3/11/2008 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle
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RF Cafe: Engineering & science crossword puzzle

1. Data safeguard
4. ______ Monolithics, MIC/MMIC designers in Frederick, MD
5. International phonetic alphabet letter "R"
6. Air outlet/inlet
10. Power supply vendor in Minneapolis, MN
14. Radio term for indicating the end of a transmission segment
15. A basic bipolar junction
16. BSEE + 2 years
17. Describes a type of film
20. _____ factor = peak-to-average ratio of a waveform
21. ECM response
24. Automatic Packet Position Reporting System
25. Receiver power level circuitry, abbr.
26. Integrated Services Digital Network
27. The "W" in BAW
28. Final statement in a BASIC program, pl.
32. Telecommunications Information Network Architecture
35. Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone
36. PCB interconnect
37. Ultra Fine Pitch Technology
38. Radio term for indicating the end of a transmission segment
41. Inductor
42. 10^-9 numerical prefix
45. High___, low___, & band____ filters
46. Steer a radar antenna array from side-to-side or from top-to-bottom
47. A logical circuit configuration for providing power supply redundancy
48. Transistor B-C capacitance
49. International phonetic alphabet letter "Y"
2. A receiver circuit consisting of a beat frequency oscillator and additional circuitry for enhanced reception of SSB signals (2 wds.)
3. High power RF & microwave amplifier manufacturer in Inglewood, CA
4. It equals 1/2 * m v^2
6. I*R across a resistor
7. 1.602E-19 Joules
8. Chemical symbol for neon
9. PNPs, NPNs, FETs, MOSFETs, etc.
10. A unit of magnetic force
11. Unit of time, abbr.
12. Front edge of a wing, abbr.
13. A load for a transmission line
18. Test equipment manufacturer of yore, abbr.
19. Infrared, abbr.
22. Chemical symbol for cesium
23. A college major for programmers, abbr.
29. Chemical symbol for neon
30. Type of current
31. Unit of heat
33. Band between RF and BB
34. Chemical symbol for neptunium
39. Unit of apparent power, abbr.
40. Chemical symbol for einsteinium
43. Type of current flow
44. 1e-6 mA

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RF Cafe: 3-11-2008 Crossword Puzzle Solution