11/7/2005 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle
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Engineering & science crossword puzzle

1 Unintentionally induce signals to nearby lines
5 Ratio of circumference to diameter
8 Opposite of a LO
10 A telecommunications company that holds itself out to the public for hire to provide communications transmission services
13 Min-to-max voltage of a waveform, abbr.
14 uA/1000
15 Professor's student instructor, abbr.
16 Test Equipment
17 Archaic unit of length
18 Adjust a pot
19 Morse Code for "from"
20 Chemical symbol for Astatine
22 Part of a FOR loop
23 Infrared, abbr.
25 FM signal extraction device
27 ps * 1000
28 Electromagnetic. abbr.
31 A sent message, pl.
1 European equivalent to the U.L.
2 One set of transformers windings
3 Branch of physics that studies sound waves having a frequency beyond the range of normal hearing
4 1.602E-19 Joules
5 A memory stack operation
6 Cause a voltage to appear across
7 Integrated Circuit
8 Mixer manufacturer in Woburn, MA
9 Institute of Electrical Engineers (U.K)
11 1e-6 mA
12 PC follower
19 Family of round connectors
21 Semiconductor and calculator company, abbr.
22 Chemical symbol for titanium
24 Type of memory
26 1/000 of an amp
29 Network department reference, abbr.
30 Unix, Linux or Windows for example, abbr.

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