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1/18/2001 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle
Note: A standard for crossword puzzles is when all words in a clue are capitalized, the solution is the abbreviation or acronym for that clue; e.g., Alternating Current = AC.

Reproduction of this puzzle without the express permission of RF Cafe is prohibited.

RF Cafe -  Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle
1   RF passive device manufacturer in Bay Shore, NY
5   Antenna gain unit
8   Type of vector product
12 Ice skater's move
13 Apiece
15 Be seated
17 Lab container
18 Big
20 Cable tying string
22 Network department
23 43,560 sq. ft.
25 1e-6 mA
26 Airplane that takes off in short distances
27 Technical drawing structure
28 Digital Communication System
30 30 Hz to 300 Hz
31 Symbol of the U.S.A.
32 Resounding blow
34 Logarithmic ratio
35 Defense electronics firm that sold missile guidance technology to Communist China
36 Observed
37 Modern battlefield technique
39 Soon
40 Programmable logic device
41 US space agency
43 Time delay, abbr.
44 Fuse two metals with extreme heat
45 Raw hides
46 1.602E-19 Joules
48 Paddled
50 FET voltage parameter
51 Cover
53 Spanish hero
54 High energy EM waves - used for inspection
56 Egyptian goddess of fertility
58 Semiconductor and calculator company
59 Gemstone
60 Test equipment, abbr.
61 Tides that attain the least height
62 _____ Gay, of WWII fame
64 Small representative graphic
66 Brown-capped boletus mushroom
68 A fundamental amplifier parameter
69 Data storage medium
70 Dam extending across the Nile
71 Nuclear reactor moderator devices
72 Primordial giant in Norse myth
1   Heat sink vendor in Laconia, NH
2   x, y, or z on Cartesian coordinates
3   Government program to bring electricity to farms
4   Becoming slower and broader
5   Angle unit
6   No insulation
7   Current-voltage phase mnemonic
9   Flip-flop type
10 Lubricants
11 _____ machine, for logic
14 Like a portable DMM
16 Scheme with resistor in the emitter path
19 Radio navigation system
21 Not hot
24 Wireless phone region
27 Fortune-telling cards
29 Symbol for tin
31 Long period of time
32 Uncultivated country
33 General principle
35 Naming a software object
36 Exceeding the speed limit
38 One of Dilbert's workmates
42 Pigpen
44 A memory storage command
45 ____chute
47 Shop tool for holding parts
49 Type of current flow
50 Increase in size
52 Triacs - 1
55 Voltage regulator semiconductor
57 Vomit
59 Potpourri
60 Pith helmet
63 Lever for rowing
65 Person responsible for program spending, abbr.
67 High output level RF component

Answer below


















RF Cafe -  Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

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