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1/21/2008 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle
[miscellany/crosswords/z-crosswords-2008-common.htm]common.htm" -->

Reproduction of this puzzle without the express permission of RF Cafe is prohibited.

RF Cafe: Engineering & science crossword puzzle

1. Circuit designed to copy a current through one active device by controlling the current in another active device, 2 wds.
9. Unit of heat
10. Finite Element Analysis, abbr.
12. Chemical symbol for arsenic
14. Type of current flow
15. Information at the beginning of a data block, pl.
19. Megacycles, abbr.
20. Chemical symbol for zinc
21. Negative Temperature Coefficient
23. Automatic repeat request used in AMTOR
24. Mate to a bolt
26. Adjust a pot
27. Devices for interpreting encoded data
29. Abbreviation for acknowledge (also a common word for Bill the Cat)
32. Condensed water
34. Attenuator
35. International QSL forwarding bureau
37. Type of logic gate
38. Modulation type, abbr.
39. Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier
40. A measure of quality of an RX in the presence of two signals
41. Surface mount, abbr.
42. International Reply Coupon
43. Capacitor manufacturer in Huntington Station, NY
45. Upper Sideband
47. Transmission Control Protocol
49. Singulated piece of IC wafer
50. World's first satellite navigation system, abbr.
51. Test equipment manufacturer (now Agilent)
52. 3 MHz to 30 MHz
54. Last stage in a transmitter, abbr.
55. Test point, abbr.
57. One who DXs
58. Plane geometric figure having eight straight sides
59. The "H" in UHF
60. Greek letter
61. Coefficient of temperature, abbr.
62. Chemical symbol for platinum
63. Test equipment, abbr.
65. Base of the binary number system
66. Yttrium Aluminum Garnet
68. Telex-Over-Radio
70. Enhanced Graphics Adapter
71. Motorola's Digital ___
72. Computer monitor cable type, abbr.
73. One component of a complex number, abbr.
75. Thermoelectric Outer Planet Spacecraft
77. Overcurrent protection device
78. Chemical symbol for magnesium
79. Innovative Power Products, Holbrook, NY, abbr.
81. Swiss mathematician who extensively studied complex numbers
84. Government program to bring electricity to farms, abbr.
85. Division on an oscilloscope's display
89. Finite-Element Model
90. A number that can be expressed as a/b
93. Electrical overstress, abbr.
94. Greek letter
96. Short for potentiometer
97. Automatic Network Analyzer
98. A unit of measurement in the field of typography
99. Chemical symbol for gadolinium
101. The portion of a cone which remains when its upper part has been cut off by a plane parallel to its base
103. Chemical symbol for xenon
104. Chemical symbol for tin
105. Amplifier Solutions Corporation, abbr.
107. Type of memory
108. Used to split signals into two or more paths, pl.
1. 4 GHz to 8 GHz
2. Coordinated Universal Time, abbr.
3. Chemical symbol for ruthenium
4. Time division duplex
5. Part of this website's name
6. Original equipment manufacturer, abbr.
7. Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service
8. Filter that rejects lower and higher frequencies
11. Short for "intermodulation"
13. It is produced when water boils
15. Stock symbol for Harris Communications
16. Equalizer, abbr.
17. Chemical symbol for radon
18. One of two primary frequency outputs of a single-balanced mixer
20. Compliments of poles
22. Type of imaging device, abbr.
23. Chemical symbol for argon
25. Part of a FOR loop
26. Hub of the solar system
28. Type of field that will make your hair stand on end
29. Chemical symbol for gold
30. Angle at which a radio signal is refracted in the ionosphere, 2 wds.
31. Chemical symbol for krypton
33. Specification provided for a capacitor bank when first energized (2 wds.)
35. Stock symbol for Boeing
36. Unix, Linux or Windows
42. Formerly Borland
43. Analog-to-Digital
44. European equivalent to the U.L.
46. Lifetime failure rate curve
48. Camera image
50. Type of chart used extensively for project scheduling
51. Base 16 number system
53. U.S. Spectrum allocation agency
54. Sound made by an overstressed capacitor
56. Type of chart
64. Highest point in a rocket's trajectory, pl.
66. Yard, abbr.
67. Chemical symbol for gallium
69. RF connector & cable manufacturer in Suwon, Kyonggi-do, Korea
74. EEPROM that is not electrically erasable
76. Chemical symbol for selenium
77. Chemical symbol for francium
78. Kind of average, pl.
80. Last stage in a transmitter, abbr., pl.
82. Microfarad, abbr.
83. Electromagnetic, abbr.
84. Rádio Nacional de Angola, abbr.
86. Indium Gallium Phosphor semiconductor, abbr.
87. Chemical symbol for lawrencium
88. 30 GHz to 300 GHz
90. Type of memory
91. PC follower
92. Components on a parts list
95. Logic gate
96. Chemical symbol for plutonium
100. Digital Storage Oscilloscope
102. Semiconductor On Insulator, abbr.
103. Type of logic gate
106. Pure carrier, abbr.
107. One component of a complex number, abbr.

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