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12/1/2002 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

 Engineering & science crossword puzzle

1 Miniature threaded RF connectors
4 AC waveform measurement value
6 Angular speed unit
7 Logarithmic units of power
9 Co-channel rejection ratio, abbr.
13 Integrated Services Digital Network, abbr.
15 Coaxial attenuator manufacturer in Columbus, IN
18 1/000 of an amp
19 PC follower
20 Total
22 Base 16 number system
23 Electronic Variable Optical Attenuator, abbr.
24 Loose end of a cable
25 Workplace safety group
28 Monolithic microwave integrated circuit
30 Charged particle
31 Oscillator vendor in Whippany, NJ
33 Type of flip-flop
34 Super glue, abbr.
37 Magazine of the IEEE's communications organization
40 Time Division Multiple Access
41 American space agency
43 Automatic network analyzer
44 RF switching diode
45 Data conversion device
46 Code Division Multiple Access
39 Logic gate
42 Colorado Springs military school
1 Miniature RF connector
2 Ham radio organization
3 Capacitor vendor in Westbury, NY
4 Receiver power level circuitry
5 Stars
8 Coaxial attenuator vendor in Cleveland, OH
10 Software drafting tool
11 Passive intermodulation
12 Base Station Transceivers
14 Keyboard key
16 Forerunner to NASA
17 Universal asynchronous transmit/receive
21 1e3 uV
22 Opposite of a LO
26 Symbol for tin
27 Measurement standard
28 Capacitor dielectric type
29 Integrated circuit
32 Retinal element responsible for night vision
33 Genetic material
35 System for guiding aircraft
36 Satellite TV system
37 Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association, abbr.
38 Million multiply accumulate

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