11/13/2006 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle
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RF Cafe engineering & science crossword puzzle

1. Time taken for half the atoms of a radioactive sample to decay
7. Grind to a precise fit
10. Official engineering change document, abbr.
11. 10^1 numerical prefix
13. Electromagnetic interference, abbr.
14. PC follower
15. Min-to-max voltage of a waveform, abbr.
17. Rust
19. Graphics file type, pl.
21. Adjusts a pot
22. Miniature threaded RF connector
24. Chemical symbol for magnesium
26. Army-Navy spec., abbr.
27. Chemical symbol for cobalt
28. Chemical symbol for einsteinium
29. Switch position
31. Ham abbreviation for "distant station"
33. Component of product cost, abbr.
34. Isolator, oscillator vendor in Tampa, FL
36. European spectrum allocation agency, abbr.
39. Miniature RF connector
41. One component of a complex number, abbr.
43. Logarithmic ratio, abbr.
44. Chemical symbol for selenium
45. One port of an amplifier
46. Chemical symbol for silicon
48. 300 Hz to 3 kHz
50. RF connector type
51. Specialty connector manufacturer, in North Andover, MA
53. Quickly changing portion of waveform
56. Property of matter by which it continues in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless acted upon by an external force
59. Chemical symbol for calcium
60. Chemical symbol for lawrencium
61. Voice of America
62. Microwave products supplier in San Jose, CA
64. Greek letter
65. Last statement in a program
66. Using electricity
1. Adhesive type that sticks when its temperature is elevated
2. Logic family
3. Local Oscillator
4. Opposite of O.D.
5. Forward Error Correction
6. Official engineering change document, abbr., pl.
7. Low altitude earth orbit satellite, abbr.
8. Stock symbol for Advanced Micro Devices
9. Effect which causes a voltage between the faces of a crystal under mechanical pressure
12. Length times width
15. Related to FM by a differential
16. Shortened version of pk-pk
18. Stock symbol for Raytheon
19. Stock symbol for Boeing
20. Surface mount, abbr.
23. 1E6 nanoseconds
25. Chemical symbol for gadolinium
27. Chemical symbol for chromium
29. Logic gate
30. 1e-6 mA
32. Chemical symbol for xenon
33. Chemical symbol for nickel
34. Chemical symbol for terbium
35. Chemical symbol for krypton
37. Time delay, abbr.
38. Chemical symbol for antimony
40. Chemical symbol for manganese
42. 1.602E-19 Joules
44. Chemical symbol for tin
46. Special diode that can be switched
47. Greek letter
49. Chemical symbol for iron
50. Test equipment, abbr.
51. Have a positive phase wrt a reference
52. International phonetic alphabet letter "M"
54. Type of current
55. Chemical symbol for gallium
57. Negation prefix
58. Online service, abbr.
60. Family of TTL logic
63. Chemical symbol for neon
64. Chemical symbol for praseodymium

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