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Introduction: • Time vs. Frequency domain • Superposition

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Frequency Measurement Instrumentation

• The Oscilloscope • Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers • The Swept Superheterodyne Receiver • Attenuator • Preamplifier • Preselection / Lo Pass Filter • Mixer • Local Oscillator (LO) • The IF Filter • The Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) • Resolution Bandwidth (RBW) Filter • The Details of a Sweep • The Envelope Detector Video Bandwidth (VBW) • Noise • Sweep Speed • The Vector Network Analyzer

Common Component Tests

• The Tracking Generator • Testing Filters • Cable / Connector Loss • VSWR of an Antenna

Common Transmitter Tests

• Output Power Transmission Band • AM Transmission Test • FM Deviation • Harmonics and Spurs

Common Receiver Tests

• The Speaker • Audio Amplifier • Detector / Demodulator • Selection and the IF Stages • IF Amplification • Local Oscillator (LO) • Frequency Conversion / Mixer • Selection / RF Stage • Antennas, Cabling, and Adapters

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

Compliance vs. Precompliance • Measuring Radiated EMI / Near-Field • Near-Field Probing Setup • Tips • Measuring Conducted EMI • Conducted Emission Measurement Setup • Test Procedure • Immunity Testing • Radiated Susceptibility • Additional Testing

Rigol Technologies RF Basics Handbook (cover) - RF Cafe Cool ProductYou might think the world doesn't need another RF basics book, but the fact is there are so many new people coming into the field that there is always room for one more - particular a well-done edition like "RF Basics Handbook" from Rigol Technologies. The PDF download is free, but you do need to fill out a submission form. A replication of the table of contents give you an idea of all the topics covered. The photos and drawings are very good quality. Of course the equipment used in the publication are representative of Rigol's product line, but that's to be expected. This is definitely worth obtaining both for newcomers and for anyone wanting a fresh look at the subject.

Rigol Technologies RF Basics Handbook (block diagram) - RF Cafe Cool Product  Rigol Technologies RF Basics Handbook (AM modulation) - RF Cafe Cool Product

Rigol Technologies RF Basics Handbook (FM modulation) - RF Cafe Cool Product  Rigol Technologies RF Basics Handbook (signal detection) - RF Cafe Cool Product

Saelig Company is a licensed USA distributor of Rigol Technologies' products.



Posted July 15, 2017

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