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5/30/2004 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle
[miscellany/crosswords/z-crosswords-2004-common.htm]common.htm" -->

 Engineering & science crossword puzzle

1 The result of group delay through a filter
9 ___ Hat, part of some common Ham antennas
10 Related to FM by a differential
11 Infrared, abbr.
12 Electromagnetic Compatibility, abbr.
14 Possible antenna servo control switch label
15 1/000 of an amp
17 1.602E-19 Joules
18 Last stage in a transmitter, abbr.
20 Lunar 'seas'
24 Maker of high power attenuators in Solon, OH
27 _ _ _ FET
28 This could cancel out a zero
30 Which number system uses only the digits 0 to 7
32 Enclosure manufacturer in Rochester, MN
33 Switch position
34 Type of current flow, abbr.
35 Up in the air
40 1/1000 prefix
44 Small DIP package
45 Transverse Electromagnetic
47 Uranium rods for a reactor
48 Units of software code
50 Analog-to-Digital
52 Super glue, abbr.
53 Logic gate
54 Chemical symbol for beryllium
55 Visual interface for a laptop computer, abbr.
57 Greek letter
59 Unit of acidity
60 Powers pneumatic devices
61 Point at (0,0,0) for z = y^2 - x^2
1 E-mail protocol, abbr.
2 Test equipment manufacturer, abbr.
3 Junk e-mail
4 Electromagnetic, abbr.
5 Opposite of a LO
6 Length times width
7 Electronics manufacturer with "meatball" logo, abbr.
8 One result form a nuclear explosion, abbr.
9 Popular software language from Borland
13 Frequency selection circuit type with equiripple pass and stop bands
16 Used logic gates
19 Predecessor to the LCD monitor
21 Modulation type, abbr.
22 Network department, abbr.
23 System On Chip
25 Integrated Circuit
26 _ _ C: data format translator
28 Related to FM by a differential
29 Local Oscillator
31 Sample group
32 This fights EW
36 One mixer input port, abbr.
37 Lubricant
38 A BPF spec, abbr.
39 Software function selection mechanism
41 Band between RF and BB
42 Type of cable termination
43 Front edge of a wing, abbr.
45 Semiconductor and calculator company, abbr.
46 College brother to an EE, CE and AE
48 Old name for a PCB trace
49 Small Office/Home Office
51 Digital Communication System
54 A "1" or a "0"
56 Government lawyer, abbr.
58 Electrical safety organization, abbr.
59 Min-to-max voltage of a waveform, abbr.
60 Army-Navy spec

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