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2/20/2008 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

Note: A standard for crossword puzzles is when all words in a clue are capitalized, the solution is the abbreviation or acronym for that clue; e.g., Alternating Current = AC.

2008 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzles

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Reproduction of this puzzle without the express permission of RF Cafe is prohibited.

RF Cafe: Engineering & science crossword puzzle

1. Perpendicular to the electric field in microwaves
12. A compiler directive
13. European spectrum allocation agency, abbr.
15. Chemical symbol for lanthanum
17. Megacycles
18. Short Message Service
20. Time delay, abbr.
21. Chemical symbol for krypton
22. Last statement in a program
24. Chemical symbol for nickel
25. Chemical symbol for ytterbium
27. Government program to bring electricity to farms, abbr.
28. Column Grid Array, abbr.
29. Chemical symbol for tin
30. Chemical symbol for neon
31. Silicon transistor type
32. Chemical symbol for thallium
33. A BPF spec
35. Electromagnetic Compatibility
37. SpecAn, o-scope, DMM, etc.
39. Chemical symbol for cesium
40. An angle having more than 180 degrees but less than 360
43. Type of memory, abbr.
45. Unit of radioactivity
46. Fuel additive
47. You plug an IC into it
50. Switch producer, now owned by Panasonic
52. Semiconductor and calculator company, abbr.
53. Chemical symbol for einsteinium
54. Surface mount technology
56. Modulation type, abbr.
57. 1/000 of an amp
58. ___-AZIMUTH telescope mount
60. One spin direction of an electron
61. Chemical symbol for palladium
63. Logic family
64. Test Equipment Connection, in Lake Mary, FL
65. Start frequency, abbr.
66. Type of current flow
67. Semiconductor On Insulator, abbr.
68. Opposite of O.D.
69. Picohenry, abbr.
71. Time Division Duplex
73. Audio Frequency
75. Chemical symbol for molybdenum
76. Image file type
78. Basic element
80. It equals 1/2*m*v^2
2. Chemical symbol for gold
3. Global System for Mobile Communications
4. Semiconductor manufacturer, abbr.
5. Chemical symbol for einsteinium
6. FCC Part 15 rules apply here
7. Chemical symbol for iron
8. Defense contractor in Ft. Wayne, IN
9. IC killer
10. Chemical symbol for lithium
11. Describes a type of non-changing field
14. The natural conversion of one element into another by radioactive decay
16. Has units of radians
18. Trigonometry function that is the ratio between the side opposite a given angle, and the hypotenuse
19. Short for synchronous
21. Power supply manufacturer in Irving, TX
23. 10^1 numerical prefix
24. Unit of time, abbr.
26. Chemical symbol for beryllium
27. Chemical symbol for radon
33. DMM manufacturer
34. The largest asteroid
36. Chemical symbol for mendelevium
37. TransEuropean trunked radio, abbr.
38. Type of programmable storage device
41. U.S. Spectrum allocation agency
42. Transmit Incremental Tuning
43. Electronics Industry Association
44. Type of memory, abbr.
48. Used lubricant
49. Surface mount, abbr.
51. Designer and manufacturer of GaAs FET power semiconductor devices and MMICs in Clarksburg, MD
54. Switch configuration
55. Attenuator topology, abbr.
59. Coefficient of temperature, abbr.
60. Microfarad, abbr.
62. Type of current
63. Chemical symbol for arsenic
69. One of 14 on a SOIC14 package
70. High Frequency Electronics magazine, abbr.
72. Data conversion device, abbr.
73. TE with a GPIB port
74. BASIC looping keyword
76. Semiconductor and calculator company, abbr.
77. Foot, abbr.
78. Army-Navy spec designation
79. Chemical symbol for magnesium

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