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8/20/2007 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle
[miscellany/crosswords/z-crosswords-2007-common.htm]common.htm" -->

Reproduction of this puzzle without the express permission of RF Cafe is prohibited.

RF Cafe: Engineering & science crossword puzzle

1. Type of oscillator, abbr.
2. Stock symbol for Texas Instruments
4. Chemical symbol for rhodium
5. Substrate for mounting components, abbr.
8. Unit of inductance, abbr.
10. Chemical symbol for silver
11. Pseudomorphic high-electron-mobility transistor, abbr.
12. Frequency pass range of a filter, abbr.
14. Chemical symbol for niobium
16. Indium phosphide, abbr.
18. Semiconductor and calculator company, abbr.
19. Directions for verifying proper function, abbr.
21. A measure of linearity and spectral purity
23. Change in the carrier frequency of a FM transmitter produced by the modulating signal
24. Miniature RF connector
25. BlackBerry, Jordana, etc., abbr.
26. Chemical symbol for tin
28. Amateur Radio Association
30. Chemical symbol for cobalt
31. Galilean moon
32. Connector attachment method
33. Army-Navy spec
34. Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
36. Frequency division duplex, abbr.
37. The voltage point of a BJT discovered by the man after whom it is named
40. Determined the period between events
43. Elementary particle
44. ECM response
45. Short for synchronous
48. RF Integrated Circuit
52. International phonetic alphabet letter "I"
53. _____-Kutta method of differential equations
55. BASIC looping keyword
56. Applied Computational Sciences, abbr.
58. Chemical symbol for radon
59. Has a positive phase wrt a reference
62. Opposite of a LO
63. Chemical symbol for arsenic
64. Grade given to a successful go-nogo test
66. Switch position
67. Type of flip flop
68. Having a ferromagnetic center
70. Narrowband Advanced Mobile Phone System
75. Analog-to-Digital
76. Unix, Linux or Windows
78. Between-series connector
81. 1e3 uV
82. Chemical symbol for neon
83. Longerons
84. Chemical symbol for selenium
85. Part of a FOR loop
87. Unit of current
88. Ratio of circumference to diameter
89. Rádio Nacional de Angola, abbr.
90. Positive voltage lead color
1. Unit of capacitance, abbr.
3. Greek letter
4. Computer monitor cable type, abbr.
5. Greek letter
6. Binary star system nearest to earth
7. Graphics file extension
9. Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor
10. Determination of cause and effect
13. Gold conductor connection to a die
15. Components in a parts list
17. _____&Schwarz
19. Agilent's EE design software
20. Type of wire insulation
21. End of soldering iron
22. Motorola's Digital ___
27. Current summing point
28. Scale manufacturer in East Rockaway, NY
29. A non-commercial radio service as set by a recognized cognizant government agency, 2 wds.
30. Computer Assisted Design and Development
35. Amateur radio enthusiast
36. Finite-Element Model
38. Chemical symbol for ruthenium
39. Its signal is injected into a mixer, abbr.
41. RF__, SO__, MM__, etc.
42. The equivalent of MHz
45. Signal-to-Noise Ratio
46. Unit of length, abbr.
47. Chemical symbol for nickel
49. Upper frequency, abbr.
50. One port of an amplifier
51. Column Grid Array, abbr.
52. Charged particles
54. Radar return signal
55. Numerical quantity that is not a whole number
57. Trigonometric shape
59. Chemical symbol for lanthanum
60. Amplifier Solutions Corporation, of Colmar, PA, abbr.
61. A measure of receiver sensitivity, abbr.
64. Max or min voltage of a waveform
65. Electronics manufacturer with "meatball" logo
67. Prefix for semiconductor PNs for military use
69. U.S. military agency, abbr.
71. A common battery cell size
72. RF systems company in Rochester, NY
73. International phonetic alphabet letter "P"
74. Junk e-mail
75. Chemical symbol for argon
77. Adjust a pot
79. Total Radiated Power
80. Chemical symbol for einsteinium
81. Degree of IC sophistication
86. Logic gate
88. Chemical symbol for palladium

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