3/12/2007 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle
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RF Cafe: Engineering & science crossword puzzle

1. Distance from the earth to the sun - ___ unit
8. Chemical symbol for holmium
9. Unit of weight
11. Dilbert's dog
15. Hz
17. Chemical symbol for nickel
19. Adjust a capacitor
20. Has a positive phase wrt a reference
22. Part of a FOR loop
23. Chemical symbol for selenium
24. 1 GHz to 2 GHz
26. Last statement in a program
28. Swiss mathematician Leonhard _____
30. Decimeter, abbr.
31. Chemical symbol for neptunium
32. Chemical symbol for silicon
33. Related to FM by a differential
35. Chemical symbol for calcium
37. Unix, Linux or Windows
38. Generated an official engineering change document
40. 1/000 of an inch
42. A receiver figure of merit, abbr., pl.
44. Chemical symbol for arsenic
46. Foot, abbr.
47. The identity number
49. High power density battery chemistry, abbr.
51. One component of a complex number, abbr.
52. Mate to a bolt
53. Reusable space vehicle
55. Original Equipment Manufacturer
57. Type of current flow
58. He, along with A.A. Michelson, precisely measured the speed of light
2. A figure of merit for an amplifier, abbr.
3. Factors of a polynomial
4. Defense electronics contractor in Ft. Wayne, IN
5. Chemical symbol for cobalt
6. Army-Navy spec
7. Maximally flat group delay frequency selective device
10. Device to match the antenna impedance to the system
12. Color #5
13. Chemical symbol for bismuth
14. Electromagnetic
15. The "Cad" part of NiCad
16. Chemical symbol for palladium
18. Charged particle
20. Chemical symbol for lanthanum
21. Last statement in a BASIC subroutine, pl.
24. Front edge of a wing, abbr.
25. Securing device
27. Leave a film on a surface
29. The "U" in fU (think BPF)
34. Stock symbol for Microsoft
36. Change connector type
39. Chemical symbol for cesium
41. Maker of quality spectrum analyzers in Wichita, Kansas
43. Chemical symbol for dysprosium
45. Of the sun
48. Greek letter
49. Chemical symbol for lutetium
50. Network department
53. Miniature threaded RF connector
54. High-speed logic family
55. Opposite of I.D.
56. Modern battlefield technique, abbr.

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