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9/27/2004 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

Note: A standard for crossword puzzles is when all words in a clue are capitalized, the solution is the abbreviation or acronym for that clue; e.g., Alternating Current = AC.

2004 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzles

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 Engineering & science crossword puzzle

1 rms current times rms voltage
7 Chemical symbol for arsenic
9 Super glue, abbr.
10 Modulation type, abbr.
11 Opposite of AC
13 Graphics file type, abbr.
15 Relative power level unit, abbr.
17 Cooling device
19 Voltage-Controlled Oscillator
20 Network configuration
21 Below ELF
22 Verify conformance
23 Connector family, abbr.
24 Official space shuttle designation, abbr.
26 Ham radio organization, abbr.
28 Induim Phosphide
30 Universal Asynchronous Transmit/Receive
32 Have a positive phase wrt a reference
33 Finite-Element Model
34 Measurement standard, abbr.
35 Image file storage format, abbr.
36 Resistor vendor in Berne, IN
37 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
39 Internet address, abbr.
40 S21
42 Lubricant
43 Computer monitor cable type, abbr.
44 World's only remaining superpower, abbr.
46 Sample group
47 1e-6 mA
48 Chemical symbol for iron
49 Type of model airplane control system, abbr.
51 ms/1000000
52 Measure of real vs. imaginary component of a capacitor or inductor
2 Personal Computer
3 Attenuator
4 The cause of spurious frequency components
5 Computer communication scheme, abbr.
6 Electromagnetic
7 Interception of RF energy
8 Surface Mount Technology
11 Digital Communication System
12 1/tan, pl.
14 Type of data line configuration
16 Assembling
18 Puts into motion
19 Describes the y-axis
23 Opposes thrust
25 Font without serifs
27 One component of a complex number, abbr.
28 Band between RF and BB
29 Related to FM by an integral
31 Type of flip-flop
38 Electronics Industry Association
41 Charged particle
43 Government program to bring electricity to farms, abbr.
45 Logic family, abbr.
48 Upper frequency, abbr.
50 Local Oscillator

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