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August 23, 2009 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

Reproduction of this puzzle without the express permission of RF Cafe is prohibited.

RF Cafe - Science & Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

1. RF shield manufacturer located in Concord, Ontario, Canada
9. Constellation : The scales
13. Power distribution system
14. Agilent's EE design software
15. ____ Electronics - RF/microwave components manufacturer in Denville, NJ
17. Unit of time, abbr.
18. Chemical symbol for neodymium
19. Motorola's "Digital ___"
20. Chemical symbol for bismuth
21. Finite Element Analysis, abbr.
22. Signal amplitude degradation due to inefficiency, pl.
25. Type of current
27. A common battery cell size
28. Type of current flow
29. Chemical symbol for platinum
31. Cellphone band above DCS; Personal communication system
32. Parameter that is a figure of merit for receiver performance in presence of multiple signals, abbr., pl.
35. Unit for 1,000,000 watt-seconds, abbr.
37. Line of Sight; Linux Operating System
38. Chemical symbol for beryllium
39. Chemical symbol for polonium
41. Type of antenna, pl.
43. Junk e-mail
47. Unix, Linux or Windows
49. Engine propellant
50. A common IC bondwire metal
51. 10^1 numerical prefix
52. Chemical symbol for radon
53. Assembling
56. Common shortcut reference for a capacitor
57. European spectrum allocation agency
58. The constellation in which Canopus is located
61. Analog-to-Digital
62. Chemical symbol for praseodymium
63. The nearest star - ... Centauri
65. RF switch manufacturer in Ventura, CA
67. Switch configuration, abbr.
70. Chemical symbol for tantalum
71. Intentionally block communications signals
72. Chemical symbol for bromine
74. Miniature threaded RF connector
75. A three-terminal power semiconductor device noted for high efficiency and fast switching (abbr.)
78. Amateur radio abbreviation for the Oceania region
79. Ham's code for "Unable to copy you."
81. Chemical symbol for argon
82. Chemical symbol for krypton
83. World's only remaining superpower, abbr.
84. Internet protocol, abbr.
86. Chemical symbol for silicon
87. High-speed logic family
89. Chemical symbol for lithium
91. ELI the ICE ___
92. RF filter vendor in Avenel, NJ
2. Chemical symbol for magnesium
3. Chemical symbol for erbium
4. Chemical element abbreviated Sn
5. Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line
6. Computer communication scheme, abbr., pl.
7. Radio term for an unconventional frequency separation between input and output frequencies, 2 wds.
8. Type of flip-flop
9. Has a positive phase wrt a reference
10. Integrated circuit, abbr.
11. Stock symbol for Boeing
12. Consequence of under sampling
15. Chemical symbol for manganese
16. Forward Error Correction
19. Class of spread spectrum, abbr.
20. No insulation
21. The mathematical process by which a number is expressed as a product of factors
23. Switch position
24. Official engineering change document, abbr., pl.
26. Chemical symbol for californium
30. Chemical symbol for thulium
33. Logarithmic unit of power
34. Test point, abbr.
36. RF connector & cable connector manufacturer located in Taiwan
40. Switch position
42. Chemical symbol for aluminum
43. Semiconductor On Insulator, abbr.
44. Type of frequency reference, abbr.
45. Summers
46. Constellation : The archer
48. Chemical symbol for tin
50. Bushing used to direct the path of a pushrod
51. The system than converts common website names to IP addresses, abbr.
54. Network department, abbr.
55. Wireless application protocol, abbr.
56. Column Grid Array, abbr.
59. Chemical symbol for rhodium
60. Type of memory
61. Microwave products supplier in San Jose, CA
64. Be behind in phase
65. Type of data conversion device, abbr., pl.
66. Chemical symbol for ytterbium
68. Unit of time, abbr.
69. Miniature threaded RF connector, pl.
71. Unit of energy
73. Chemical symbol for ruthenium
76. Chemical symbol for berkelium
77. Technical drawing structure
80. Ratio of circumference to diameter
85. 10^1 numerical prefix, pl.
88. Chemical symbol for chlorine
89. Chemical symbol for lawrencium
90. Galilean moon
91. Megacycles, abbr.

Answer belowcommon.htm" -->

RF Cafe - Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

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