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1/26/2004 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

 Engineering & science crossword puzzle

1 Upper frequency, abbr.
3 Aircraft tracking system
7 Regarding light
11 Analog-to-Digital
13 Oscillator manufacturer in Whippany, NJ
15 1/000 of an inch
16 High Data Rate
17 Electronic component mounting substrate, abbr.
18 Co-Channel Rejection Ratio
20 Phase-Locked Loop
22 Intentionally interfere with radio signals
23 Multi-element antenna
24 Symbol for helium
26 Network department, abbr.
27 World's only remaining superpower
28 Professor's student instructor, abbr.
29 Premier zero-phase-hit oscillator vendor in Rockleigh, NJ (2 words)
32 Type of current, abbr.
33 Logic gate
34 Store data
35 Having heat dissipation elements
36 BPF spec.
38 Modern battlefield technique
40 Describes a servo
45 Opposite of a D/A converter
46 Local Oscillator
47 Symbol for helium
48 Type of current flow, abbr.
49 Power distribution system
52 Direct Digital Synthesis
53 Original Equipment Manufacturer
55 Online auction site
59 Intel microprocessor rival company, abbr.
60 Institute of Electrical Engineers (U.K)
61 Family of TTL logic
63 End Of Transmission
64 Unit of time
65 Maintains a voltage for sampling
66 Employing
67 Local Oscillator
1 U.S. Spectrum allocation agency
2 Worldwide time reference, abbr.
4 Modulation type, abbr.
5 2 x SIP
6 Electronic component distributor
8 Complex exponential representation of a complex number
9 Time Division Multiplexing
10 Infrared, abbr.
11 Conductor size unit, abbr.
12 Antenna gain unit, abbr.
14 Infrared, abbr.
17 Last stage in a transmitter, abbr.
19 Greek letter
21 Low-temperature co-fired ceramic
22 Fourth largest asteroid
23 A microwave oscillator puck material, abbr.
25 Electromagnetic, abbr.
28 Technical Order
30 One period
31 Having to do with charged particles
36 Reflected about 0 Hz in frequency domain
37 Logic family, abbr.
38 What do we hear as a result of reflected sound waves
39 A bike has 2, a trike has 3
41 Software drafting tool, abbr.
42 Time Delay
43 1e-6 mA
44 Current-voltage phase mnemonic
49 Gallium nitride, abbr.
50 Type of average, abbr.
51 Opposite of O.D.
52 Keyboard key
54 Degree of IC sophistication
56 Chemical symbol for beryllium
57 Online service everyone lose to hate
58 YIG-Tuned Oscillator
60 Galilean moon
62 One port of an amplifier

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