March 22, 2009 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

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RF Cafe: Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

1. Chemical symbol for antimony
3. Add two or more inputs
6. Chemical symbol for tin
8. Excess noise specification
11. Its chemical symbol is Fe
12. Physicist after whom a law describing the direction of EMF and current resulting from induction is named
14. The "D" in CD
15. Chemical symbol for arsenic
17. Audio Frequency
18. Chemical symbol for cobalt
19. Chemical symbol for francium
20. Chemical symbol for lanthanum
22. Chemical symbol for rhodium
25. PC follower
27. Fremont, CA based company that designs, develops and markets high-performance, analog and mixed-signal silicon solutions for the worldwide communications infrastructure.
30. Logic gates
32. First name of a British scientist of falling apple fame
33. Band between RF and BB
35. Chemical symbol for platinum
36. Min-to-max voltage of a waveform
38. Boob tube, abbr.
40. One port on a FET
42. Lunar 'seas'
44. Physical barrier
46. Electronics manufacturer with "meatball" logo
47. Network department, abbr.
49. Chemical symbol for niobium
50. Test point, abbr.
51. Internet protocol, abbr.
53. Chemical symbol for selenium
54. Type of current flow
55. Monolithic microwave integrated circuit, abbr.
57. Voltage-controlled crystal oscillator, abbr.
59. Stock symbol for Intel
61. A non-geometrical growth rate
63. Type of logic gate
64. Unit of energy
65. Analog-to-Digital
1. Semiconductor On Insulator, abbr.
2. Maker of high power attenuators in Solon, OH
3. Thermocouple, photodetector, limit switch, for example
4. Microfarad, abbr.
5. 1/000 of an inch
6. Archaic Japanese unit of length equal to 30.3 mm, pl.
7. Non-return to zero, abbr.
9. Small DIP package, abbr.
10. Equipment
13. A feed line with two conductors having equal but opposite voltages, with neither conductor at ground potential, 2 wds.
16. Ability to store a charge, pl.
21. Filter that rejects lower and higher frequencies
23. Chemical symbol for helium
24. Like the moon
26. Time delay, abbr.
28. Greek letter
29. Application Service Provider, abbr.
31. Chemical symbol for silicon
34. Foot, abbr.
37. Type of chart
39. Abbreviation for minimum voltage
41. 1e-6 mA
43. Chemical symbol for silver
45. Chemical symbol for lithium
48. Sequence of events in digital circuitry
50. Temperature-compensated crystal oscillator, abbr.
52. Unit of volume
54. Adjacent Channel Power Ratio
56. Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association
57. Variable crystal oscillator, abbr.
58. Exponent that returns the original number
60. Software drafting tool, abbr.
62. Chemical symbol for erbium

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