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The original RF Cafe Forums were shut down in late 2012 due to maintenance issues. Below are all of the old forum threads, including all the responses to the original posts.

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 Post subject: Thank you for your support!
Posted: Tue Feb 15, 2005 9:10 am 
Site Admin
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Joined: Sun Aug 03, 2003 2:02 pm
Posts: 629
Location: Erie, PA

I want to thank everyone for supporting RF Cafe over the years. Watching the daily visitor count grow and gaining the financial support of a number of vendors has been quite rewarding, particularly in a medium (the Internet) where typically no money is made. RF Cafe is a long way from allowing me to quit my day job, but it does help a little in paying the bills (especially important with two kids in college).

As anyone who has called during the day knows, my wife, Melanie, is home “taking care of business” while I’m doing the engineer thing at work. She typically puts in at least four hours a day servicing requests for resume postings, vendor listings, sending out software, verifying/correcting hyperlinks on all the pages (a never-ending job) and various sundry other chores. My work on the website in the evening and weekends usually just about fills out the equivalent of a fulltime work schedule.

If you would, please help us to keep RF Cafe as one of the most oft-visited engineering websites by continuing to use our resources daily, and by encouraging your colleagues to do the same. An honorable mention in newsletters, magazine article submissions, and social events can really help out. Of course, you are greatly encouraged to submit suggestions, technical articles, humorous engineering material, events for our calendar, vendor listings, job openings, or any other relevant item for posting on the site. Participation in these forums is a tremendous help, also.

The purchase of useful books through Amazon.com and ordering some of the low-priced software RF Cafe offers is a boost to the bottom line.

Visiting our advertisers' websites and using their products and services helps to keep them supporting the site as well. Hyperlinks from the 30x100 pixel logos will take you directly to their websites.

Thanks again for your loyal patronage. We hope to be around for a long time to serve you.

Kirt & Melanie Blattenberger :smt024

- Kirt Blattenberger :smt024
RF Cafe Progenitor & Webmaster

 Post subject: Keep it up!
Posted: Wed Feb 16, 2005 10:09 am 

Joined: Sun Jan 11, 2004 4:44 pm
Posts: 20
You do a great job on RF Cafe, Kirt. Keep up the good work. I come here a couple times a day just to see what's new. Don't know of any other engineering site that'll give you a link to a grape emitting ball lightning in a microwave 

Anyway, I haven't actually bought anything yet (you need a Windoze version of RF Workbench, then I'll buy). 

I have been clicking on a few of the Google things and actually found what I was looking for on one of them. Hope that made you few cents. 

So, I'll try to do my part an spread the word for you. How come I never see RF Cafe mentioned in any of the engineering magazines? You should write to them.

VSWR 1:1 - a perfect match

 Post subject: Lets keep RF Cafe on the air!
Posted: Wed Feb 16, 2005 1:35 pm 
I have been using RF Workbench for 7+ years (since it was called TxRx Designer) and it works GREAT. I use it to do RF system design for system losses, frequency conversion and spur analysis. Don’t let the fact that it is a DOS program stop you from buying it, and supporting, this site. I have run it on many levels of Windows – including my current Xp machine.

I too, visit RF Café several times in a day to see what’s new in the daily posting area, in “recent additions”, to search for vendors and application notes and use the forum area and more.

I also have bought and use frequently - RF Cascade Workbook, Smith Chart for Excel/Visio and the various stencil software as well (used in Word/PowerPoint for reports etc). I used these in my work as an RF Test engineer and they are fantastic. Kirt asked for such a small amount for all the long hours spent developing them that it is a small pittance to pay to get good RF software and keep this site going. I know of no other site out there that offers such a broad spectrum of information for engineers as this one. In fact, the one other site out there is poor in comparison to RF Café.

So lets go everybody – support this site ($$$) and keep it going. Visitation and accolades are great but it is money that keeps this site on the web for all to use.

Thanks, Kirt, for all that you do for the RF engineering community!


 Post subject:
Posted: Mon Feb 21, 2005 8:49 am 
Site Admin
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Joined: Sun Aug 03, 2003 2:02 pm
Posts: 629
Location: Erie, PA
Thanks for the encouraging words, guys!

- Kirt Blattenberger :smt024


Posted  11/12/2012

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