Thomas Edison Photo on New York Times Meeting Room Wall

Thomas Edison Photo on New York Times Meeting Room Wall - RF CafeA headline news story appeared today that reported on president-elect Donald Trump's meeting with the New York Times editorial board. My eye was immediately drawn to the large photograph of Thomas Edison on the wall behind Trump's campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway. Many other recognizable people of note are there as well. From what I can find out, those are all autographed pictures of people who have visited the boardroom. I have identified as many as I can. A couple I recognize, but cannot put a name to them. Please let me know if you can name others. (See Google Image Search note below)

 - RF Cafe1: Thomas Edison 

2: Bill Gates

3: Andrew Carnegie

4: Alan Shepard

5: Theodor Herzl

6: Woodrow Wilson

7: Bill Clinton

8: Anwar Sadat

9: Jimmy Carter

10: Franklin D. Roosevelt 

11: Mikhail Gorbachev

12: Chiang Kai-shek

13: Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

14: Howard Hughes

15: Hubert Humphrey

16: J.P. Morgan

17: Warren G. Harding

18 - 32: ???

Google Image Search test image - RF CafeI tried using Google's 'Image Search' feature for some the photos I could not identify, with mixed results. There seems to be a better chance for success - at least for people - if there is an exact copy of the same photo in their database. The picture to the left, which is image #5 in the New York Times photo above, turned out to be a Jewish journalist named Theodor Herzl, of whom I had never heard. I used an image editor to cut it out of the larger photo.

To test the Google Image Search, go to and then click on the "Images" text link in the upper right corner of the page. Next, click on the little camera icon on the right side of the area where you would otherwise type in your search term. That opens an area to enter the URL of an image that is already residing somewhere on the Internet, or you can upload an image from your computer (or phone).

Give it a try yourself. The URL for the image of Theodor Herzl is:

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Posted November 24, 2016