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Wrong War at the Wrong Time in the Wrong Place - RF Cafe Forums

Because of the high maintenance needed to monitor and filter spammers from the RF Cafe Forums, I decided that it would be best to just archive the pages to make all the good information posted in the past available for review. It is unfortunate that the scumbags of the world ruin an otherwise useful venue for people wanting to exchanged useful ideas and views. It seems that the more formal social media like Facebook pretty much dominate this kind of venue anymore anyway, so if you would like to post something on RF Cafe's Facebook page, please do.

Below are all of the forum threads, including all the responses to the original posts.

 Post subject: Wrong War at the Wrong Time in the Wrong Place
Posted: Thu Oct 07, 2004 8:52 pm 
Zipping across the AM dial today, I heard someone explaining about this being the "wrong war at the .... " as Mr. Kerry says.

The U.S. of A. has, at this moment, a very rare opportunity in history to correct (to a large extent) this mistake.

Saddam Hussein is alive and well and well guarded. Our military has long lists of the members of his "republican guard" and many of them are still alive today. It would be a simple matter to decide to pull the United States military out of Iraq and return Saddam Hussein to his previous position. Compared to the cost of the present operations it would be very cost effective to return Hussein, re-hire his remaining guard and even give them back-pay that they have missed. the french could resume buying oil way above marked prices (as they were with the "oil for food" program) and re-generate husseins cash flow for his projects.

Unfortunately sons, uday and qusay are not alive today. The US would not be able to do much more than apologize for their untimely deaths which interupted their hobby of torturing iraqi citizens to death. Saddam hussein would have the task of finding and training 2 new psychopaths to take the places of those two sons. Uday's 'iron maiden" tortue device was quite badly damaged and he will need a new one.

CBS news has shown us interviews with iraqi citizens telling us how miserable they are now with the US military there. Because the Iraqi people were better off before and this was a "wrong war in the wrong place" we should promptly return the country to its pre-war situation as quickly as possible.
Although many of the torture chambers have been destroyed, a country such as ours can surely afford to pay for replacements to be built.

If this war was wrong, then we should surely return saddam hussein as quickly as possible.

( I think we could send dan rather to iraq to be saddam husseins press secretary. )

Posted  11/12/2012
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