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6/20/2005 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

Note: A standard for crossword puzzles is when all words in a clue are capitalized, the solution is the abbreviation or acronym for that clue; e.g., Alternating Current = AC.

2005 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzles

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Engineering & science crossword puzzle

1 The effect which causes a voltage between the faces of a crystal under pressure
10 Type of average, abbr.
11 Undesirable background information
12 Semiconductor manufacturer, abbr.
14 ___-AZIMUTH telescope mount
17 Surface Mount Device
18 Start of and Internet address for transferring files
20 Round semiconductor fabrication base
21 Fixed point from which the distances to any point on a parabola are connected by a linear relation
23 Data conversion device, abbr.
24 Resistor vendor in Berne, IN
26 ___IP, in Internet lingo
28 Army-Navy spec
29 1/000 of an amp, abbr.
30 Government program to bring electricity to farms, abbr.
31 Front edge of a wing, abbr.
33 Relative Humidity
34 300 Hz to 3 kHz
35 Plug-ins for computer buses
37 1/000 of an amp
39 Test Equipment
40 Defense electronics company in Ft. Wayne, IN
41 Device Under Test
43 Home state of Los Alamos lab
45 Army-Navy spec
46 Thread cutting tool
47 Important component in sensitive receiver front end, abbr.
48 Semiconductor and calculator company, abbr.
49 L time this gives instantaneous voltage across an inductor
51 Constellation of the ram
53 Component
55 What an open fuse is
57 Short Message Service
58 The physical unit measured in coulombs per volt
59 Move between cells
61 Harden
62 Precision landing system, abbr.
64 DSB/2
67 One component of a complex number, abbr.
68 1e-6 mA
70 Satellite of Jupiter discovered by Galileo
72 World's only remaining superpower
73 Type of supply used in a Norton Equivalent circuit
1 Half the day
2 British scientist ... Newton
3 Switch position
4 Electrical overstress, abbr.
5 Diode circuit to restrain voltage input
6 IC killer
7 European equivalent to the U.L.
8 Amplifier terminal
9 College brother to and EE, ME, CE or AE
10 Part of this website's title
13 Type of model airplane control system, abbr.
15 30 kHz to 300 kHz
16 Prefix meaning ground or earth
18 Older name for copper PCB trace(s)
19 Temperature Coefficient
20 Computer communication scheme, abbr.
22 Special diode that can be switched, abbr.
23 Prefix deca, abbr.
24 Lunar depressions
25 Points at (0,0,0) for z = y^2 - x^2
27 Unit of acidity
29 300 kHz to 3 MHz
32 Electromagnetic
34 Manufacturers
35 One of the primary wireless communications oversight groups
36 Stars
38 Alternative name for Alpha Scorpii
39 Loose end of a cable
40 Opposite of O.D.
42 Professor's student instructor, abbr.
44 Gigantic star in Cetus
49 Logarithmic ratio, abbr.
50 Base of the binary counting system
52 Type of microwave diode
53 One of the two main radar types I worked on in the USAF, abbr.
54 Time Delay
56 1e-6 mA
58 A BPF or LPF spec, abbr.
60 1E6 nanoseconds
61 Super glue, abbr.
62 Resistor manufacturer in Boone, NC
63 Name given to configuration of a satellite circling close to earth, abbr.
65 Hub of the solar system
66 Base Station Transceivers
68 72 Across / 1000
69 PC follower
70 Infrared
71 Logic gate

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