UMTS Transmission Link Planning Tool for Excelâ„¢

(Initial release - January 9, 2015)

Mr. Alok K. Tiwari, of Idea Cellular Ltd., has graciously made this UMTS Transmission Link Planning workbook available. Says Mr. Tiwari, "I have formulated Link Budget calculation in Excel spreadsheet for WDCMA. The spreadsheet uses comprehensive detail of RF fundamentals and formulas to decide cell radius, numbers of cell sites, and different types of clutter. The spreadsheet has been designed to help new engineers to understand the WCDMA RF concept in more details." As with his Transmission Link Planning Tool, this spreadsheet provides a very large number of essential calculations for planning purposes based on user-provided parameters. Examples include receiver thermal noise density, noise figure, noise power, interference margin, processing gain, sensitivity, and path loss. Cell radius, range, and hexagonal cell area, and Edge reliability are also among the results. The page of formulas on the last page is a nice addition.

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Important: If the file name is changed from the supplied "Link Budget_UMTS.xlsx," some of the macros will not function properly. It would be best to save the completed workbook under a new name, then start on new systems with the original file.

Please be sure to thank Mr. Alok Tiwari for his work on this spreadsheet and for making it available at no charge. He will appreciate your feedback with suggestions, comments, etc.


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Thanks and with warm regards,

Alok K. Tiwari Head
Network Planning
Idea Cellular Ltd
Delhi (INDIA)
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Posted January 11, 2015