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Featured Book Archive - 16

Artech HouseCambridge University PressEach week, I select a new book that is relevant to engineers, scientists, students, hobbyists or managers. Most of the time they are sold through Amazon (I earn a few pennies on each sale), but when possible, I present books that are available in an e-book format that can be downloaded for free. The latter are much less available. After all, most people like to be paid for their work, as I'm certain that you do, too.

Note: I just began archiving these picks in May of 2009, but they have been going on since about 2003.





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The Career Guide Book
for Engineers

The Career Guide Book for Engineers - RF CafeThe Career Guide Book for Engineers, by John A. Hoschette. Currently, John is a technical director with Lockheed Martin in Eagan, Minnesota working on mission computers. His work encompasses developing the next generation mission computers for the F-35,P-3, F-16 and F-22 jet fighter aircraft. Building super computers that fly. His area of technical expertise is optical data networking.

Featured Book: Electronic

Electronic Troubleshooting - RF Cafe Featured BookElectronic Troubleshooting, 2014, by Daniel Tomal, Aram Agajanian. The Most Complete, Current Guide to Troubleshooting and Repairing Electrical and Electronic Devices. "If it's electronic, and there is troubleshooting to be done, then this is the book to reach for!" - Dr. Simon Monk. Fully updated for the latest technologies, devices, test instruments, and problem-solving methods, the new edition of this practical resource provides you with the comprehensive information you need to troubleshoot today's electrical and electronic equipment. Inside you'll find new and enhanced coverage of: Wireless communications, Embedded microprocessor systems ,Cutting-edge medical diagnostic equipment ,Advanced networking technologies. The book uniquely blends traditional electrical theory and components with modern networking and electronic technology ...

Hands-On Introduction
to LabVIEW for Engineers

Hands-On Introduction to LabVIEW for Scientists and EngineersHands-On Introduction to LabVIEW for Scientists and Engineers, by John Essick. This book provides a "learn-by-doing" approach to acquiring the computer-based skills used in daily experimental work in engineering and the sciences. Ideal as an instructional lab textbook or for self-study by individual researchers, this book is not a manual-like presentation of LabVIEW, but rather leads its readers to mastery of this powerful tool through ...

Featured Book: X-Parameters

X-Parameters: Characterization, Modeling, and Design of Nonlinear RF and Microwave Components - RF CafeX-Parameters: Characterization, Modeling, and Design of Nonlinear RF and Microwave Components, by D. Root, J. Verspecht, J. Horn, and M. Marcu. This is the definitive guide to X-parameters, written by the original inventors and developers of this powerful new paradigm for nonlinear RF and microwave components and systems. Learn how to use X-parameters to overcome intricate problems in nonlinear RF and microwave engineering. The general theory behind X-parameters is carefully and intuitively introduced, and then simplified down to specific ...

Nothing Says "It's Christmas"
Like an Iotatronized LED Tree

Velleman MK130 3D Xmas Tree - RF CafeFor a mere $10 you can own this iotatronized, blinking LED Christmas tree for wow your co-workers. It comes as a kit and needs a 9V iotatron battery to act as both the power supply and a weighted base. Velleman has a lot of simple, inexpensive, build it yourself electronic kits. Hurry - there are only seven shopping days left 'til Christmas!

RF & Microwave Toolbox App

RF & Microwave Toolbox Smartphone App - RF CafeThis RF & Microwave Toolbox app has more than 50 calculators that includes noise figure, microstrip, filters, amplifiers, attenuators, electric fields, series & parallel RCL circuits, mixers, antennas, radar cross section, capacitance & inductance, color, baluns, voltage dividers, directional couplers, and much more.

Snap Circuits Electronics
Learning Kit

Elenco Snap Circuits Lights - RF CafeElenco 130-in-1 Electronic Playground and Learning Center - RF CafeThe main selling point for this Snap Circuits kit is the ability to connect your music to it and cause many different kinds of lighting effects to respond. It is a good way to engage youngsters in electronics design because of the intense visual feedback. Create circuits with included building blocks like transistors, capacitors, LEDs, resistors, switches, motors and more - over 55 parts. There is also the Elenco 130-in-1 Electronic Playground and Learning Center with a more traditional electronics experimenter format that has many more component types. Great Christmas gifts for kids.

Satellite Comms Ground and Earth Station Handbook

Satellite Communication Ground Segment and Earth Station Handbook - RF CafeThe Satellite Communication Ground Segment and Earth Station Handbook, by Bruce Elbert, explores the delivery end of the satellite link and its relationship to delivery of services. From international telephone network gateways to direct broadcast home receivers, today's broad range of ground systems and devices require satellite communication engineers and business managers to have a broad and sound understanding of the design and operating principles of earth stations and ground control facilities ...

Featured Book: Practical
Filter Design

A Practical Design of Lumped, Semi-lumped & Microwave Cavity Filters - RF CafeA Practical Design of Lumped, Semi-Lumped & Microwave Cavity Filters, by Dhanasekharan Natarajan. This book presents the application of microwave literature for designing lumped/semi-lumped filters and combline/iris-coupled microwave cavity filters. It provides the physical understanding of the terms and characteristics of radio frequency (RF) filters. The book complements engineering text books on RF components and provides support for the project assignments of students. In addition to the functional design of RF filters, the integrated design approach for producibility and ...

ARRL 2015 Handbook
for Radio Communication

ARRL 2015 Handbook for Radio Communication - RF Cafe Featured BookThe ARRL Handbook is widely used by radio amateurs as a reliable and highly-respected guide to station design, construction, modification, and repair. Introduced in 1926 as the Radio Amateur s Handbook, each edition has remained true to this publishing legacy: a concise source of reference and information for applied radio electronics and experimentation. Chapter by chapter, you will discover the theory, practical information and construction details to expand your knowledge and skill as an Amateur Radio operator and experimenter.

The Best of Modern Marvels

The History Channel Presents The Best of Modern Marvels - RF CafeThe History Channel Presents The Best of Modern Marvels. These would make a good gift for your kids as inspiration to pursue careers in high tech - maybe even engineering. Did you see my recent post on the survey done on lifetime earnings expectations for various college degree majors? If the lad or lass doesn't plan to be a doctor or lawyer, engineering is definitely a good choice. The videos make a good gift for yourself as well, so start dropping hints in time for the Christmas shoppers.

Dilbert 2015 Day-to-Day Calendar

Dilbert 2015 Day-to-Day Calendar - RF CafeWhat could be worse than returning to work on January 2, 2015, and realizing that you neglected to procure for yourself a new Dilbert desk calendar? Side note: I recently checked into the cost for 'legally' posting Dilbert comics on RF Cafe. A very polite lady told me her franchise charges $75 per comic for the use of 1 to 9, and a bargain price of only $50 per use of 10 or more cartoons (other price breaks apply). So, it won't be happening on RF Cafe anytime soon, but you can always read them here.

Inventing the Electronic Century

Inventing the Electronic Century: The Epic Story of the Consumer Electronics and Computer Industries - RF CafeInventing the Electronic Century: The Epic Story of the Consumer Electronics and Computer Industries, by Alfred D. Chandler Jr. History changes quickly nowadays, so some of the reviews are a bit harsh in complaining of lack of material for the 21st century, which is not the primary subject of the book. "Consumer electronics and computers redefined life and work in the twentieth century. In Inventing the Electronic Century, Pulitzer Prize-winning business historian Alfred D. Chandler, Jr. traces their origins and worldwide development. From electronics prime mover RCA in the 1920s to Sony and Matsushita's dramatic rise 1970s ...

Featured Book: Understanding
LF and HF Propagation

Featured Book: Understanding LF and HF Propagation - RF CafeUnderstanding LF and HF Propagation, by Steve Nichols and Alan Melia, is a FREE e-book published by the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB). Says MR. Nichols, "I wanted to look at the processes behind ionospheric propagation and try to explain some of the terms that are commonly used, such as solar flux index, K index, interplanetary magnetic field (Bz) and many more. The end result was a series of features that formed a good introduction to the topic. When I finished, my good friend Alan Melia G3NYK, took over and wrote three more features on LF propagation – a topic he is very well placed to explain." Thanks to Joe Birsa for letting me know about it.

An Affordable Personal
3D Printer from Dremel

Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer - RF CafeIn the early 1990s a decent flatbed scanner from HP cost started at about a kilobuck - the price of a nicer notebook computer today. 3D printers are at that price point now, and in all likelihood will be in the $250 realm by 2020. You could easily justify the investment for company use and/or use it to provide an impetus for getting your kids interested in high tech and in using computers for something other than Facebook. The Dremel Idea Builder 3D printer is quite affordable and has the reputation of a great company to instill confidence and very high customer ratings! Software is included for designing printable items.

Decoding the Heavens:
Antikythera Mechanism

Decoding the Heavens: A 2,000-Year-Old Computer - and the Century-long Search to Discover Its SecretsDecoding the Heavens: A 2,000-Year-Old Computer - and the Century-long Search to Discover Its Secrets, by Jo Marchant. Discovered a century ago in an ancient Mediterranean shipwreck, the Antikythera mechanism instantly attracted scientific interest. It had gears, which was and remains unique among artifacts from Greco-Roman civilization. So begins Marchant's mystery about the object, a tale that ends in triumph but not before inveigling individuals who not only puzzled over the device but also became obsessively devoted to figuring it out. Tantalized by the Antikythera mechanism, scholar Derek de Solla Price felt it was the clue with which he could ...

Envelope Tracking
Power Amplifiers

Envelope Tracking Power Amplifiers - RF CafeEnvelope Tracking Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications, by Zhancang Wang. Envelope tracking technology is seen as the most promising efficiency enhancement technology for RF PA for 4G and beyond wireless communications. More and more organizations are investing and researching on this topic with huge potential academic and commercial values. This is the first book on the market to give complete introduction, theory, and design considerations on envelope tracking for wireless communications ...

Frontiers in Antennas: Next
Gen Design & Engineering

Frontiers in Antennas: Next Generation Design & Engineering - RF Cafe Featured BookFrontiers in Antennas: Next Generation Design & Engineering, by Frank Gross. Edited by one of the world's foremost authorities on smart antennas and featuring contributions from global experts, Frontiers in Antennas discusses the latest advances in antenna design and engineering. This pioneering guide deals primarily with frontier antenna designs and frontier numerical methods. Many of the concepts presented have emerged within the last few years and are still in a rapid state of development. Each chapter provides in-depth details on a unique and modern antenna technology.

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