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RF Cafe - Advertising Features & Rates

Benefit from RF Cafe's High Page View Rate and Visitor Quality for As Little As $35/Month

Take advantage of the high traffic on RF Cafe by having your company logo and graphical ad listing displayed in the appropriate Product Listing page. RF Cafe typically receives 6,000 to 9,000 page views each week day, and about half that on weekends. RF Cafe is a favorite of engineers, technicians, hobbyists, and students all over the world. With more than 10,000 pages in the Google search index, RF Cafe returns in favorable positions on many types of searches. New content is added on a daily basis, and each week an XML sitemap is generated and sent to the major search engines.

What kinds of companies have the best results on RF Cafe?

Those who offer RF components like amplifiers, filters, circulators, connectors, cables, power dividers, switches, RF modules, PCB fabricators, test equipment, RF shielding, etc., seem to do the best. Analog and RF IC companies also do well, as do system and circuit design software (specialty software tends to not do as well). Basically, anything used to actually design, build, and test RF and analog circuits and systems. Unfortunately, only a couple purely design services people or specialty product manufacturers have gotten acceptable results. Please take a look at my current advertisers to get an idea of who has been successful. I have never solicited advertisers in any form, so I will only "bother" you about advertising if you first express an interest. Here is some info about getting your pay-per-click ads (Google & Yahoo!) to appear on RF Cafe. Thanks for reading.

Example Advertisements on Component Vendor Page - RF CafeAdvertising Features
  • Please note that ads may only appear on component vendor pages the represent products you manufacture. Distributors have a dedicated page.
    -  In order to conserve bandwidth, Highlighted Ads are
       text-based, with a few small graphics for the Maximum
       Exposure option. This works to your advantage by
       providing hyperlinked keywords to your website. I do the
       design using information from your website and/or specific
       info provided by you.
  • All hyperlinks go directly to YOUR website.
  • Ads are placed on Component Vendor pages in alphabetical order.
  • All accounts must be paid in advance of appearance. Please do not make any payment without contacting me first.
  • City/State/Country and telephone number must appear in ad.
  • With more than10,000 unique pages (not copied from other websites) now indexed by Google, that means even more RF Café pages will appear in search engine results, which translates to more people seeing your ads.
  • Banner Ads
    (see orange, green, and brown outlined areas in screen shot)
    • The orange locations cost $450/month, the green locations cost $400/month, the brown location costs $350/month. Banner Ads include all of the features of the Maximum Exposure plan.
    • All Banner Ads display on every page where shown EXCEPT for the 300x250 banner which does NOT appear on the homepage. Google rates the 300x250 banner ad location as one of the most effective.
    • Up to three (3) companies share each Banner Ad position with each one having a 1:3 chance of being displayed with each page load (determined by a random number generator). Once a Banner Ad is displayed on a page, it does not change unless the page is changed or reloaded. I occasionally run a forth calibration ad at a 1:7 display rate.
    • Banner Ad graphics must be in either GIF or JPG format and may be no larger than 35 kBytes in size. Flash files are NOT allowed. However, and animated GIF is permitted if the file size does not exceed the 35 kByte limit.
Standard Advertising Features
(see purple outlined areas in screen shot above)
Maximum Exposure Advertising Features
(see blue outlined areas in screen shot above)
  • $35 per MONTH for your advertisement on three (3) Component Vendor pages.
  • $5 per MONTH for each additional page.
  • Your hyperlinked logo in the right border of every RF Cafe page displays randomly with other Standard Plan logos on average one out of every 5-8 page views (12-20% of page views). I will create the logo for you.
  • Text-based advertisement where I do the design using information from your website and/or specific info provided by you. No images other than your logo are used in the ad. Maximum ad height is 300 display pixels.
  • Up to 3 keywords hyperlinked to your website (additional hyperlinks each $5/mo).
  • Billed on a 6 month basis.
  • One Highlighted Ad per page per company.
Example of a text-based Standard ad:


Alliance Test Equipment websiteAlliance Test Equipment
Webster, MA

Alliance Test is a trusted source providing sales, rentals and leasing of refurbished electronic test and measurement equipment to the R&D, manufacturing and quality assurance industries. We carry a full range of used test equipment from manufacturers such as Agilent, Ando, Anritsu, Fluke, HP, Keithley, Lecroy, Rohde & Schwarz, and Tektronix.
Used Test Equipment Includes
 • Oscilloscopes • Network Analyzers
 • Logic Analyzers • Spectrum analyzers
 • Multimeters • Sweep Generators
 • Function Generators • Attenuators
 • Power Supplies • Probes
 • Calibration Kits • EMI RFI EMC
 • Comms Analyzers Impedance Analyzers

We want to be your Partners, helping you capture the maximum value from your idle Test Equipment. By Partnering with Alliance Test you can recover 30%-40% more on your idle test equipment rather than selling to a dealer.

Ask about our Matrix Consignment program.
  • $175 per MONTH for your advertisement on five (5) Component Vendor pages
  • $10 per MONTH for each additional page.
  • Your hyperlinked logo in the right border of every RF Cafe page that displays with EVERY page view (100% of page views). I will create the logo for you.
  • Text-based advertisement where I do the design using information from your website and/or specific info provided by you. Your logo and a few small images are used in the ad as appropriate. Maximum ad height is 350 display pixels.
  • Up to 5 keywords hyperlinked to your website (additional hyperlinks each $5/mo).
  • Billed on a 3 month basis.
  • One Highlighted Ad per page per company.
Example of a text-based Maximum Exposure ad:


Please click here to visit the LabyBug Technologies websiteLadyBug Technologies
Santa Rosa, CA
LadyBug Technologies LB480A Pulse Profiling PowerSensor+ Measuring a Complex SignalLadyBug Power Sensor & AttenuatorFounded in 2005, LadyBug Technologies manufactures the PowerSensor™ line of miniaturized USB RF & Microwave Power Sensors. LadyBug manufactures high accuracy Average, Pulse, and Pulse Profiling Sensors with GUI interfaces covering up to 26.5 GHz and 80 dB dynamic range. These Sensors set a, patented industry standard, No Zero / LadyBug LB480A Power Sensor - Small SizeNo Cal technology. There is no need to disconnect or wait for internal zeroing and calibration prior to making accurate low power measurements. Driver support is provided.
LadyBug -- Measure Faster, Spend Less,
No Zeroing -- Just Measure
   PDF Product Selector Guide
   LB480A 50 MHz - 8 GHz USB Pulse Profiling
          RF Power Sensor
   LB479A 10 MHz - 8 GHz USB Average, Peak
          and Pulse Power Sensor
   LB680A 50 MHz - 20 GHz USB Pulse Profiling
          RF Power Sensor
   LB589A 10 MHz - 26.5 GHz USB True RMS
          RF Power Sensor

Science News Headline

Banner Ads DO Work... Even if You Don't Notice Them at All

Exclusive Research

Here is an eye-opening study I conducted that estimates what some companies are paying to the magazines for full-page ads. Fractional page ads scale roughly in cost. Magazines are rarely opened and most print ads are never seen. Print media is dying as more and more people get their information from the Internet.

Pages on which your highlighted advertisement may appear are up to you,
with the following rules applied:

  • You must provide a product or service directly related to the Component Vendor page theme - no exceptions. For example, if you make RF filters, the Filter Links page is appropriate, but the Test Equipment Links page is not, because although the filters can be used in test setups they are not really test equipment. If a visitor needs a filter for a test setup, he will know to look on the Filter Links page. Each page counts as one (1) page in your advertising plan.
  • ** Renewal Policy **   Effective immediately, all accounts need to be paid prior to the new advertising period. A PayPal link is provided to make doing so easy; it is like making any other online payment with no sign-in required. Renewal notices are typically sent at least  two weeks prior to the end of the current period. Advertising material will be removed after the last day of the current period. If you then decide to continue advertising, new terms and rates, if applicable, will be applicable. This change is needed to eliminate the large amount of time spent sending renewal notices multiple times. I apologize to those of you who respond on time regularly.
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