
18. Not hot
19. Circuit element connecting PCB layers
21. One axis of an ellipse
24. Chemical symbol for lawrencium
26. Yard (abbr.)
27. Gun safety and education organization (abbr.)
29. Workplace safety group (abbr.)
30. Part of a FOR loop
31. Part of this website's title
34. ARRL's magazine
36. Unit of frequency (archaic, abbr.)
37. The '3-finger salute" for a hung PC (3 keys)
41. Adjusts
44. Strong cable covering
45. Electrical connection points
47. Chemical symbol for platinum
48. One of the Ws in WWW
50. Akin to an EE, CE, AE, etc.
51. Modulation type (abbr.)
52. Have a positive phase wrt a reference
55. Electronics Industry Association (abbr.)
57. Unit of liquid measure (abbr.)
59. Weight (abbr.)
60. Summer
62. Stock symbol for Texas Instruments
64. Material testing organization (abbr.)
65. Stock symbol for Lockheed Martin
67. Antenna radiated power measurement (abbr.)
70. French mathematician and physicist who's name is used as a unit of gas pressure
71. A trigonometry function (pl.)
73. 24 hours
74. Adjust a pot
75. Related to FM by a differential
1. Stock symbol for Raytheon
2. Chemical symbol for neon
3. Amateur Radio Association (abbr.)
4. One port on a FET
5. Relating to sound
6. Centimeter (abbr.)
8. Write software
9. Type of current
11. Morse Code for "from"
12. FCC Part 15 rules apply in this band (abbr.)
13. English theoretical physicist who created the delta function now named after him
15. Boob tube (abbr.)
17. Stock symbol for Linear Technologies
20. Automatic repeat request used in AMTOR (abbr.)
22. Unit of time (abbr.)
23. Mathematical relationship of voltage, resistance, and current in a circuit (2 wds.)
25. Did like a vector with a changing angle
28. Material testing organization (abbr.)
32. What current is said to do
33. Term used in soldering to achieve the condition that occurs when the metals being soldered are hot enough to melt the solder so it flows over the surface
35. Adjust
38. Chemical symbol for lawrencium
39. Technical drawing structure
40. Semiconductor lamp
42. The property of matter by which it continues in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless acted upon by an external force
43. 1/000 of an amp (abbr.)
46. Internet mail protocol (abbr.)
47. Pick-and-_____ automated PCB component insertion tool
49. The "B" in BER
53. Analog-to-Digital (abbr.)
54. Increase in elapsed time before a signal begins
56. Wheel attachment points
58. Medium for storing large amounts of digital data
61. Common average used for sinewaves (abbr.)
63. Chemical symbol for nickel
66. Coefficient of temperature (abbr.)
68. Readability, Signal, and Tone (QoS report type)
69. Asynchronous Transfer Mode (abbr.)
70. Last stage in a transmitter (abbr.)
72. Chemical symbol for neptunium

See solution below

















RF Engineering Crossword Puzzle Solution for July 7, 2013 - RF Cafe

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