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Transmission Link Planning Tool for Excel™

(Version 7 - February 23, 2006)

Mr. Alok K. Tiwari, of Idea Cellular Ltd., has graciously made this "Transmission Link Planning" workbook available. The following text is provided by Mr. Tiwari:
Click to download: Click to download compressed file

Important: If the file name is changed from the supplied "Link Planning Tool.xls," some of the macros will not function properly. It would be best to save the completed workbook under a new name, then start on new systems with the original file.

Here is the description for using the utility:
  1. We mainly enter the parameter value into the
      sheet "Calculations".
        a. Entries shown in YELLOW cells are
        b. Entries shown in GREY cells are to play with in order to
            get the desired result wrt Standard Link Design Criteria.
        c. Entries shown in SEA GREEN are ONE-TIME entries like
            temperature, pressure etc.

DISCLAIMER: Use of this UTILITY is not intended for any commercial set-up. The author is not responsible for any type of damage occurred due to implementation of the results obtained from this utility to any commercial set-up.

Link Planner v7 Calculations Worksheet, by Mr. Alok K. Tiwari PASSWORDS:
Sheet "Calculations" : Password "link"
                Sheet "Antenna Heights": Password "antennae"
                Sheet "Report": Password "report"
                Sheet "DB_Ant1(18Ghz)": Password "antennae"
                Sheet "DB_Ant2(15Ghz)": Password "antennae"
                Sheet "DB_RadioEqpt": Password "radio"
                Sheet "PassiveRepeater": Password "passive"

Above Passwords are activated into the file attached to this mail.

Please be careful while making any change to Sheet "Calculations" for it contains the most important formulae.

     The "Calculation" sheet looks up for the required data :
        a. For Antennae (of 18 GHz band) from the sheet:
               "DB_Ant1 (18GHz).
               Using the Password sizes and gains can be
               Note that only FOUR sizes are permissible to
               provide into this sheet.
        b. For Antennae (of 15 GHz band) and Frequency of
               Operation from the sheet:"DB_Ant2 (15GHz).
               Using Password sizes and gains can be modified.
               Note that only FOUR antennae sizes EIGHT Frequencies in TWO separate bands
               can be used.
               Also do not change the frequency named F1,F2,....F6,G1,G2. Only their respective
               values can be changed.
       c. For Radio Specific Data form the sheet:
              Using Password we can also modify the Radio Names, their signature data and
              Radio Parameters. Here THREE different type of Radios can be used.

Link Planner v7 Antenna Heights Worksheet, by Mr. Alok K. Tiwari   2. The Sheet "Antenna Heights" is to calculate the antennae heights
       based on LOS survey feedback data.

Link Planner v7 Passive Repeater Worksheet, by Mr. Alok K. Tiwari 3.  The Sheet "Report" is just the
     compilation of information used in
     link implementation.

This is to bring to your kind notice that formulae used into this workbook are as per ITU-T.As I'm using the Tool like Nokia's NETACT PLANNER and CTE's PATHLOSS, I've observed the similar results at least for Link Design parameters.

NEW (v2): Passive Repeater worksheet

Back-to-back coupled Passive Repeater calculations. Use: 'passive' to unlock the worksheet to edit values.

Hope this will suffice. For further clarification/suggestion feel free to contact under signed.

NEW (v3): Selection Buttons

To make this spreadsheet more useful I have made this spreadsheet more user friendly by putting some "buttons" so that one can select the values by using these buttons without typing or looking for the other sheets.

NEW (v4): Graphical Link Analysis

Provision to view/analyse the link graphically ( Addition of : Path Profile) over a approximated Terrain.

NEW (v5): "Technical Information"

A "Technical Information" page has been added in order to have easy understanding of the principles involved in a Microwave Link Designing. Also, more automated buttons have been added.

NEW (v6): "Technical Information"

Select any one of the THREE frequency bands, namely 15 GHz, 18 GHz and 7 GHz. Each band is provided with 6 frequency spots. The same provision is there for Radio selection too.

NEW (v7): "Technical Information"

Added the provision to use this utility globally and it can be done just by selecting the appropriate part of the globe. Additionally, the facility to explore different type of geographic clutter has also been introduced.

Thanks and with warm regards,

Alok K Tiwari
Transmission Planning
Idea Cellular Ltd - Delhi(INDIA)

Mobile # +91 9891005329
Landline # +91 51679999 Ext- 5338
FAX # +91 51679999 Ext- 5399
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